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Duke Fishron
For many years, three countries have been at war. Many small villages have been destroyed. A high concentration of Alchemia resides in these destroyed villages. This Alchemia gives people the power to summon, or transmute, dead warriors for aid. A group of mercenaries from each country has decided to take matters into their own hands to restore balance to this world.

This took me long enough to think of a title.

Basically, this will be freeform until further notice. I'm also using many mechanics from a game I play.

Here is the application:

Race (Human, animal, robot, etc.):

List of jobs
Do note that any job under unique is illegal, unless you are going to use the unit that has it.
IMPORTANT RULE REGARDING JOB ENCHANTS: Say what job enchant you want (if you pick a job with an enchant). You can apply it later in the RP
Job Upgrades

Name: Suisei Yari
Gender: Female
Race (Human, animal, robot, etc.): Human
Job: Sacred Spearman -> Icy Sacred Spearman [Haniel]
Bio: Suisei is a timid girl. She hails from the icy Northern Territory. She dislikes being extremely hot. She is an expert spear user.
Appearance: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/605235765928263696/618585055584845834/image0.png

Enjoy! Hopefully, this does well.
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Name: Hypnotic Watch (or just Hypno)
Gender: Female
Race (Human, animal, robot, etc.): Objecthead

Bio: Hypno, like her sister VG, came from the Battle For BFDI (BFB). She and her sister survived the lava flood of BFB 14 and decided to hide out in an alt universe until Four (the show host for BFB) removed the lava. They didn't know what they were getting into.
Hypno can temporarily hypnotize someone (duh, she's a hypnotic watch) if they look her in the eyes. She's more likely to use it for pranks than for gaining advantages, and can't use it in battle because instead of making adrenaline, she makes reverse adrenaline.
Appearance: reference left side of pic

Name: Video Game (or just VG)
Gender: Female
Race (Human, animal, robot, etc.): Objecthead

Twin-Blade Swordswoman
Bio: VG, like her sister Hypno, came from the Battle For BFDI (BFB). She and her sister survived the lava flood of BFB 14 and decided to hide out in an alt universe until Four (the show host for BFB) removed the lava. They didn't know what they were getting into.
VG can use objects from video games and goes off of video game logic. As such, she's stronger than Hypno and has a large collection of useful items. She also takes a little less fall damage and bullet damage because of video game logic nerfing guns and minorly nerfing falling.
Appearance: reference right side of pic


These are ok right? If not, I'll make a human character.


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Completely fine! Accepted!

I do want to point out that a job determines the skillset. If possible, determine a job name and skillset.
I'm going to do it now. Just know that there are a few I will ban, due to them being unit exclusive. Those will be mentioned in that edit
[doublepost=1567546343,1567546067][/doublepost]Also, the two jobs you have Job Enchants, which may or may not have better skills, depending on the JE. Do you want me to find a list of JEs?
[doublepost=1567546435][/doublepost]Job Upgrades

Here you go anyway
Probably gonna join this. Just need to decide who I want my character (or characters) to be. Would it be fine if I had someone come from another realm?
Name: Tanya MacMillen, a.k.a. Blade
Gender: Female
Race (Human, animal, robot, etc.): Human
Job:Shadow Assassin
Job upgrade, I guess?:Shadow Assassin [Darkness] (Given it's an upgrade, it will probably after a while until she gets that, but that is what she would probably would work up to.)
Bio: Born in an underground Fallout shelter known as a Vault, Tanya MacMillen is quick, agile, sharp, and bright, so much so she's picked up the handle "Blade." She's small but she moves like a cat... Preferring blades and stealth than guns and ranged, she is a born assassin. High intelligence and resourcefulness coupled with a natural curiosity towards the outside world make her a perfect candidate for seeking out the water chip that the Vault needed once. The dwellers of the Vault certainly feel safer with her gone, as her childhood was rife with problems understanding personal property laws.(For some reason, I feel that this is cringy)
Appearance: Wearing a modified version of the Vault 13 Jumpsuit, colored black to help her stealth. She has blue eyes and brown hair. She is not quite as big as other people, but that never slowed her down. Much.

I haven't played this game, like ever, so if there is a problem with this, let me know.
Actually, I think I might have my character come from a faraway land that's nowhere near the three continents, and as such doesn't interact with them much.
Name: Murph
Gender: Male
Race (Human, animal, robot, etc.): Human
Job: Magic Swordsman
Bio: Comes from a country far away, one that often is not affiliated with any of the three countries. The reason Murph came to these lands is because he just likes to explore.
Appearance: He has somewhat messy brown hair, and is wearing some slightly-damaged gray robes. Underneath them, he wears some normal clothes.
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