OOC THE DELTARUNE RP (No Longer In Progress For the Time Being but I guess you can make new characters for the future if it continues and this is long.)

Element Four

Official Terrarian
Here is my Deltarune roleplay!
And now we're dealing with a full on multiverse.
Here we take Deltarune, and craft our own story out of it's existing narrative.
There will most definetly be spoilers for Deltarune and even some for Undertale so beware of those if you wish to discover the story on your own.
OC's are welcome as long as they aren't too overpowered.

Character Name:
Race (Lightner, Darkner, plus there actual creatures type):
Personality (Description, Backstory, doesn't need to be super detailed):

Now to begin with all the characters.

Spamton- @Kitnight
Rouxls Kaard- @Kitnight
Noelle- @Kitnight
C. Round- @Kitnight
K. Round- @Kitnight
Azzouru (OC)- @Kitnight
Lancer- @Jabbahutt317
Jevil- @Jabbahutt317
Birdley- Nobody at the moment
Queen- @noahblast20
Ralsei Dummy- @Elemental 131
Sune (OC)- @Elemental 131
Cochi (OC)- @Elemental 131
Imposter (OC)- @Champion Greninjoid
Reese (OC)- @Champion Greninjoid
Klaire (OC)- @Champion Greninjoid
Susie- @Wisp95
Apple (OC)- @Wisp95
Aurin (OC)- @Esther
Nairin (OC)- @Esther
Ralsei- @TerrariaOn3DS
Susie- @Cheesebiscuitborritolord
Kris- @That Guy With A Space Hat
Tasquemanager- @Furro
Annoying Politics Dog- @Ari.
RazorTyphoon (OC)- @Razor_Typhoon
Swatch- @WalnutsPeanutsCoconut
Bassbox (OC)- @noahblast20
Thrash Omega- @noahblast20
Max (OC)- @Elemental 131
Zero (OC)- @Esther
Nexus (OC)- @TerrariaOn3DS
Nuro (OC)- @Kitnight ♧
Valerie (OC)- @Esther
Markil (OC)- @Esther
Chairiel- @Elemental 131
Sweet- @Elemental 131
Capin'- @Elemental 131
Cakes- @Elemental 131
Temmie- @Elemental 131
Tem- @Elemental 131
Bob the Tem- @Elemental 131
Other Temmies- @Elemental 131
Werewerewire (OC-Kinda)- @noahblast20

Here is the IC

If you have any character or other question you'd wish to ask about @TerrariaOn3DS and I are Mods.
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