The Goblin Tinkerer's AMA

How many times have you read your wiki page?
HAHAHA that seems like a totally random thing to ask but I've actually read it about a hundred times and I don't know why. I already know everything about me because... I'm me, but maybe it's just nice to feel acknowledged.
This AMA will answer the questions that no wiki page ever could though.
Why the rock golem exist?
And how a armor made of glowing stuff (shroomite armor) make you invisible?
The rock golems were created to guard the cavern layer, because why not add another layer of defense to an already dangerous part of the world.
Shroomite armour doesn't make much sense, but it only works when you're stationary because the particles that make it glow are actually caused by heat energy. When you're moving, the friction makes the particles move faster, heat up and then makes the armour glow. When you're still, the glowing effect is lost and you turn almost invisible.
Why does we kill a boss and we still can summon it? They're are technically dead.
But why not rise again, more powerful than ever before!!!! (not really tho)
Why platinum bars are cheaper than platinum coins if bar is larger piece of platinum than coin
If you have lived on the the Archipelago or the reality half for any time at all, you will know that money is not actually inherently worth much and it's the idea of worth that makes it valuable. A platinum coin is something that everyone knows is worth a lot, and unfortunately, a platinum bar is not.
If just I could make a machine that turns platinum bars into coins. The only problem is that *shhhh don't tell anyone I told you* platinum bars aren't real platinum!
But you can buy a love potion from the wizard or make one...
(I was reading the past of this AMA and I found this)
Yeah but that always feels a little bit fake and I want true, true love.
Don't we all?
they like glass for Visible spectre but for Uv, Ik, Gamma its like normal block

Fisrt of all that makes no sense. Second of all, this isn't your AMA.
Third of all, echo blocks work kind of like those UV pens where you write something and it can only be seen if you shine the special pen light on it, except in this case, spectre goggles shine a light on the echo block, revealing it to the wearer of the goggles.
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