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Sprites The Archaeologist/Bestiary

Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by |.Terrarian.|, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    Zoologist & The Bestiary

    Zoologist.png ZoologistBird1.png ZoologistBird2.png ZoologistNilGlass.png
    ( Undecided sprite, 1st is my fave! :) )

    The Zoologist
    The Zoologist is a concept NPC who's primary objective is to help the Player learn of the world around him/her.
    The Zoologist would first be spotted in the Jungle tied-up/injured/unconscious in vines in underground level Jungle at any point in the game.

    (Probably like this)
    Her personality would be bubbly and her quotes would reflect this in her own weird way...
    They would mostly be disturbing facts that no one wanted to know but she finds very interesting!

    "Did you know the fangs of a Black Recluse can pierce through these very walls? It's so fascinating!"

    "Slimes eat by dissolving biomatter in their gelatinous bodies!" (Supposed to be scary because the King Slime has a human inside of it.)

    "Ever wonder why Zombies charge at you blindly with no concern for their safety? Well, let's just say they can feel pain...and being a zombie hurts!" (Insinuating that zombies only attack you so they can die and stop feeling pain... Ooh that's dark.)

    "No one knows why, but powerful demons occasionally attain the strength to randomly appear near you!" (Referring to randomly spawning boss events i.e. "You feel you're being watched.")
    She would also have a chance to drop a brand new weapon:
    Damage: 27
    Knockback: 5 (Average)
    Critical Chance: 10%
    Use Time: 28 (Average)
    Velocity: 9
    Tooltip: "Sic semper tyrannis!"
    (Meaning: "thus always to tyrants", derived from what John Wilkes Booth said after he assassinated Abraham Lincoln with his Derringer)

    Rarity: [​IMG]
    Sell: 50 [​IMG]

    12.5% Chance to drop from Zoologist.


    Once spoken to, she would move into a house just like any other NPC and have 4 options:
    Shop Discover Bestiary Close
    The Shop would include Volumes, smaller biome-specific bestiaries that are sold that can be filled with
    Mob Entries which to be put simply are spaces in the Bestiary that can be clicked on as an event
    that allows you to view information on Mobs (including critters) just as the Wiki allows you to.

    (I will go more in depth about Volumes later on)
    You can view in a Mob Entry:
    -Mob Picture
    -Mob Health
    -Mob Attack
    -Mob Defense
    -Mob Drop Rates/Drops
    -Mob Fun-fact Description/Method of Attack
    (The example I made of this looks terrible, if someone can make it better it'd be really appreciated!)
    Eh hem...Now that that's done with.

    Introducing...Tinctures! The Zoologist will also sell these little miracle vials as soon as you complete different Volumes!
    "What are Tinctures and why should I care?" I hear you not asking...well I'll tell you!
    Tinctures are little potions that the Zoologist will sell that act differently depending on what mob you use them on.
    Currently there are TWO ideas for the tinctures:

    1: Making the Tinctures Throwable
    2: Making the Tintures Your Ordinary Potion

    My personal favorite is option 1, it's a new and fresh idea that makes it scooch a little further away from a Flask clone.
    Example of a Tincture: (please bare with me my art sucks)

    Behold, the
    Hardening Tincture!
    What's it do? Well:

    For Idea 1: The Tincture is thrown at any Slime enemy thus turning them to stone, increasing their defense by 10 points
    but rendering them vulnerable to attacks for a random(?) duration of 3-7 seconds.

    (Petrified Blue Slime)

    For Idea 2: The Tincture is drunk just like any other potion and gives each attack against Slime enemies the Slowness Debuff for 3-5 seconds
    as well as
    increasing damage dealt by 10%-15%(?)

    There would also be different Tinctures of course for different Biome enemies, the Hardening Tincture would be sold by the Zoologist
    once the Forest Volume has been completed.

    Here's another example, the Cell Paralysis Tincture! :
    The Cell Paralysis Tincture would work against Plants/Beasts and would be awarded after finishing the Jungle Volume.

