The Complete Story of TERRARIA

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(This is just something I do in my spare time so don’t expect an upload schedule.)

This is a full story of terraria! from the beginning of the world to the making of the order of the guide to the defeat of Cthulhu to the vanquishing of the Moon Lord!

All was quiet, A being sat on air looked around. Dissatisfied he placed his hand in the air and made a small planet, with just a single island. Then he made LIFE an organism that was the center of all life. LIFE then did something unexpected, it expanded the small island to become a giant world! The being interested watch LIFE do it’s magic... For eons and eons. The being soon was bored of just watching his planet grow. So he tasked LIFE to make a sentient being, and thus the first guide came into the world. But LIFE forgotten by the being, as all his attention was on the human, decided to do something to get the being’s attention. So LIFE created MORE worlds, green beautiful worlds. The being, scared of LIFEs power destroyed LIFE in fear that LIFE might take him over. However when he destroyed LIFE, a powerful explosion ripped through the universe, Creating many biomes and organisms of all kinds! The being, dubbed Cthulhu by the guides, went to sleep satisfied with his work. But, as he went to sleep evil powers seeped into the worlds. The worlds, unprotected, were at risk.

The worlds were facing a parasite, Cthulhu‘s brother himself! Jealous of his brother’s power he had come to destroy his universe. The brother (dubbed Moon Lord by the guides) made celestial infections invade the worlds. The people of the worlds hid in their homes, they were weak with no power whatsoever afraid to become part of the infection, but LIFE sought to protect them. He created a keeper of balance, The Full Purity. The Full Purity was a mysterious biome that made the celestial infection vanish, it was made up of lush green forests, sandy and beautiful deserts, thriving jungles and soft tundras. The Moon Lord weakened by this power, withdrew the infection, saving the worlds. But the Moon Lord wasn’t gone, he was, waiting, in the shadows.
For many centuries the Full Purity did its job protecting the worlds, but it was soon weakened. The people had weakened it, and split it into three infections, The Crimson, The Corruption, and The Hallow. The Crimson was an emergent being that was connected to every world, sharing a hive mind, focused on restoring balance, at all costs many worlds were absorbed by this being, and many people have made the mistake of raising the Crimson to the level of a deity. Making sacrifices to it, to seek its favour. The Crimson gladly consumes these bodies, turning them into horrifying creatures, who lose the ability to feel and thus they blindly follow the hive mind. The Corruption is a cancer to all the worlds, created by the sins of the people of the worlds. The violent and vile thoughts fuel the Corruption as it spreads relentlessly across each world. The Corruption knows nothing else but to consume everything it touches, creating creatures of hate who exist for the sole reason of causing pain and punishment to every sentient being in the worlds. The Hallow is of entire different nature, a overcompensation of purity, taken to the furthest extreme. Killing anything in its path, the Hallow serves to push back the never ending encroachment of control.

The Evil Biomes, and the Hallow were slowly consuming the worlds the guides tried to stop it but for most, it was no use. The people calles upon Cthulhu but as he was sleeping, he didn‘t hear. “Great Cthulhu!” They would call “Help us! For the world is being consumed!” But no help came. Soon most of the worlds were completely hallowed, crimsoned, or corrupted. Except for three worlds, the guides on those worlds had named the universe “Terraria”. Soon they grew hoarse trying to call Cthulhu that LIFE took pity in them, LIFE kept the biomes at bay but at that point, Cthulhu awoke.
He got up from his resting place and looked at Terraria, he immediately noticed something was wrong. Some worlds were red, bloody, and destroyed. Others were purple and decayed, and others were pink and consumed. He was interested and investigated more. But the more he looked around the more he became convinced this was LIFEs work, that LIFE sought to destroy the worlds that he had created. So he went insane, he stopped at nothing to try to destroy LIFE one again, destroying worlds killing innocents. The creatures of the world tried to fight back but Cthulhu was too strong, it seemed like no one could stop him.
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