PC The Calamity Texture Pack


Duke Fishron
I think he's hinting at either his parents won't let him use discord for some stupid reason or he's under 13

Alpha The Wolf

What about the rod of discord? its discord, but i think that wasnt there on the latest version, it seems to have an actual resprite of the normal iem

Alpha The Wolf

That was a joke, not an actual texture thats meant to be used. It was removed
thats sad, i wish i could have that... is there any mod that adds it as a resprite or even as a new item? (i preffer to only use textures on modded for some reason, though i have downloaded on vanilla)


good texture im send the noice default texture before texture :merchantindifferent:


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for whatever reason the discord link isnt working, its not giving me the popup to join. is there an updated one i could try?
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