    For Idea 1: The Tincture is thrown at any Plant/Beast enemy giving them a chance over 7 seconds to suddenly
    freeze up for a second. What this would do against Plant/Beast enemies is halt their Kinetic Energy, and most
    creatures of this category build momentum to attack.

    For Idea 2: ...same thing except its not thrown and gives each attack a chance to "stun"

    For example:
    - Bats that fly would suddenly drop a few blocks due to wing paralysis.
    - Vine-based enemies that obviously vary in their speed would suddenly
    pause and their speed would be reset.
    - Unicorns/Wolves that rely on charging and gaining speed would suddenly have to
    reset their speed as well.

    That covers Tinctures, allow me to talk about:

    Volumes & The Bestiary

    Vol 1. Arbor Adversaries (Forest) -Sold after Slime King/Eye whatever comes first.
    Vol 2. Frigid Foes (Snow) -Sold in Snow Biome/During Snowstorm
    Vol 3. Tropical Terrors (Jungle) -Sold by default (because she was trapped/obtained from there)
    Vol 4. Oceanic Opponents (Ocean) -Sold in Ocean/Fishing in Ocean/Post-Pirate Invasion
    Vol 5. Hectic Hell-bringers (Hell) - Sold after Wall of Flesh's defeat
    Vol 6. Sandy Soul-Snatchers (Desert) - Sold in Desert Biome/During Sandstorm
    Vol 7. Grotesque Guardians (Crimson) - Sold after Heart defeated
    Vol 8. Corrupt Contenders (Corruption) - Sold after Worm defeated
    Vol 9. Magical Malignants (Hollow) - Sold after 1 Mech boss defeated
    Vol 10. Dank Depths (Cavern Depth) -Sold same as Forest
    Vol 11. Carnivorous Caves (Underground Depth) -Sold after killing Skeletron
    Vol 12. Sporadic Spores (Mushroom Biome Surface/Underground) -Sold by Shroom NPC?
    Vol 13. Ancient Anomalies (Celestial Towers) - Sold after Goelm/During Celestial Event
    Vol 14. Bloody Brawlers (Blood Moon) - Sold during Blood Moon.
    Vol 15. Pumpkin Pummelers (Pumpkin Moon) - Sold during Halloween/Pumpkin Moon
    Vol 16. Seasonal Scoundrels (Frost Moon) - Sold during Holidays/Frost Moon
    Vol 17. Cross-Dimensional Creatures (Old One's Army) - Sold after Eye of C. defeated
    Vol 18. Urban Usurpers (Solar Eclipse) - Sold during Solar Eclipse
    Vol 19. Otherworldly Opponents (Martian Event) -During Invasion
    Vol 20. Goblin Gauntlet (Goblin Invasion) - During Invasion
    Vol 21. Scurvy Shanties (Pirate Invasion) - During Invasion/Pirate Cap can sell?

    Basically as you carry the Volumes that she sells in your Inventory, you are
    able to record:

    -Mob Picture
    -Mob Health
    -Mob Attack
    -Mob Defense
    After Killing/Capturing the Mob once!

    But NOT Drops/Drop Rates/Fun-facts/Description

    So how do you find the rest of that stuff just using the Volume? You bring it back to the Zoologist and click on the Discover option, this opens up
    a UI similar to that of the Guide's/Tinkerer's that has a single slot. When you place the Volume of choice into the Discover UI Slot and click "Discover" once more, the

    Zoologist spits out some line like:

    "Quite the fascinating discovery you've made here! I'll start to analyze the samples you've brought me at once!"

    At this moment, clicking on her Bestiary option in her Interaction Window or looking in the Volume that was just analyzed you'll see the entry
    is 100% filled out!

    "Well there are tons of Mobs in Terraria, how do I do this all in one world? Especially with Crimson/Corruption?"

    Glad you asked reader!

