WIP The Downland, An Underworld Alt, Ver: 1.0


Official Terrarian
The Downland is an Alt of the Underworld, I think is a good idea this, On you enter in The Downland you recibe Chilled Debuff, This disabled on exit of The Downland NOTE: I go adding more things in changelogs

Nothing here yet...

Cloud Block, replaces Ash Block

Cryogenic Stone, replaces Hellstone. On Touch recive Frozen Debuff for 5 seconds, with a delay for 3 seconds

Variant: Cryogenic Stone Brick

The Obsidiam Items are replaced to Ice Block Items (Buildings, Decorations, Chests, ETC...)

The Waterfall God (TWG), is the Alt of the WoF

Type: Boss
Enviroment: The Downland
AI Type: Wall Of Flesh Body AI
Damage: 50 / 150 (Melee)
Max Life: 8000 / 11200
Defence: 25
KB Resist: 100%
Inflicts Fear Debuff (An Horrified Debuff Alt)
Inflicts Water Chain Debuff (An The Tongue Debuff Alt)
Inmmune To: Confused, Poisoned, Venom, Cursed Inferno, Shadowflame, On Fire
Drops: WoF Drops, Except for the Trophy, The Treasure Bag and The Mask
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