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Mobile The game closes unexpectedly


Your Terraria Device
Amazon fire hd8
Mobile Bug Priority
Mobile OS
Android 5.1.1 amazon fire
Hello, I am contacting you to report an annoying problem when playing terraria 1.4 mobile, you will see the game runs great I congratulate you for that, but the problem is that after playing about 15 minutes the game closes unexpectedly and I tried everything so I can assume that maybe the problem is in the game and not in my device I have a low-end device but in 1.3 mobile that did not happen and honestly it is a game that is very addictive and I love it I would like a small update to solve that annoying problem I have 1.5gb ram just in case


DR Studios
What settings do you have set? And what size world are you playing?

I'm wondering if the device is running out of memory if you are playing a large advanced world?

Maybe you could try lowering the texture quality settings to low and turning off screen effects to see if that helps.

I also have a Amazon Fire HD8 (1.5 GB Memory), which I have previously been playing on, on low settings with a Medium world for prolong periods with no crashes, if you can give me more details (or a copy of the settings file) of what your current settings are and a copy of your world/player files and how you reproduce the crash, I can look into what's causing the crash for you.


Hello, the configuration I have, I could classify it like this: most worlds created: small, 1 medium (little used), environment quality: high, background quality: high, everything else low, frame rate between 30- 60 fps, I still can't decide, lighting between: psychedelic and color, I have not made up my mind yet and always before playing as always I free up RAM before playing the problem that closes thanks for your attention PS: I free up RAM manually, sorry no send an image or video to see the problem more thoroughly recording the screen takes many resources and more in a low range

It should be noted that I also have screen effects disabled, and what do you recommend?: 30 or 60 fps, psychedelic or color, I want to suppose that the problem may be because I have the environment and the background high but I do not believe, however If you tell me to deactivate those two options, I will try, and I say WILL TRY because I don't like that the background looks so pixelated and I love the wind effect in the environment and I would not like to deactivate it.

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Hello, I already solved the problem and it was for 2 reasons, first it was that I had to restart the phone because all the time I had been playing I had not restarted my device and 2 for the ram now I can play quietly thank God
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