The Art of Projectiles ( Help )


Still new to modding and I don't quite feel as though it's time to paint on the canvas. Forgive me if this is a silly question. If it's too much for a thread or has already been covered could you point me in the right direction?

Not so much the sprites. But I am seeing all sorts of complex calculations when it comes to projectile draw and physics. Kind of wish I would have put a bit more time into those Algebra classes. I don't really want to copy and paste code for each and every single projectile. I'd like to understand what things do.

Is there any place that covers some of the Math methods for projectiles? Would be nice to have a description as well as an example. I've seen a number already but they pretty much bundle up a ton of stuff then tell you what the whole thing does, not on an individual level.
I would recommend looking into a basic online lesson on projectile motion. If you compare it to example projectile code you might figure it out
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