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Sprites The Corrupted Palace


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The Corrupted Palace

Shadow Image Large.png


The Dungeon is a fun place to explore. A natural maze-like Structure filled with Traps and Treasures making the dangerous trip well worth it. So I got around to thinking what it would be like if there were another natural structure to fill the gap that comes between exploring the Dungeon Pre-Hardmode all the way up to late Hardmode with the HM Dungeon and Jungle Temple and thought of the Corrupted Palace. Which is also a way to make the Corruption seem bigger in this game.

This Light Blue Text Color will be used to represent enemies, features, and items unique to Expert Mode Only

(Seeing how The Crimson would need a Counterpart for this suggestion I might make a sister suggestion to this at a later point in time. For now I'd rather see this suggestion be the best it can be.)

How this will work is that a new structure will be generated Underground on World Generation, The Corrupted Palace which will spawn in the Cavern Layer and extend almost all the way to the Underworld and take up the width of the World's corresponding Surface Corruption. Concept Art and Details will be shown below:

Concept Art and Details:
Corrupted Palace with chests v2.png

Note that this Concept Art is not entirely drawn to scale.

This Palace is locked to Early-Hardmode to Mid-Hardmode (Beginning to Plantera). The Door to the Corrupted Palace is locked similarly to how the Jungle Temple is, and it can only be unlocked with the new "Demon Key" which is a 100% Drop from the Wall of Flesh. The Palace itself is made up of two types of a new Stone, the 1st in the upper layer is Ebonmarble (No relation to the Marble Biome, and signified by the Dark Purple block from Concept Art) and this can only be mined by pickaxes/drills of Adamantite/Titanium or above. The 2nd signified by the darker blocks from the concept art is EbonDiorite which requires a Picksaw Tier Pickaxe or above to mine it, which makes up a lower section of the palace. Naturally these blocks and their variants can't be destroyed by bombs.

The way to the 2nd level is blocked by a vertical shaft of Weakened EbonDiorite which can be broken by a Pickaxe Axe/Drax Tier Pickaxe and above.

The white (teeth) or "fangs" seen in the Concept Art are made up of a new block called "Vile Teeth". This has same resistance as Ebonmarble for mining.

There are several types of traps throughout the Palace. They include the normal Dart Traps, Swinging Axes, Spear Traps, a Cursed Flame Exhaust block (functions similarly to Flame Trap from Lihzahrd Temple) And a new block that automatically shoots bullets every few seconds This will be called the Ebon Bullet Block. Water in the Corrupted Palace inflicts the Poisoned Debuff. (Which looks like normal Corrupt Water). Spikes similar to the Dungeon's. Cursed Goo that slows down player movement (which takes the form of a new goo block which has the same mining resistance as Ebonmarble), and makes it more difficult to jump.

In the 1st Level, the monsters that make up this level are primarily Underground Corruption Monsters that are already in the game. Two new Corruption enemies that will appear here is the Cursed Bat. Which is similar in size to the Jungle's Flying Fox. As well as the Vile Fly Trap. It may seem similar to the Clinger, but it functions very differently which is described in more detail in the New Enemies section. Corrupt Mimics have an increased chance of spawning in the Corrupted Palace compared to the Normal Underground Corruption.

The 2nd layer is the home of all new Corruption Monsters including the Cursed Bat from earlier. Only the 4 new Corruption monsters appear at this level. It also contains 3 special rooms, the location of each of them being different from World Gen to World Gen. One of these is the Sacred Demon Altar Which is an upgraded larger Demon Altar that can't be destroyed even by the Pwnhammer or any Hammer. Anything that can be crafted at a Demon Altar can be crafted here. The next is the Palace Core Room which houses a Giant Core made up of Cursed Flame. This Giant Core is "supported" by 3 generators. This Core and the Generators can't be mined/destroyed by anything. Using purification powder on these generators in a span of less than 20 seconds will "release" the core unleashing the new boss. The 3rd special room is home to a Mysterious Device that can control how quickly the Corruption spreads in the current world. (The player can enter a value of 0-8 in this machine and this value represents the radius of blocks a Corrupt block can Corrupt out to with 3 being the default in Hardmode)

