“Thank youuuu!!”
And with that, Silver started to crush the Eye with Telekinesis.
The spirit in his head said
“Silver, quit it! This thing is feeling so much pain!”
<Don’t care, this thing threatened my kind of friends, it shall die a painful death.>
<This sounds promising... Perhaps I could use this one.>
@Esther and @Elemental 131
Perhaps what we could do to get the Waterfall group going is to set aside a time that could work for you both and then make sure to RP at that time if possible?
Would that be something that could work?
(I'm not sure...)
(It really depends on Elemental's mood at any moment in time, I've personally been in a good mood though)
(i am aware, but the spirit has the power of mind reading, soooooooo
oh also the spirit only speaks with silver sometimes so it’s not too op)
(Nuro can read thoughts that are specifically directed towards him.)
(I've honestly kind of started to lost motivation for this RP...)
I mean if we can get something to work I think that could help.)
(I'm just here.)
(yeah, we should probably do something.
I'm gonna have to look at a hotland map later then I'll make Azzouru do something.l
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