The adventure of fred - Comic


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hey guys is fred here , i will make a comic about the adventure of "Fred" (i was too lazy to pick another name ) that needs to defeat moon lord to save the world of terraria.
here is an intro

Page 1
Page 1.png
Page 2
Page 2.png
Page 3
Page 3.png

Making of the comic
if someone wants to know how i made this comic here it is:

i use to make comics
first step i downloaded a comic template and cut the panels to make them transparent.
then make a number of layers to how much you need and the comic template must always be top layer.
then i got all the sprites (blocks , npcs , items , backrounds , tiles and particles too)
and this is all.

this is all you need to make the comic , the only obstacle is the immagination but after this you can make your terraria comic .
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