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OOC The Defenders: character sheets

Boop Noodle

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Name: Vanesska, AKA Van
Gender: female
Race: Floran
Personality:quiet, but she will tear your nuts off if you make her mad.
Appearance: my profile pic
Weapons/Items: Kluex staff, widow's bite, and 2 nanowraps.
Build: glass cannon (Matk+++ speed+ Mdef- health-- Patk+++ Pdef--- )
Physical Skills: hard puncher
Racial Skills/Benefits:Claws and fangs
Magical Skills: Magically attuned to her staff
Weaknesses:fire, orichalcium, and electricity
Etc; possesed by a demon god
Wizard's handbook
Energy expansion unit
Lens maker's glasses ((2 pairs))
protosteel armor
Name: Willooi
Gender: Male
Race: Agersdinesix
Personality: Cunning and devious, but prefers to not take this too extreme.
An insect like creature with six legs, two arms with pincers, a venomous scorpion tail, two claws on two of the legs, talons(Which are just longer claws) on another two, then the last two are like insectoid legs.
Eight eyes, like a spider, with two main eyes out of the eight while the other six are smaller and off to the side, mandibles which are actually chelicerae on the face as if it was a mustache when not being used, and teeth in the mouth, long with tongue and everything to speak. Antennas like an ant's that can be concealed as hair, replacing the nose and ears for smell and sensing vibrations.
Its abdomen also has hairs that can instinctively rub together to make a scraping noise to call for others, both other agersdinesixes, or other species.
The legs, from front to back, go taloned feet, to clawed feet, then to insect legs.
It is able to stand upright like a human, with its insect legs withdrawn and cramped into its abdomen, the claws or taloned feet taking place of human's legs and feet, and the pincers as the arms, though, in order to pass as human you would probably need a cloak or robe to conceal all that. They are able to move like a human when in this position, though their pincers kinda is a give away, as well as the scorpion tail, and the fact they are pretty wobbly or clumsy when walking.
When in its normal state, it would seem like a scorpion's stance.
Due to the appearance of this creature, they wear a hood to obscure their appearance.
Weapons/Items: Just hood/cloak.
PAtk++, Speed----, PDef+, MDef+ (Human stance)
PAtk+, Speed+++, PDef--, MDef-- (Primal stance)
Physical Skills: Strong for a human, weak for a giant.
Racial Skills/Benefits:
When in the human like stance, it would be more of a close ranged brawler type of build, without much speed but more of strength and defense. Basically a punching bag that can fight back, but like a punching bag, it can't go too far too fast.
When in primal stance, it's more of speed and damage, at the cost of being easier to hit, because everything unfurled, and less defense because everything is not together to make protection more thicker or whatever. Because aggro mode.
There is no inbetween mode. No balanced playthrough here, to prevent a master of all trades thing.
Switching between stances takes around a minute, or even more if wounded, since pain to move those limbs up and down and around.
The scorpion's tail can be used in both forms, though
Weapons made for humans that aren't like brass knuckles or power fists can only be used effectively in human position. Meaning the sword, guns, and others can only be used effectively in human like position.
Magical Skills: Ha no.
Weaknesses: Insecticide.

Name: Wyvre
Gender: Male
Race: Wyvern Harpy
Personality: Always hunting for food.
Appearance: see calamity adventure's wyvern harpy
Build: Speedy glass canon
++++Attack ++Speed -----both the defenses.
Physical Skills: Claws and mouth
Racial Skills/Benefits:
What is a Wyvern?
A Wyvern is a small, dragon-like creature (sometimes called a dragonet), which mimics a dragon’s powers and habits on a smaller scale. Although they aren’t as ferocious as their larger cousins, they are highly aggressive and more than capable of killing an unarmed traveler or damaging an unprotected town.

So basically, dragon abilities on a smaller scale.
Some texts claim that this barb is actually a stinger that can deliver a painful dose of poison
Other texts describe dragonets who have adapted to semi-aquatic life by developing a more fish-like tail.

Magical Skills: Whether or not the little serpents can breathe fire is hotly debated. Certainly, they don’t contain an inexhaustible supply of fire, like the mighty dragon does, but some texts do describe Wyverns spouting small balls of flame at their enemies or onto a straw roof. He can also bless someone with temporary flight, because Souls of Flight.
He can ya ya yeet feathers at his opponents like a terrarian wyvern, and can cast gales
Weaknesses: There is NO defensive ability, sure, Wyvre can sting with his tail or yeet feathers, but whatever. Also is always hungry.
Etc: wyvern sources are from Wyvern - Legendary Creature with Dragon Power | Mythology.net and harpy stuff is from Terraria and Harpies
By the way, theirs no disease breath
Wyvern armor
Endless cornucopia of food
Feather Cleartherer
Name: Ganransu
Gender: Male
Race: Elafia Druid
Personality: Nervous person but determined to help
Appearance: Four antlers, irises are swirling balls of chaos surrounded by green. Has green hair and freckles and wears robes similar to my PFP
Weapons/Items: Chen and Fonaris
Build: Matk++++++ Patk++ Pdef------ Mdef++++
Physical Skills: Headbutting
Racial Skills/Benefits: More sensitive to his surroundings (ie: more passive perception)
Magical Skills: Potent healing magic (scales with Matk)
Weaknesses: Obviously has trouble handling attacks and gets a pain transfer if his healing magic is used
Etc: Known to accidentally grow plants around himself
Rawket bell
Magic amp book
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Name: Chen
Gender: Male
Race: Weapon/Nekomata
Personality: Serious and sarcastic
Appearance: Wears a black jacket with yellow highlights and shoes and pants to match. Red hair streaked with orange, cat ears and two tails. Looks like a BFS chainsaw in weapon form
Weapons/Items: Himself
Build: ex: Patk+++++ Matk---- Pdef--- Mdef++++
Physical Skills: Faster
Racial Skills/Benefits: Can become a weapon
Magical Skills: Manifesting chains and demon fire (lingering fireball that explodes on contact)
Weaknesses: Water (obviously) and can't take a hit
Etc: He won't eat you if you're a rat, so don't ask
Assasin's dagger
Ceremonial greatsword
Shaped glass
Chaos gem
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Boop Noodle

Pixel Privateer
Name: Fonaris
Gender: Male
Race: Weapon/Cyborg
Personality: Smart and Uncontrollable
Appearance: Orange hair that looks messed up. Wears overalls and large gloves, as well as goggles and has two mechanical wings
Weapons/Items: Himself and any explosives he makes
Build: ex: Patk---- Matk+++ Pdef+++++ Mdef--
Physical Skills: Good at making explosives and engineering
Racial Skills/Benefits: Wings are durable and can be used to shield or as extra limbs (can't fly)/becoming a weapon
Magical Skills: Phoenix fire: strong fire that burns through a lot of things, but exhausts him after use
Weaknesses: Exhaustion after use of Phoenix Fire and weak-ish to magic
Etc: Brews up explosives and lacks a lot of self control
Healing elemental
Grenade amp
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