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Official The End of the Journey - The Beginning for Terraria: Journey's End Out Now!


Yep. Thats the culprit.
I know it's not breaking the games progression or anything, but man does it make all other rewards and classes look like they showed up to little Timmy's birthday without a present.
When you consider that balance was a major feature of this patch, how does this obvious outlier slip in?
Many endgame items were adjusted for balance so clearly they don't think it's 'useless'.

Right now.... terraria endgame has players with the Zenith on one tier, and everyone else just feeling jealous and pathetic.
It's Endgame though, so what does it really matter?
It's not exactly uncommon for games to have some sort of ridiculous OP Endgame gear that trivializes everything that came before it. That's kinda the ironic and fun part about it.
In this case you need to beat the Moonlord and he's the hardest boss in the game. Once you beat him there are no other tests of strength so it's not like this weapon actually cheapens the experience or any other weapons that came before it


Thank you relogic for adding my suggestion! It still feels surreal to think I’m one of the few who have. Not to mention all the other amazing stuff that’s been added this update!
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After all these years I just gotta say thank you Re-Logic. Thank you for such a legendary game, and thank you for hundreds of hours well spent. I genuinely can’t wait to see what’s next from you guys.


It would be good if the minions I summoned wouldn't attack the Cultists at the dungeon.
Also something that would be cool is adding final weapons for all the other classes to restore the endgamebalance a little bit. I apologize if it was already implemented.
It would be because Zenith is so OP, that it can easily compete with the last Prism, but with the advanteges of a high defense and no mana use.
It renders the other classes at the endgame almost useless and this is a little sad bechause there every class should have its one advanteges and disadvanteges and this is destroyed by making a class too OP.

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Well, in the very, very far future, I hope this comes to mobile as well! I do play on PC but play on mobile the most

And I kinda wish zenith didn't have an arkhalis type animation..


Endgame armor and weapons are always going to be OP, that's the "reward for winning". Just my opinion.

Hard to balance something perfectly when there is no next tier to balance toward.
Nah..... they all had their own niches, strengths, and weaknesses. I wouldn't call any of them op except that thing.
If all your other classes feel stupid standing next to you there is a problem.
Unless that is the intent. Do you think the devs wanted 75% of the players to feel stupid and insignificant for not choosing melee?
My son (8) chose melee and my daughter (9) plays summoner and she died then watched her brother solo moon lord and cried "dad..I can't do anything, I just die and he kills every pillar and boss."
She has since then discarded the whip and uses the same sword.


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this :red:ing update is the best. the one problem i have with it is that the zooligist won't apear even though i've fufilled all the requirments


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question, will golf release on console cus im not sure if you can even get maps on console?
Golf will come to console and mobile with 1.4, along with all the other features. Sadly there will be no way for you to download golf maps - you will have to build your own.


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how do we get the vanity contest winners, i've done everything i can think to get them!
Coming in 1.4.1....

The hype was SO REAL the forums crashed for almost two days:eek:
Literally broke the server hardware. :eek:

The obvious preferential treatment you gave to melee/solar is astounding.
Have you ever looked closely at Nebula armor before... or now? You should. Solar was a distant 4th before. Now it's more in-line with the various roles.

If you mean Zenith... its post/endgame... its OP for everyone.

Any idea why Ruby one is the naughty one?


I'm more worried about what your Goldfish is doing... :p


Most of the new stuff is likely stubbed out for now. There are a lot of new things, and the wiki people are doing they best they can, It is unkind of you to mock them.
I've seen plenty of stubs, but none with this at the end: "(Please make a table I do not know how)"


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I love this update so much, it’s Sad to see that it is time for the big updates to go. Well I’m having fun with this, I especially love the pylons, I like how easy it is to get to other places because of it!
A problem I find is that boss 4 is only used by one boss (The queen bee) …. this means that the song needs renaming to Queen Bee (even though Ocram uses it... he isn't on PC)
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