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The dresser needs a nerf

Do you guys agree with me?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Heck no! I want exploits! #ExploitsFTW!

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You might start asking me these:
  • "Nerf? The dresser doesn't even do anything!"
  • "If your thread is about nerfing a certain object, shouldn't this be in player suggestions?"
Okay, let me explain first...
In the new 1.3 update (not really, it was like three years ago), the dresser is now considered a "storage item"and has been given storage slots and the ability to store items in it. Okay, pretty normal right? Except for the fact that the dresser is a storage item is too powerful!

More specifically its crafting recipe, 16 wood!? Almost all storage items require iron, lead, or money to obtain, but just wood!?
And you might say "But it has 16 wood, while a normal chest has 8 wood but with iron/lead bars, so it's balanced!" No! 8 more wood is not worth or equal to 2 iron/lead bars!

Seriously, all you have to do is to cut a tree, but for iron/lead bars? You'll have to find them which can be hard (I think)!

So to answer the first question... well I just answered it, the whole paragraph you read was the answer to that

But for the second question, I posted this here as a semi-rant and semi-suggestion. And 'cause I don't know how to nerf the dresser, but feel free to leave ideas via comments

~Thanks for reading! :D
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Is this really an issue? Does a storage item that require no metal bars really break the game in half?

Really, I see it as a nice little fix for those storage items. Since metal bars are extremly unrenewable, this type of storage item is a nice little solution to those who have storage problems.

And if you do think it is overpowered, remember. It is not storage on the player, it is a stationary storage that the player must access and be near to take items from it. Plus, you don't exactly need metal for a simple dresser. Just have a nice wooden base and have some slots inside of it so that you can place wooden holders inside those slots.

Just my two cents.
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