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The Ancient Salamander (Fire Elemental Boss)


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This boss is part of a group of Four Bosses which are based on the Paracelsian 4 Elementals who represent the basic elements. Originally I just had the Ancient Salamander that was part of my Expanded Hardmode Underworld Suggestion designed to be the new boss of that biome. I decided to make another different group of suggestions that feature Post-Golem Level bosses in an elemental theme that each appear in biomes related to their theme, but not as strong as the Lunar enemies. Which intends to add some strong optional endgame bosses that are not Post-Lunar. And encourages the player to explore areas in hardmode again that they may not visit as much in the late game.

The full group of bosses is displayed here, as well as the status of the bosses:

Ancient Salamander (This Suggestion) - Complete, Fire Elemental in Underworld
Soulful Undine (Here) - Complete + Sprites, Water Elemental in Underground Ice
Graceful Sylph (Here) - Complete + Sprites, Wind Elemental in the Sky/Space Biomes
Supreme Gnome -(Here) - Complete + Sprites, Earth Elemental in the Underground Desert Biome

I created a new boss when I made my Expanded Hardmode Underworld Suggestion. This boss is the Ancient Salamander and it seems fitting as a potential Hardmode Underworld Boss considering that Salamander is seen as the Elemental of Fire from the Paracelsian concept of elementals. And the Underworld has an overall theme of Fire considering it is the deepest Underground layer of any Terraria World. Which is why I think this boss could make an interesting addition to the Underworld to give it some more Hardmode Material even if the Underworld couldn't get a form of a full Expansion.

As with my other suggestions Light Blue Text Represents features unique to only Expert Mode.

Credits: @Baconfry for drawing the Ancient Salamander Concept Art

Here is the Concept Art of the Ancient Salamander that Baconfry drew:
Ancient Salamander Evolved.jpg

The Power of this boss is designed for a new tier after Golem and before the Lunar Events. This will be an optional boss similar to Duke Fishron. The way it is summoned is from a new item called a Vibration Stone which is crafted from 15 Blaze Cores at a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil. Blaze Cores drop from Red Devils after Golem has been defeated at a 100% Rate. The Vibration Stone only works in the Underworld and only after Golem has been defeated.

Boss Details:
Description: A large flying lizard/serpent-like creature with a larger upper body and a tail end with Giant Wings and Arms being on the front upper body. No legs. Its color is a very pale white pink/yellow.

1st Phase
HP: 67500 (101250)
Head: 160 (320)
Body and Slash: 140 (280)
Projectile: 100 (200)
Defense: 70

The Ancient Salamander is constantly floating as it has wings. It heads towards the player keeping a distance from the player (15 blocks away either left or right) at around the same speed the player runs. The Ancient Salamander can also move at a perfect vertical distance from the player, if the player trys to go up or down, the Ancient Salamander will always be at the same height from the player. If the player tries to run into the Salamander it will not move horizontally in the same direction and slash at the player causing the player to be pushed back (Knockback resistance is irrelevant when it comes to this attack) to the player keeping the player from moving to the other side of the Salamander.
It will fire fireballs at the player that start around the size of a flail's end and get larger as the fight progresses. It can also charge next to the player and try to claw the player with its hands.
After unleashing around 5 series/waves of charge and slash attacks, the Ancient Salamander will teleport to the other side of the player (either left or right depending which side they are to the player) forcing the player to change directions moving
Just like the Wall of Flesh, the Ancient Salamander will inflict the Horrified Debuff to prevent players from escaping to the surface. The Ancient Salamander will also enter an enraged mode if you attempt to leave the Underworld during the Boss Fight where it continuously charges at you.
The Ancient Salamander can also summon 1-3 2-6 Fire Wyrms
Fireballs, Slash attack, and Body of the Salamander have a 15% 30% chance to inflict the Cursed Inferno Debuff for 10 20 seconds

2nd Phase
HP: 50% of Max HP (33750/67500)(50625/101250)
Head: 220 (320)
Body and Slash: 180 (300)
Projectile: 135 (240)
Spore: 250 (400)
Defense: 55

In addition to its 1st Phase abilities, its previous attacks gain more speed and intensity. It teleports to the other side of the player after unleashing only 3 series of special attacks It also releases small, slow moving magma spores from its body that home in on the player that explode if they make contact with the player causing a lot of damage. The spores can't be destroyed by the Player's Attacks. The spores disappear after about a minute if they don't hit the player, but the Ancient Salamander can release anywhere from 5-20 10-30 of these magma spores at a time on the same screen.