The Mysterious device is part of the background, but the player can still right click on it to interact with it bringing up a text message box to enter a number between 0-8. The Player must have Ebonplasm in order to use this device. This item is dropped from the Ebony Wrath Boss upon defeat. Nothing will happen if anything else is entered into this Prompt. The Ebonplasm will not be consumed if the player doesn't make any change to the Mysterious Device. After entering a number that was different from the number set before, a Prompt will appear on the Bottom of the screen saying "[Player Name] has increased/decreased the spread of the Corruption!" So that you and other players if playing multiplayer are aware that the World's Corruption spread has increased/decreased/stopped.

The locations of these 3 rooms can be different depending on World Generation. They are typically in a "Left, Down, Right" position in regards to the 2nd Level Overall.

There will also be Cursed Chests scattered throughout the 1st Level. These are unlocked with the Cursed Key which can be gotten from a 6% drop from any enemy in the palace, or crafted with 15 Souls of Night + 5 Cursed Flames at a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil. Souls of Night also drop from monsters in the Palace in the same rate they do Normally in the Underground Corruption. There will still be some Cursed Chests in the 2nd Level, but not as frequent.

New Corruption Enemies:
Cursed Bat
Cursed Bat.png

HP: 240 (480)
Damage: 70 (140)
Defense: 20
The Cursed Bat behaves like a Normal Bat. It has the added ability to inflict the Cursed Inferno Debuff on the Player and Feral Bite.
Broken Cursed Wing (1%) (2%)
Depth Meter (1%)

Devourer of Life
Devourer of Life 2.png

HP: 320 (640)
Damage: 30 (60)
Defense: 12
The Devourer of Life behaves similarly to a Granite Elemental. It can go through walls if it needs to in order to reach the player. It has an additional ability to latch onto the player and suck the life out of the player at a rate of 5 HP per second.

Vile Fly Trap
Vile Fly Trap.png

HP: 250 (500)
Body: 150 (250)
Tongue: 30 (60)
Defense: 10
The Vile Fly Trap has its mouth closed for a long period of time and will momentary open it if it senses prey (meaning you the Player) It cannot be damaged while it's mouth is closed. When it opens its mouth it can be damaged by attacking within its opened mouth. However, should the player get in its direct vertical line of sight (where it's tongue can "see") the Fly Trap will rapidly shoot it's tongue out and try to drag you into it's mouth to bite you, doing a lot of damage.

Shadow Cultist
Shadow Cultist v2.png

HP: 280 (560)
Body: 100 (200)
Projectile: 55 (110)
Defense: 32
The Shadow Cultist walks until it spots the player and then attacks by shooting 3 small Cursed Flame Projectiles in a row at the Player. After that it makes a long high jump over the player to the other side the player is on repeating the cycle. If it is unable to jump over the player from being blocked by obstacles by jumping it will stay on the same side it was on before.

New Items:
The Items that can be found in Cursed Chests include 5 New Items, there is also a chance to find a Corruption Key which is used for the Corruption Chest in the Dungeon in a Cursed Chest.

Demon Key (Item)
Demon Key.png

A New Key which is a 100% Drop from the Wall of Flesh. It is used to unlock the Door blocking the entrance to the Corrupted Palace.

Cursed Key (Item)
Cursed Key.png

The new Key used to unlocked Cursed Chests. Is a 2% (4%) Drop from all enemies in the Corrupted Palace.

Cursed Chest (Chest)
Cursed Chest.png

Found throughout the Corrupted Palace. Are initially locked until a Cursed Key is used on them. Items listed below here are found from Cursed Chests unless specified otherwise.