    The joy of Volumes is that they are able to be carried from one character to the next just as your inventory carries over to other worlds!
    Giving the Volumes to a new character in a different type of World Corruption and having that character analyze the Volumes at the

    Zoologist will fill up your Bestiary to the same place you left off on!

    What are the benefits to filling these Volumes? Completing the Volume not only unlocks Tinctures to use for Mobs in that Biome and others, it also can be equipped
    as an accessory after completion!

    When a Volume is completed and Discovered at the Zoologist, a "different" Volume is spit back out, one that you can't open, an Accessory that offers a 15%(?) Attack
    Bonus while fighting in that Biome
    ! Volumes can also be combined with other Volumes to provide bonuses against Several Different Biomes!
    OceanBook.png DesertBook.png
    On the Left: Ocean Volume, "Oceanic Opponents" 15% Bonus to Attack while in Ocean
    On the Right: Desert Volume, "Sandy Soul-Snatchers" 15% Bonus to Attack while in Desert
    These could be combined as such at a Bookshelf:
    Book Example.png
    To create: "Vol 4&6. Sandy Submergance" 15% Bonus to Attack while in Ocean/Desert

    :cool: OceanDesertBook.png :cool:

    :dryadcry:(Yes I know they are reskinned books, if anyone would like to sprite at least 1 book so I can re-sprite it for other biomes let me know!);(

    (Side note)
    You don't have to store all these Volumes in a Chest either!
    Volumes can be stored in Bookshelves now!
    Which would also get an update as starting out empty crafted with just
    20 of your block of choice at a Sawmill, etc.
    Right clicking the Bookshelf with either Books or Volumes will allow you to fill
    the cases book-by-book! It's sure to be satisfying to see it fill
    up with Volumes you've worked so hard to fill!
    Of course they could simply be right-clicked in order to retrieve just as
    a Water Bolt.


    That's all for now! I'll keep editing as I remember to add things (Because there's just so much!)
    And as I and the community comes up with better ideas!

    :passionate: Thank you so much for your patience and interest in my idea! :passionate:
    :passionate:Drawing by UltiDaniel! Thanks UltiDaniel!:passionate:
    While also thinking of what else she could sell, I was thinking, most classes have "NPCs", Cyborg and Arms Dealer for Ranged classes, Witch Doctor is more or less a hybrid of Summoner/Melee, Wizard is...well Magic ofc. So I'm also thinking it would be cool for the Zoologist to be a mostly Summoner class! Perhaps another milestone mark met would allow her to sell different summon staves as well, she could sell for example:
    Slime Staff (For Slime milestone)
    (you already know...)
    K9 Staff (For Beast milestone)
    A pupper in a staff that charges up to enemies and bites them to deal damag
    Skelebaby Staff (For Undead milestone)
    A small baby skeleton that throws bones like their adult counter-parts, perhaps some can throw bones and others can have swords like the Rusty Bones in the dungeon.
    Jellyfish Staff (For Aquatic milestone)
    A jellyfish that splashes around the air occasionally letting loose a shock that inflicts "Electrified" for 2 seconds, lasts for 4 seconds underwater for a constant state of Electrified.
    Pirate Staff (For Human milestone)
    (you already know...)
    Fairy Staff (For Mythical milestone)
    Summons fast movie fairies that dash through enemies even through blocks like a weaker Stardust Dragon.
    Batling Staff (For Avian milestone)
    A baby vampire bat that sticks itself on enemies passively restoring health to you as long as they remain on the enemy.
    Geode Staff (For Rock milestone)
    Summons a single Rock Elemental-golem-esque stationary tower that throws boulders that are able to travel downhill like the Boulders found in traps underground.
    Seedling Staff (For Plant milestone)
    Summons a cute little Seedling to plant itself onto the enemy, rooting them to the ground, does minimal damage per second.
    Elemental Staff (For Magic milestone)
    This is intended to be a rather rare staff since Magic enemies aren't that plentiful, Summons a soul that floats around the player about the size of a Celestial Tower Nebula Fragment that shifts through the colors, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. If attacks while red, shoots a ball of fire that passes through blocks that inflicts On Fire!, if green when attacking, Fires green bubbles that inflict Poison, if Blue when attacking shoots an ice bolt that inflicts Frozen or Slowness, if yellow while attacking, fires a straight plasma beam directly to the enemy passing through blocks instantly dealing large amounts of damage at slow rates.

