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Sprites The Glade (Alternate Hallow)


Skeletron Prime
1. it doesn't.
2. it would work as alternates did before; you'd get one or the other at random.
So you would be getting hollowed bars in a world where the hollow does not exist?
Personally i think that hollowed Bars should be replaced with something else, and the metal that the Mechanical bosses just doesn't resemble hollowed bars


Lunatic Cultist
Yes, because Hallow the biome doesn't necessarily relate to or equate Hallow the metal/crafting material.

I purposely excluded this association so that I could create my own Hallow tier with more relation to my mechanical bosses. But if I were to base them on The Glade, I'd probably stick with the knight aesthetic as opposed to an Elven one


I think your ideas are mostly great, and I love thought experiments like these (making alternatives for every biome). Although sadly, the only ones out of all your suggestions that might get added are the other world evils and hallow alternatives. Honestly, we really need an alternative to the Hallow already.

You're pretty talented. And just because the mods probably won't include your ideas, doesn't mean you can't. A mod, or at least partnering up with someone else, could work for a few.

(btw, my favorite one you've made is the glade, I feel like it would work the best in the game with many fixes and some redesigns)


Official Terrarian
@Nebulainsanity75 The reason there is a disclaimer for the appearance of sprites is because on the very very very very very slim chance that the devs ever decide to add a suggestion -- it is INCREDIBLY unlikely they will use the sprites provided and will likely opt to create their own version of the suggestion with their own artists.

Thus, sprites are only there to give you, the reader, a general idea of what the suggestion might be like as a high concept.
Or it could be modded, like a proof of concept. I think that would be cool. But I can't do it myself with the potato2000 I have.


This is great :D I love seeing these.

I have a small nitpick though, some of the sprites, like the sasquatch and bandit for example, look kind of odd compared to terraria's sprite style.

Good job though :D
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