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  • 1.4 will bring many changes to the PC version. We strongly advise making plans to back up your worlds and players prior to updating your game. More details here.
  • Begin your search for Journey's End information here and here. Please report bugs and issues for Journey's End here.
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Important The Crossroads: Rules & Guidelines

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This document highlights the rules and guidelines that should be followed when participating in The Crossroads: General Cross-Platform Talk section.

The Crossroads Summary

The Crossroads is a special place on the forum; an area where Terrarians, be they console, mobile, or PC natives, can meet, mingle, and mix in a collaboration of thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. As with any location that centers around the intermingling of disparate groups, there will be disagreements, debates, and differences of opinions. However, we are all here as equal individuals and it should never be forgotten that each member of this forum deserves to be treated with respect. Once these rules are read and understood, it is time to enter The Crossroads and join the collision of Terraria worlds!

The Crossroads Rules
  • The console and mobile ports of Terraria are controlled, managed, and published by 505 Games. The original Terraria Team have no direct influence on the development of the console and mobile ports. In the same vein, 505 Games are not responsible for the core development of Terraria and have no control over its direction or time table. Please make sure this is understood and that all comments and support requests are directed towards the appropriate development team.
  • Topics related to unavailable/unreleased/exclusive in-game items on all platforms are governed by additional policies. The same is true of game and save files on the console and mobile platforms. Please read the the information in the Piracy & Modding area of the main rules thread before taking action related to said topics.
  • Platform-specific topics belong in the appropriate platform-specific category and threads devoted to or revolving around a single platform will be locked or moved.
  • Topics that are not related to Terraria belong in an appropriate section of the Non-Terraria Topics category.
  • Questions and comments about the Terraria Community Forum should be posted in the Forum Help & Feedback section.
  • Do not bring outside drama to the community forum. This includes social groups, profile posts, and public threads. External issues are not the concern of the developers, community staff, or other community members. If communication must be handled on the forum, then make use of the private messaging system and keep whatever issues to the involved parties.
  • Do not start or participate in any kind of flamewar, platform-based or otherwise, or perform any type of platform taunting, bragging, or baiting. This is a place for Terrarian comradery and attempts to incite conflict between the different player bases will not be tolerated.
  • Do not create duplicate threads on the same topic. The forum has a working search feature and the community staff request that it be utilized. It is better to revive an inactive thread with an on topic post than to create a new one. Duplicate threads will be locked.
  • Do not post multiple times in a row (known as 'bumping'). Unlike some sections of the forum, there is no legitimate need to bump general discussion threads.
  • When creating a discussion thread, content lacking opening posts such as "title explains it all", "tell me what you think", etc are not allowed. Always include an explanation, opinion, perspective, or opening take on the topic of the thread, providing a starting point for others to respond. One can not create a thread and then expect other members to do all the work.
  • There are many prefix tags that can be added to the title of a thread during creation and members should endeavor to take advantage of these tags whenever possible as they greatly increase the ability of other members to find desired content. If a thread is created without a prefix tag and an appropriate one exists, then a community staff member may add a prefix to the thread title. Additionally, members may report a thread that lacks a prefix and request that one be added.

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