    NEW: Monsters would have to be discovered by using a Pocket Bestiary Book.png Which the player can also buy from the Zoologist directly after unlocking her. (Presumably by being tied up in vines in the Jungle biome)
    Discovering and killing these monsters would fill in SOME of the information in the Pocket Bestiary (which is an accessory as well as an item that can open a Map-like UI just as the full Bestiary can) but will only really be fully filled out once you physically hand the book over to the Zoologist where she then fills in details for you as she has seen the creature's you've seen before. These pocket books can and will hold Every Mob In Terraria including the ones that only exist in one world at once, thus, this pocket book can be taken to different worlds and given to other characters, also fitting the theme of "The Passing Of Knowledge To The Next Generation" , of course using a already partially filled book in another world will still be possible in terms of Zoologist Discovery.
    The Pocket Bestiary will also have the ability to grow with its holder, as in, the more you discover, the more you learn monster categories and their weaknesses, increasing your damage towards these categories by a max of 15%.

    Welp, tell me what you think :D

    Edit: P.S. Going to be working on sprites/items for the Zoologist/Archeologist to sell as well as updated ideas.

    P.S.S. If you think these are too many staves, let me remind you you can fit all the staves in Terraria on a single frame in the wiki page without scrolling. Can the same be said for every other weapon category? (Fun fact, Throwing subclass has more weapons than the Summoner class.)
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019
  2. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    Heh fail I made the hat backwards on the Archaeologist, she's a gangsta.
    TheWorfer27 likes this.
  3. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    I think it would be best if this was an inherent map feature, rather than an NPC.
  4. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    Perhaps the Archaelogist could sell a portable copy, but still the same time that means thats all she'd be good for...gotta come up with another use for her :p
  5. ThatRandomBuilderGuy

    ThatRandomBuilderGuy Eye of Cthulhu

    Coding would be kinda hard to make, one for each and every enemy?
    Good idea though. Support
    |.Terrarian.| likes this.
  6. Sora_92

    Sora_92 Terrarian

    This sounds like a cool idea!

    Would opening the bestiary would pause the game though? or work like when opening the map? If you're safe in a house (and there's no blood moon or anything) reading it could help passing boring time early game when wandering around the night could be dangerous (it it doesn't pause the game)
    However if it does not pause the game it would be dangerous to look at it while on adventure, like, while you're reading the book, zombies, bats and anything around will eat you...

    As for the NPC, she could sell the book and then you wouldn't really need her help this way, I guess, but I like to have more NPCs around so... what else could she do...?

    This kind of reminds me of the Monster Almanacs from Expedition mod by the way. but the albums and almanacs there are only just high-price items and deco. Something like a combination with something like that could be cool! Take pics of said monsters, and then you have them in the book or something.

    Though the Clerk NPC already covers functions as giving out those quests, as well as selling camera and film, among other things. So then what could the Archeologist/Zoologist do...? (actually maybe zoologist or something, isn't it? if she's studying critters and monsters, not ancient buildings and stuff?)

    Also wonder whether the bestiary would be connected to the world or to the character? if to the world, it would be difficult to "complete" it, considering you would have either corruption or crimson there - you could make an artifical biome of the opposite evil of course, but still. (also, some monsters that aren't "native" to a world - like how a world would have only two out of Salamanders, Crawdads and Giant Shelly.
    also, what about monsters and critters from mods?

    I like the idea though and will try to help brainstorming about it if I can help.
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  7. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    It would depend if Auto-Pause is on or off.

