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tModLoader The Bunny Overload Mod

Should I make a Pre-Release version?

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SFB Dargon


This mod is dedicated to making Terraria have more bunnies and bunny-related items.
This mod is major WIP and will be majorly worked on until its release.
Please leave any requests in the forum.

We are looking for a spriter/coder!!!
Time zone: -1 to +4
No pay(maybe in the future)
Please define if this is for the bunny overload mod ONLY (if you could help us all-round that would be much better)
You must be decent (can you code a custom boss? or a biome?)

SFB Dragon - Coder
nic.harvard - Spriter

DEFAULTBUNNY (for my coding purposes, wont be in mod) [AI: bunny]
Evil Bunny [AI: corrupt bunny]
Radioactive bunny [AI: corrupt bunny]
Eletric Bunny (seriously evil) [AI: corrupt bunny]

None so far

Future plans:
  • Many Bunnies
  • Bunny weapons
  • Bunny Armor
  • Bunny Currency
  • Bunniphyte ore
  • Bunniphyte bars
  • More stuff
  • Player suggested stuff in the mix
  • Official Release
Thank you for your support :D
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SFB Dargon

How about a massive bunny boss, called King Bunny, or something of the likes. He could wear a giant crown, too :)
we have been thinking about something similar however, will this conflict with the Lepus(copyright and etc.)?
this mod has been put on hold temporarily, due to me working hard on getting the official release of the luminite mod out...

SFB Dargon

let me just state that nothing is confirmed yet;
I might be discontinuing the mod in order for me to dedicate more time to my game im gonna make.
If I confirm this, I give permision for anyone to use this idea.(just in case you wanted to make a bunny mod)
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