Eater's Shield (Accessory)
Eater's Shield.png

While sprinting, player can parry attacks and absorbs life from enemies. (Regain 5 HP per attack) (This cancel's player's dash if it hits an enemy) Also worth noting that this does not allow a player to Dash in the way the Shield of Cthulhu does. Just while the player is running from using the Spectre Boots and its variants.

Dark Boots (Accessory)
Dark Boots 2.png

Damages enemies underneath you if you "step" on them in midair for 10 damage. You won't make contact with the enemy from this as you will "bounce off" Also allows Flight and Dashing similarly to the Spectre Boots though it has a slightly longer flight time compared to the Spectre Boots Family. Running Speed is equivalent to Spectre Boots. Leaves behind a Dark Purple Trail. (This is intended to be a true alternative to the Frostspark Boots)

Devourer's Greatbow (Weapon)
Devourers Greatbow.png

Weapon Type: Bow
Damage: 45 Range
Critical Chance: 4%
Knockback: Strong
Use Time: Fast
Has Autofire
Shoots an Arrow that leaves a trail of Cursed Flame behind. Arrows gain the ability to inflict Cursed Inferno on enemies.
"Eat through your Prey"

Vile Scepter (Weapon)
Vile Scepter.png

Weapon Type: similar to Aqua Scepter
Damage: 36 Magic
Mana: 6
Critical Chance: 4%
Knockback: Average
Use Time: Very Fast
Has Autofire
The same as the Aqua Scepter except that it shoots out a stream of Vile Spit instead of Water and has a 9 Block radius that it fires out to instead of 7.
"Sprays out a Stream of Vile Spit!"

Cursed Wings (Accessory)
Cursed Wings.png

Crafted from a Broken Cursed Wing. Can fly to a height similar to that of the Spooky Wings.

The New Corruption Boss:
The Ebony Wrath
Ebony Wrath Dripping.png

This Boss is summoned by throwing Purification Powder on the Core receptors in the Core Room. All 3 must be purified within 20 seconds or else it will wear off. This boss also won't enrage even if the player leaves the Corrupted Palace, however it does have a teleport ability similar to the Moon Lord so the player cannot escape from this boss by teleporting themselves.

Phase 1:
HP: 36000 (48000)
Body: 80 (160)
Cursed Flame: 50 (120)
Swipe: 110 (220)
Charge: 150 (300)
Defense: 40
The Ebony Wrath has similar behavior to the Ice Queen. It will move in such a way similar to it and it can go through blocks naturally being ghost-like in nature. It will constantly be shooting cursed flame projectiles aimed at the player that move slowly. (Naturally they also inflict the Cursed Inferno Debuff) It has a swipe attack it will use to attack the player with one of it's arms.

Where it differs from the Ice Queen is that it does not have the spinning attack that releases a ton of projectiles everywhere in Touhou-style. Instead it will use a Charge Attack where It will try to gain some distance from the player, then rapidly sweep down to the other side of the room then back up again. It does this in a sort of upward facing Crescent formation.

Shadow Cultists will spawn in greater numbers during this fight and also override other natural spawns during the fight. Usually about 4-5 will appear at any one time.

Phase 2:
HP: 50% of Max HP (18000/36000)(24000/48000)
Body: 100 (200)
Cursed Flame: 80 (160)
Charge: 135 (270)
Laser: 60 (120)
Cursed Wall: 100
Defense: 38
The Ebony Wrath no longer Swipes, however it shoots Cursed Flame projectiles at a much faster rate and the projectiles themselves get progressively faster during this phase.

The Charge attack changes as the Ebony Wrath does it more frequently and when it does do it it does 3 charges one after the other very quickly. Still in the Up to down to Up crescent formation it had before.

It also gains the ability to fire a Laser at random from it's eye. It disappears instantly after it is fired, but it only blinks its eye in a split second before it fires it at the player.