    I'm thinking the book that she sells won't update, in fact, I feel like maybe you have to buy the book and just leave it your inventory to be able to record monsters, until then, the pocket book will show the mob but it will be a silhouette instead of a filled in bestiary entry or a ???.

    What do you mean by Clerk Npc? I'm unfamiliar with that Npc...

    If I go along with the "book shows silhouettes until you show the Zoologist" then the Zoologist would be connected to the world, and the pocket book would be connected to the player. For example, if you hold the book that is almost filled on one character (say all that's missing is the Corruption enemies), then you buy a copy of the pocket book, switch to a world with corruption, kill those enemies, fill in the silhouettes of the enemies, and then report back to the Zoologist of your world or the new world to fill her in to your findings.

    Well, before we delve into that mess, let's try and nail plain ol' vanilla first :)

    Thanks that means a lot :D Always nice to see someone with insightful;constructive questions! :)
  8. Sora_92

    Sora_92 Terrarian

    The map for example does not pause the game, even if autopause is enabled. but yeah, I guess it could work nice if it pauses the game - if autopause is enabled.

    I dunno though the book showing a silhouette of a monster you just saw? it would make sense it would like...
    first, the pages shows silhouettes and ??? for data
    if you saw it, it adds the pic or dunno
    and maybe, - especially if there would be some sort of quests system involved, if you report it to the zoologist, you get all the data too or something. dunno.

    The clerk is an NPC from exploarions mod. it's a mod that adds tons of quests to the game. IMO, it's really fun.

    As for the pocket book registers data, but it adds really only if you show, I think it would be safer to show the pocket book upgraded with (in that example) the corruption monsters to the zoologist IN the corruption world. and then move back to your crimson world with those entries already added to the bestiary.

    yeah, I guess vanilla first XD

    Thank you. As far as brainstorming goes I hope I can help. I can sprite a bit too, but very new to programming. I made a small mod though (with lots of help) ((Corru Crim NPCs. you can check it out if interested))

    so... one of the questions regarding the zoologist... what would she actually do...? you just report back to her...?
  9. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    Hm yeah maybe things get added when you get them.
    For example if you haven't gotten the slime staff perhaps itll show a silhouette of the item with ??? for the name/percentage.
    But when you kill a monster in the wild, the picture will be filled out along with its stats?
    Then the point of going to the Zoologist would be to get a description of the creature along with its habitat or anything else special?
  10. Sora_92

    Sora_92 Terrarian

    I think the drops info is more useful if you have it before you actually get the item. once you got it, it becomes less important to know, what monster drops it, isn't it? (of course, you can look up on the wiki too, but whatever)

    And I wonder about "if you kill it". stuff like "take a picture of it" - like in expeditions could make some more sense - at least for stuff like pictures and stuff in the bestiary.

    Alternatively, it could take a different turn, like, not an adventurer-looking NPC, but some sort of scientist, writer or something. like an old professor working on a huge monster almanac. has some knowledge on monsters, but needs more info. but professor can't fight well so it has to be you getting the info for the prof so can finish the almanac or something. Generally... something that could incorporate "snap!" quests from expeditions or something. (or not, if doing collab is difficult)
    It's kinda sad the almanacs there are just deco and high price items.

    That would feel kind of like a ripoff...? - or an upgraded version of the "snap!" quests?
  11. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    Yeah that is true...how about this, you come across a mob and kill it, some info is filled out, when you show the Zoologist, she'd be like "Oh :red: I know that mob! Then she fills in literally everything else for you including the Drop Rates and Items and stuff.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 27, 2019, Original Post Date: Jan 27, 2019 ---
    As for quests, maybe there can be a special area in the Bestiary that says like "Rare Beasts" or something and can only be possible of being found once a certain number of mobs have been discovered, or perhaps a certain number of mobs in a specific category, for example killing a certain amount of slime enemies leads you to finding a rarer slime variant.
    It'll be like a "cookie-crumb" quest, where you follow tracks of a rare mob by finding out which mobs they hang around.
  12. Sora_92