3rd Phase
HP: 10% of Max HP(10125/101250)
Head: 320
Body: 180
Laser/ Spike Projectile: 240
Fireball: 210
Spore: 400
Defense: 55

The Ancient Salamander stops all previous attacks, but still spawns 5-10 spores before it disappears. At the beginning of its 3rd phase below 10% of its Max HP, the Ancient Salamander will disappear from the screen. One, two, three, then four long cylinder shaped with pointed end Magma Spikes will appear one by one about 5 blocks from the player in the player's diagonal position with the spikes pointing at the player in a 45 degree angle. They keep a constant position around the player in those positions so the player cannot outrun the spikes pointing at it as they follow the player at the same speed. After a few seconds, one of the pillars will flash with a red outline and make a loud piercing sound right before it attacks the player. It can no longer follow the player after it is in this state, but the spike will pierce in where the player's position was in around 0.8th of a second after this noise and flash happens. It is extremely fast and will pierce offscreen in less than a second only giving the player a split second to dodge this attack. The Spike that this happens to is random, meaning the player won't know which Spear is going to strike until the last second. After the 1st one Pierces and the player (hopefully) dodges it, one of the other 3 will eventually do the same thing. The interval for the spike to pierce is random as well, it can take anywhere from 3 seconds to 30 seconds for a spike to strike. After all 4 Spikes have attempted to strike the player, the Ancient Salamander will appear again either to the left or right of the player for about 3-5 seconds and shoot a volley of fireballs. This is the only chance the player has to damage the Salamander in Phase 3. The Salamander will soon disappear again and the 4 Spikes around player cycle will continue until the Boss or Player are defeated.

10-20 Greater Healing Potions (100%)
Salamander Skin (9%)
Ancient Salamander Trophy (10%)
Treasure Bag (100%)
Will always drop one of the following:
Salamander Staff (25%)
Drake Tooth (25%)
Fission Core (25%)
Magma Plume (25%)
From Treasure Bag:
Magma Crystal (100%)
Salamander Skin (18%)
Will always have one of the following:
Salamander Staff (25%)
Drake Tooth (25%)
Fission Core (25%)
Magma Plume (25%)

Greater Healing Potions and the Salamander trophy drop separately from the Treasure Bag

Boss Item Drop Details:

Salamander Staff
Weapon type: Summoning Staff
Damage: 55 Summon
Mana Cost: 10
Summons a Magma Salamander to fight for you
Gives Buff: Magma Salamander
Buff Tooltip: The Magma Salamander will fight for you
Would look just like a smaller version of the Ancient Salamander Boss
Can Shoot small fireballs at your enemies, can slash at your enemies and demolish them.

Drake Tooth
Weapon type: Sword
Damage: 102 Melee
Critical Chance: 6%
Very Strong Knockback
Use Time: Average to Fast
Intended to look like a Dragon's fang. Would be large in size but not as large as breaker blade. Its colors would be white with some hints of red and black thrown in. The Bone Serpent creatures that come from the sword are actually only the size of Diggers.
Shoots out 3 Bone Serpent similar creatures that home in on nearby enemies going toward them and slowly turning to home in on them. The Bone Serpent Projectiles disappear after 3 seconds. The Speed of the Projectiles are average to fast. Only 20 Bone Serpent projectiles can be present onscreen at a time. Sword can autoswing, but is slightly slower than the Terra Blade. The Bone Serpent that's summoned can't go through walls.

Fission Core
Weapon type: Magic Orb (Similar to Nebula Arcanum)
Damage: 55 Magic
Mana Cost: 8
An Orb which appears to have the essence of pure fire. Looks highly unstable. Has a Red/Black Color Scheme
Shoots a large orb of Pure fire that travels at a medium fast speed, then explodes when it either hits an enemy or a block damaging nearby enemies caught in it and releases 6 smaller orbs that each travel in a hexagonal position away from the explosion. The Smaller Orbs will attempt to home in on nearby enemies. Smaller orbs can go through blocks. Will disappear in 5 seconds if they don't damage an enemy.

Magma Plume
Weapon type: Bow
Damage: 80 Range
33% Chance to not consume ammo
Average use time
Has Auto-fire
A Bow designed for a Giant. You must have incredible strength to be able to wield this bow. Larger than most bows in the game. Has Black/Red Colors.
Shoots one Arrow that is 3 times larger than normal arrows. After the Arrow hits a block or hits an enemy it explodes, damaging nearby enemies caught in the explosion. If the arrow type has a debuff, that debuff is applied to the arrow and explosion as well. The Arrows travel at an average speed and the Bow fires arrows at an average speed.

Salamander Skin (Accessory)- Reduces damage taken by 7%, provides 5 seconds of Lava and Magma Immunity

Magma Crystal (Accessory)- Gradually increases player attack and defense up to 10% as long as they take no damage (Every 5 seconds they gain 1% additional attack and defense until reaching the max 10%). Taking damage will reduce the Crystal's power by 3% per hit. Has the appearance of a necklace with the crystal being the Magma gem.

The Ancient Salamander has a Minion during its fight that it spawns. They can be thought of as "Underworld Dune Splicers"

Fire Wyrm
Description: A baby Dragon that has cells made up of fire and magma
Size: Similar to Dune Splicer
HP: 1100 (2200)
Damage: 80 (160)
Defense: 50
KB Resist: 100%
30 Silver Coins (50 Silver Coins)
Moves in a similar way to the Dune Splicer
Contact with Fire Wyrm has a 5% 10% chance to cause the On Fire! Debuff

Let me know what you think of this new Boss!
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I really like this suggestion. 100% support from me!

I also feel like it is a MGQ reference, and that makes it fifty times better.


Eye of Cthulhu
I could see this being very awesome in a mod, dunno about normal terraria but hey, I definitely wouldn't complain if it were added. I love new things added to the game!
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