Console That's No Moon... It's a Moonlord: Terraria 1.3 Launches on PS4, XB1 Submitted

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by Loki, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Mom

    Mom Terrarian

    The way I'm looking at this situation is the ps4 people are doing some QA testing for us xbox players. I know that won't truly work but don't hate I'm looking for the positive things in this situation
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  2. ClearConscious

    ClearConscious Community Manager Staff Member Pipeworks Studio

    If you have a lot of worlds that are big, it can take a long time.
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  3. ZangBa

    ZangBa Terrarian

    OK no problem. So how screwed am I if I closed and reopened the game thinking it was stuck? It looks like it just picked up from where it left off. I have 1 world that is absolutely massive since I remade Castlevania in it, so that's probably what's taking so long.
  4. The Solar God

    The Solar God Plantera

    That doesn’t make me feel any better, that’s just gonna make me feel like you were chosen over us for early access which is not in any way true
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  5. Mom

    Mom Terrarian

    You are my hero I want to see some screen shots of that castlevania creation
  6. TheUglyPrince

    TheUglyPrince Terrarian

    I deleted everything in preparation... now just waiting to start from scratch now. WOOHOO!
  7. ZangBa

    ZangBa Terrarian

    It was featured on the old Terraria forums a long time ago back on the PS3 version. I don't know if this forum archived any of those old topics. Regardless of that, I have a video of it here:
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  8. jerry aquino

    jerry aquino Terrarian

    I am so happy that came so fast!! How about in old gen like ps3 when is the release date??
  9. ReusableLime20

    ReusableLime20 Slime Collector

    Never for old gen consoles.
  10. Mom

    Mom Terrarian

    Oh thank God my brother has a ps4 I just traded my console for a bit until xbox gets 1.3 ya
  11. Atom Kuro

    Atom Kuro Terrarian

    Yeah, it's almost 2018. Get a newer console.
  12. YaBoiJeffery

    YaBoiJeffery Official Terrarian

    Wow, kinda hyped for mobile 1.3 now
  13. NeonCreeper246

    NeonCreeper246 Terrarian

    I was on gta5, saw this!
    Terraria: update file installed.
  14. DeemoVSMoonLord

    DeemoVSMoonLord Terrarian

    Why is Xbox always behind in everything? We literally always lose.
  15. RichardWayne

    RichardWayne Terrarian

    Just looking for a good hot fix so my files can transfer without crashing
  16. Stanicek3

    Stanicek3 Plantera

    Darn I was hoping to have Golem down before the update. Great job on the update, though! Time to move to a new world and at least have a fresh 1.3 Hardmode.
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  17. It may not be out on my preferred console but I'm happy nonetheless.
  18. The Goblin Tinkler

    The Goblin Tinkler Terrarian

    Are people experiencing problems of any kind starting from scratch?
  19. Doolter Jr

    Doolter Jr Terrarian

    Will there be The Old Ones Army on console ever or will it be in this update
  20. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Old One's Army will come in a later update. It is not part of the current update which released for PS4.
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