The Cursed Flames of the Ebony Wrath now create a Cursed Wall of Flames after hitting a surface or the player. This wall is around 8 blocks high and will inflict Cursed Inferno just like the Cursed Flame Projectiles they come from.

Boss Drops:
Greater Healing Potion (5-10) (100%)
Cursed Flame (30-60) (50-99) (100%)
Soul of Night (50-80) (100- 180) (100%)
Ebonplasm (100%)
CounterCurse Veil (50%)
World's End (50%)
Cursed Emblem (100%)

Boss Drop Info:
CounterCurse Veil (Accessory)
Countercurse Veil v2.png

Become immune to Cursed Inferno and On Fire! Debuffs

World's End (Weapon):
Worlds End.png

Weapon Type: Launcher
Damage: 40 Range
Critical Chance: 4%
Knockback: Weak
Has Autofire
The Rockets fired from this leave behind an Inferno of Cursed Flames after they make contact with either an enemy or block which has a radius of 3 Blocks from the area it hit. It lasts for 3 seconds causing severe damage to enemies caught in it.
"Go on, finish what the Feeder could not do!"

Ebonplasm (Item):

Used with the Mysterious Device to activate it. Max Stack: 99

Cursed Emblem (Accessory):
Cursed Emblem.png

Increases damage by 6%, +4 Defense and small boosts to other stats, causes enemies to gain the cursed inferno Debuff if they attack you.

Potential Music:
The Underground Corruption Music could easily be the theme of this new structure. Though a new song that is a Corrupted Version of the Dungeon Theme could work best.

The Ebony Wrath Boss Battle could use any of the existing Boss themes. I think either Plantera, Golem, or the Boss 3 theme could work best for this Boss.

Then this is the main Music Inspiration behind this suggestion:

When I was 1st thinking of this idea several months ago, I thought about making this structure appear on the surface since it was more natural to have a palace on the surface, but considering it is a hardmode natural structure it didn't feel proper to put a Hardmode structure to be in plain sight at the beginning of the game, which would also tempt players to want to see what is inside it sooner. Not to mention how it would make travel much more difficult with having to go around or above it. This is the main reason this building is buried deep underground so it doesn't interfere with Early Game Progress.

As I've said before in the Introduction I love natural structures like the Dungeon especially in a game like Terraria where you never get the same World Twice. I haven't seen many other suggestions like this one. So it feels like I'm really venturing out into uncharted territory in terms of new Hardmode Dungeon-like Structures.

This is my next biggest suggestion to date, in terms of the amount of Sprites/Art I've made from scratch compared to others. This was as much an experiment to improve my Spriting/Art Skills while Brainstorming ways to bring more threats from the Corruption to the World of Terraria.

Made changes based on feedback from @crackshotCerberus and @OFF .
Dark Boots description edited to say "while sprinting" instead of "while running"
Expert Mode Pattern added to the Ebony Wrath Boss.
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The one problem I can see is with the eater shield. It should say "while sprinting" instead of "while running". That way it's a little more clear that you need one of those sprinting accessories.

I like this, the underground needs a little more content and this would fill that role well.


I like it, nice suggestion! Also +1 for more cursed fire items :D
What i find a pity is that your boss fight doesn't have a special behavior for expert mode (I think that the difference in boss fights are the most interesting thing of said mode). Why don't you, for example, make it so the cursed flame projectiles shooted by the boss create a clinger staff-like wall when they hit the floor? It surely would make the fight a lot more hectic and interesting, players seeking a challenge would find a similar mechanic more compelling than just a "more HP, more stats, more pain"


Staff member
I like it, nice suggestion! Also +1 for more cursed fire items :D
What i find a pity is that your boss fight doesn't have a special behavior for expert mode (I think that the difference in boss fights are the most interesting thing of said mode). Why don't you, for example, make it so the cursed flame projectiles shooted by the boss create a clinger staff-like wall when they hit the floor? It surely would make the fight a lot more hectic and interesting, players seeking a challenge would find a similar mechanic more compelling than just a "more HP, more stats, more pain"

That would certainly make the boss fight much better. I'm not sure why I decided to not give the boss any Expert Mode Patterns. I will implement this. Thank you for this suggestion!


Duke Fishron
Hmm the concept of the area is nice however It doesn't really have the organic feel of the corruption which overall feels like a invasive alien hive. The standard creatures all seem to be variations of the same few creatures unlike these while the natural biome has the feel of a nest with these very distinct mobs that appear biologically related and swarm the player in large numbers. If the enemies here had a bit more connection to the current enemies it would feel like a far stronger composition as while included the existing enemies are quite easy to deal with by that point of the game. Overall it feels like its lacking the corruption's ever present Eater line (Eater of Souls, and Courruptor) Clingers or the giant worms of the corruption. If for instance you had the temple reduce and eliminate non corupption mobs with a new swarming eater mob.

However the idea of a deep corruption or crimson is an interesting one. The boss could be a great fit if it was a bit more eaterish in appearance though that is probably an artistic element(as in ascetics). If it was a bit more alien and incorporated some more insectiod or wormlike motion it would make it seem scarier, it just doesn't look alien enough to me I guess. It also couldn't hurt to ahve it call eater type enmeies maybe even a unique one to its aid(which of course wouldn't drop hearts that would be too easy)

The The vile fly trap is thematically a great design feeling right at home in corruption with its alien organic appearance. This is by far my favorite of your mob suggestions as it has unique ai and it thematically works

I do like the devourer of life however it feels out of place in the corruption as life draining as well as its very organic appearance would lend FAR better for the crimson. I mean it looks perfect for the crimson all it would need is a pallet swap to red and a :red: yellow white and boom great crimson mob.

As for the boss drops Great idea with the Worlds end I love the design and function, not to mention we could always use more rocket weapons.
The two accessories (particularly the latter) however feel a bit off in that they seem more like a tinker combination. I also don't know how I feel about immunity to cursed flames and on fire as their unique property is that they can't be countered. Though with it lacking a tinker it isn't broken or anything.

The traps are nice though I personally suggest that the sprites should be designed more organically like they are alive, It doesn't change the mechanics but it does make it feel more complete right? ;) Oh have the darts inflict weak as this would be the corruption.

For the location perhaps it could build off the central chasm of the worlds largest natural corruption biome. Their could be a few unminable blocks that hint at more structure further down similar to the sword shrines though it wouldn't be accessible until far later.

I think that covers everything I though while reading this well other than it might be cool to have a corrupter/eater variant that uses a cursed flame attack similar to spazmasitism's flamethrower...
this place's Ebon Diorite requires a Drax, PickaxeAxe, Chlorophyte/Shroomite/Spectre pickaxes to mine through, even the Marble (NO RELATION TO THE WHITE ROCK!!) needs an Adamantite/Titanium Pickaxe/Drill to mine (true use for said items), but the context of the Corrupted Palace is good, very good!

Crazzi Turtle

3 Questions, would the Crimson counterpart have perhaps a few extra enemies because the crimson is supposed to be a harder? Will there be different enemy concepts to the ones above? Will there be different item drops from the bosses / enemies or different mechanics. Say cursed flame immunity to ichor immunity?

Thank you for reading.
I like the idea :3
Full Support


Staff member
3 Questions, would the Crimson counterpart have perhaps a few extra enemies because the crimson is supposed to be a harder? Will there be different enemy concepts to the ones above? Will there be different item drops from the bosses / enemies or different mechanics. Say cursed flame immunity to ichor immunity?

If I end up creating a Crimson Counterpart one day, yes, the enemies and design of the Crimson palace would be different and a little more difficult due to the nature of the Crimson having more difficult than the Corruption. Weapons, and accessories, would all be different as well. There would be Ichor immunity and such.

Thank you and everyone for the support! :)
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