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tModLoader The Eternity Mod(By Acronix98)


Hello my fellow Terrarians I would like to announce I mod I have been working on for a while now, I have decided to call it The Eternity Mod. This mod adds many new items and bosses to Terraria, and will be a very good mod for your mod pack. Here Is A Sneak Peak to some of the mods features:

New Difficulty: Nightmare Mode

Adds 5 New Bosses(So Far) - Luminous, The Spirit of Light, Omega, The Spirit of Darkness, The Elemental Abomination, The Devourer of Eternity(Placeholder), and Lord Ultimas, The God of Eternity(Final Boss)

Adds Tons of New Weapons & Tools Here Are Some Listed - Ultimasword of Eternity(Melee Damage: 987,999,999,999), The Red Oblivion Whip(Summon Damage: 8,765), The Ark of Dimensions(Melee Damage: 9,654) The Elemental Prism(Magic Damage: 92,087), The Staff of Elements(Summon Damage: 88,345), The Elemental Blaster (Ranged Damage: 89,777) The Eternal Fury(Ranged Damage: 88,767), The Celebration MK3(Ranged Damage: 90,934),The Ultra Obliterator Pickaxe(Pickaxe Power: 100,000%), True Ark of Dimensions(Melee Damage: 10,000), True Meowmere(Melee Damage: 900)

Adds 1 New Armor Set - True Eternity Armor: Total Defense: 5,000(Helm:500, Body Armor:1,000, Greaves:500) Set Bonus: Increases Defense By 3,000, Increases Maximum Life By 5,000, Increases All Damage By 200%, Increases All Weapon Speed By 40%, Increases Crit Chance To 80%, Grants Immunity To All Debuffs, You Are Immune To Lava & All Fire, Grants The Ability To Walk of Water, Grants The Ability To Breath In Water & Lava, All Attacks Inflict The Elemental Flames Debuff(Inflicts Enemies With A Combination Of: Fire, Venom, Demon Flames, Cursed Flames, Holy Flames & Ichor), Every 10th Attack Gives A 10% Life Steal From Enemies Struck, Grants Shadow Speeds, Grants Effects of the Architect Gizmo Pack(Except For Auto-Paint), Charm of Myths, Yoyo Bag, Star Veil, Soaring Insignia, Celestial Shell, Greedy Ring, Angler Tackle Bag, Worm Scarf, Master Ninja Gear, Cell Phone & Shiny Stone, Increases Max Minions To 40, Increases Max Sentries To 40, Increases Size of Items, Increases Range and Speed of Grappling Hooks, You Inflict Midas To Enemies No Matter What Weapon Type, You Do Not Consume Mana, Bullets or Potions, When You Die You Respawn Instantly With Full HP, Greatly Strengthens All Weapon Stats And Increases Maximum Mana To 900
True Eternity Armor Set Bonuses That Can Be Turned Off - Grants The Effects of These Armors: All Vanilla Armor Set Bounses, Brimflame, Astral Armor, Empyrean Armor, Tarragon Armor, Prismatic Armor, Bloodflare Armor, Omega Blue Armor, God Slayer Armor, Fearmonger Armor, Silva Armor, Terrarium Armor, Pyromancer Armor, Tide Turner Armor, Assassin Armor
Dran Armor, True Mutant Armor, Auric Tesla Armor, and Demonshade Armor, Grants Effects of All Potions, Grants the Player An Elemental Ring That Inflicts The Elemental Flames Debuff To Enemies(Qualities Are Alike To Those of the Inferno Potion), Grants Effects Of These Accessories: Putrid Scent, Frozen Turtle Shell, Paladin's Shield, Flower Boots, Spore Sack, Brain of Confusion, Celestial Emblem, Celestial Cuffs, Stringer Necklace, & Bundle of Balloons, Summons These Things To Fight For You: Skeletron Hands, Enchanted Sword, True Eye of Cthulhu, Crimson Axe, Cursed Hammer & Lunatic Cultist, Summons Fireballs, Icicles, Several Leaf Crystals, Beetles, Hallowed Shield And More To Defend You And Attacks May Spawn Lightning, Special Orbs, Duke Fishron, Ancient Vision Or A Dungeon Guardian

Adds Tons of New Accessories, Here Are A Few- The Ultima Tracers: Grants the Player Wings With Infinite Flight Time, Super-Speed, The Ability To Hover & The Wings Have A Glowing Effect Much Like Those of to the Solar Wings, The Elemental Gauntlet: Gives Stuck Enemies the Elemental Flame Debuff

Adds New Ammo - The Elemental Bullet Pouch: Grants The Player An Endless Amount of Bullets That Are A Combination of all the Bullets in Vanilla Terraria, The Elemental Quiver: Grants The Player An Infinite Number of Arrows That Are a Combination of the Arrows In Vanilla Terraria, and The Elemental Rocket Pack: Grants The Player An Infinite Number of Rockets that combine all the rockets in vanilla(Note That The Elemental Rocket Pack DOES NOT DESTROY TILES)

Adds A New Crafting Station - The Crucible of Elements: Combines all Crafting Stations In Vanilla Terraria To One Super Station

Remeber This Mod is a Work-In-Progress and i'm planning to release it when tModLoader updates to 1.4. So, with that said I have get back to work I will keep you guys updated with any new details or items for my mod. Until Next Time Terrarians.:)
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The Destroyer
Hey sounds cool but i seriously think that you should add at least armor or a weapon for your bosses
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