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Adventure The Closet

Discussion in 'Released' started by Neoman, Oct 29, 2018.


Was the map good?

  1. HELL YES!!!!!

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  2. it was ok

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  3. It was Crap

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  1. Neoman

    Neoman Skeletron Prime


    Hello its me Neoman and iv'e made a brand new special Halloween adventure map for you all to enjoy!

    Rules are in game
    Download is attached below
    The map has a total of 7 endings so when you get one save and reenter the world to get the others! tell me below or in my discord server on which endings you got
    This map was also made to celebrate almost a year since my first map the Factory!

    Join my discord and claim a special role!

    Capture 2018-10-29 21_20_15.png
    Capture 2018-10-29 21_20_38.png
    Capture 2018-10-29 21_20_56.png

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    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018
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  2. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

    Could you post some screenshots?
  3. MikePotato

    MikePotato Terrarian

    Add more screenshots
  4. Neoman

    Neoman Skeletron Prime

    A few bug fixes on the map fixed trapdoors being unable to open replaced shortsword with broadsword and tweaked the rules slighlty
  5. Drake & Eric

    Drake & Eric Terrarian

    I played through the map but then I got stuck as a teleporter seems to not work. overall, I was spooked and the map gave me some chills (even thought nothing in Terraria can scare me).
    Some issues I have is Granite elemental randomly appearing and complicating platforms and a bed that stops working once you open a route which is the lava dropper segment. Both of these issues can be easily fixed, the granite being fixed but destroying more granite biome and the bed by making a small room for it like some of the others. The catacomb teleporter does not work.
    Capture 2018-11-22 13_35_41.png
    Overall, great map, but there is some room for improvement that needs to be done.
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  6. FalloutCraftr

    FalloutCraftr Steampunker

    My heart thumps faster than 1000 bps whenever I fight a boss, no matter how powerful my character is.
  7. Neoman

    Neoman Skeletron Prime

    ok i fixed all the current bugs in the map enjoy the fixed version :merchantgrin: