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Console The Best Laid Plans: An Apology, a Promise, and the “Additions” Update

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by 505Games, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. dj.krztoff

    dj.krztoff Terrarian

    Does this mean that somebody on the support staff might actually attempt to help me solve my Xbox one support case for something that's obviously soecific to terraria without deferring me to Microsoft support?
  2. Captain Morgan

    Captain Morgan Terrarian

  3. Dakota Spine

    Dakota Spine Headless Horseman

    I am quite glad to see that steps are being taken to make the other ports of Terraria the best they can possibly be.
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  4. ZeroJinKui

    ZeroJinKui Terrarian


    i am glad to see console terraria more or less reaching version 1.2.3!

    also glad to hear that things will be so much better from here on out, i am looking forward to how things go. :dryadhappy:
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  5. I understand comepletely. And Console and Mobile are already getting closer and closer to 1.3.
  6. movildima

    movildima Skeletron Prime

    Hey, Console got updated! Yay!
    Thank you 505Games for this improvements and care for us users!
  7. ExoticCharm

    ExoticCharm Moderator Staff Member Moderator

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  8. Makuta Malefor

    Makuta Malefor Terrarian

    I'm glad to see that the testing phase should be more thorough. It always bugged me (pun intended) that updates released so buggy.

    Thrilled to see that we'll be getting "1.2.3" today, I was a bit shocked to see the news dropped out of the blue! :happy:
  9. Luke Games

    Luke Games Terrarian

    Love it! 1.2.3 will bring a whole new life to the console version :3 So happy about the item drop feature, 9/10 times my destroyer drops got stuck ion random dirt which i had to mine through my buildings to get through, lol. Awesome addition!

    Keep up the good work 505 games!
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  10. bellzemos

    bellzemos Terrarian

    If you keep updating this game I will never be able to stop playing! Please stop lol :p
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  11. Cutie Phalanx

    Cutie Phalanx Terrarian

    So happy about being able to switch L1R1/L2R2. I don't get why everything on a Sony system has to change what the shoulder buttons/ triggers do, but it made playing the PS4 version way harder than the Xbox 360.
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  12. Crablegs10

    Crablegs10 Terrarian

    Duke doesn't wanna join the console bus I see, but I'm glad the rest of the stuff came along as well! Good work 505.
  13. NitroTerrarian

    NitroTerrarian Spazmatism

    horned god ? console exclusove boss?
  14. Cansin13

    Cansin13 Terrarian

    YES! 1.2.3 is coming to Console! Next is 1.2.4 and finally 1.3 (Will they be the next ones?)
  15. collcroc123

    collcroc123 Plantera

    Will we be able to change the controls in the next console update? I want to be able to change the controls to where it's comfortable. :D:D
  16. Burst

    Burst Plantera

    1.2.3 Console is always great. And oh, a app? Cool!
  17. tohann

    tohann Terrarian

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  18. MinerTurtle45

    MinerTurtle45 Plantera

    Aw, c'mon 505! You could've at least added fishing and Duke Fishron!
  19. 505Games

    505Games Publisher/Developer Staff Member 505 Games

    Hello everyone. We noticed a typo in the initial post and we want to provide a clarification - the Companion App is XB1 and PS4 only. We changed the OP to reflect this, but wanted to be sure this was not missed.

    The reason this is the case is that just was not technically feasible with the older consoles. Apologies to our 360 and PS3 users for the confusion and that the App just wouldn't work with their specific platforms.
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  20. Deadonarrival

    Deadonarrival Skeletron Prime

    Great news guys! Console owners will have a very good day indeed. Keep up the good work.