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Well, this is gonna be one big update! We've got quite a bit done, but a lot to go.
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What's that you ask. You'll have to figure that out yourselves ;)


I just want to give an ENORMOUS thank you to @Cherrizy for her AMAZING help during this mod!

Your Boss sprites look STUNNING, and I would’ve died if you had not joined the team. :D

Thanks again!


Hello everyone! Today is the release of 0.3. This update was originally going to be 1.0, but progress was slow and some big issues in the mod needed to be addressed sooner rather than later. So, I released the mod update (without WIP stuff) as 0.3.

Frost Ore now drops again, and correctly
Works with Calamity Mod again

Nerfed Denfense Potions
Buffed Light Discs
Balanced Hellfire Blade and Hellflame Giantblade
Buffed Enchanted Boomerang
Frost Bars now require more ore

Hell Bow now ignites arrows

Added Mythril and Orichalcum Defense Potions
Added Torrid
Added Brightcore Gauntlet
Added Tome of Fire, Tome of Ice, and Tome of Fire and Ice
Added Nautilus weapons
Added Demon Eye Staff

Added Amaza Wings
Added Super Explosives

Removed Hallowed Forge
Removed Soilswords

Finished Hellfire Dragon
Added Hellfire Dragon animation
Updated Hellfire Dragon Map icon
Added Hellfire Dragon spawn item

Updated Cyan Slime sprite
Lowered Cyan Slime spawn rate

Removed Green Bunny

Buffs and Debuffs
Nerfed Defense Potions
Added Mythril and Orichalcum Defense Potions

Wooden Boomerang inflicts Confused

Amaza Ore changes

QoL changes
Voodoo Dolls can now be stacked up to 20
Temple Keys can now be stacked up to 999 instead of 99
Boss Summons can now stack up to 50
Added Recipe for Enchanted Swords

Removed Hallowed Forge
Removed Green Bunny
Removed Soilswords

Rewrote description
Changed the name of the mod
Added homepage
Changed the Mod Name's color

Gave some items rarities

Downable off tModLoader now
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The air is getting colder, the snow is falling and it’s almost Christmas. This year I have a gift for all of you:



There is a new poll for what the Galactic Peril should appear as. There's some arguments on what it should be

ur all good
cant wait to see the omega mechs in action
they were some of my best sprites lol
They're gonna be really hard to make when they come around


"Small mod"
223 Megabyte file, geez man

Please look up how to do sound compression and remove any unused files (those are still compiled into the TMOD file)
Sorry man, I'll release a patch soon that takes out a lot of the files. I'll also take out all the sound files, they're not working correctly anyways.
Thanks for noticing, I probably wouldn't have

EDIT: I found the source of the bloat, there was a copy of the tmod file in there that was unnecessarily large

EDIT 2: Released v1.0.0.1, should heavily reduce the file size of the mod
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