    Sora_92 Terrarian

    Something like an amnesiac researcher?
    Forgot details. you show something to her and she remembers? though photos would make more sense than killing a monster.

    like situation 1 (photo)
    You: "Hi, I got the picture of the monster you asked"
    Zoologist: "Ooh, I remember this, these are called face monsters and they to this and this!"

    situation 2 (kill monster)
    You: "Hi, I brought you the remains of the monster... you asked"
    Zoologist: "Oh, these organs and stuff remind me of a jungle bat"
    (sounds a bit bizarre XD)

    also, rare monsters are rare. you can find them though, they're just rare. like nymphs, goblin scouts, etc. that's just a challange. no need to change that, IMO.
    there are monsters though that aren't native to a land (like for example giant shelly, if you have salamders and crawdads there, and corruption/crimson exclusive monsters, although they can be introduced via an artifical biome. also, wall creepers in hardmode. but you can "save them from extinction" by settin up a few wall creeper statues with mechanism.
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  13. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    Just updated with a couple sprites and ideas for what the Zoologist has to sell! :D

    The only difficult part about selling staves that are milestone based is I have to find out what #/# would suit the phase the player of the game is in at that moment, i.e. not getting an overpowered staff early on just because the player encountered a large sum of a certain mob category early on.
  14. Sora_92

    Sora_92 Terrarian

    The tinctures sound like an interesting idea. Afterall, if you study monsters, you could find out what are their weak points too.

    As for staffs... I dunno what would be the best time or pre-requirements, but
    here's another idea, what about banners? you get a banner after killing 50 of a specific monster. by that point you might know it enough for some stuff? (except for rare monsters. no way to legitimately get a nymph banner, those are way too rare...)

    But for real, using something against slimes that could solidify them... so cruel XD I didn't even thought about that. that's interesting XD
    though if it's like kill at least one of each slime to get it, it would make it into a hardmode item and by that point there's no much point of it besides maybe doing evil things to slimes XD
  15. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    EXCELLENT IDEA! Banners for monster CATEGORIES ;D
    Staves, Idk it just felt needed for summoners also, Yello_Xplorer even made a post adding more staves, check it out ;D
  16. Sora_92

    Sora_92 Terrarian

    Oh, you mean, banners against, like "slime banner - that adds bonus against every slime type enemies? dunno how that would be possible to code though, but sounds interesting.

    Checkeded it out (if you meant that with the eater of souls and crimera staff.) sounds interesting.

    but like in that idea, some of these staves could be craftable too maybe? maybe if it has some specific ingredients that are difficult to get (at least before a certain point in the game) it would balance them a bit more?
    Like depending on how tough or how rare some monsters are, using their banners as some ingredients too. like skeleton summoning staff would use something like 50 bones, 1 angry bones banner, 1 angry caster banner, 1 cursed skull banner or something? dunno. just thinking loud.
  17. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    Ah I see, like for killing 50 of each of those enemies or something you get the ability to craft it? Hm Interesting
  18. Sora_92

    Sora_92 Terrarian

    but with common enemies, like slimes, (and considering how rare slime staff is) it could be like... 25 wood, 2 green slime banner, and dunno what other type of slime banner (but definitelly not including hardmode slimes, nor pinky (pinky is too rare))
  19. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    50 Pinky kills...bet! xD
  20. Sora_92

    Sora_92 Terrarian

    yeah, and 50 nymps, right? XD

    though of course, if the summon items are craftable, there's no point for the zoologist to sell them.
    she still could sell tinctures or something though... but maybe not limit it to tinctures?
    solidifying or whatever tincture could mess around with slimes, but dunno if there's a tincture against every monster group. they could be whatever things. or more stuff. these tinctures sounds like flask (like ichor flask that would imbue your weapon with that to cause said debuff, but it will wear off after some time) there could be such too, but also stuff too that are accessories or items that work even if in the inventory or something.