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should I continue work on this mod?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. undecided until more info is released

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  1. You guessed it, The watcher will likely be added first, since the forerunner armor will be crafted with drops from the prometheans.
    Also I am working on a concept for a flood biome and enemies
  2. RushOfCold

    RushOfCold Spazmatism

    Just go to Halo 4.
    Also, add floods.
  3. New release on the second post along with crafting recipes for all weapons
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  4. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    wait..so...does it cost 20 clorphyte/hollow to make just 1 trinium bar? :eek:
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  5. No, it gives you 40 bars, but thanks for pointing that out I will fix it
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  6. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    so any plans on having prehardmode equipment? :3
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  7. After I receive some feedback about weapon damage npc damage and things like that, I will be making a balance update. At or after that point I will make some prehardmode Items, possibly a weaker version of Mjolnir Armor (SPI armor used by the spartan IIIs) and some weaker weapons.
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  8. Dark Aurora Aureo

    Dark Aurora Aureo Terrarian

    A possible forerunner biome to replace the hallow, seeing as the forerunners were the first to fight the flood.

    btw forerunners were not the first to fight the flood it was Ancient Human in lore.

    btw the drone in halo 5 trailer might make a good boss
  9. Yeah I know, Just the Forerunners fought the Flood longer and at a greater cost then humans.
  10. Betailas

    Betailas Terrarian

    Any updates? WE WANT MOAR!
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  11. I was on vacation for a week, but now I am back to working on the mod, at the moment i am making sprite sheets for the forerunner battle armor (warrior servant armor) and possibly some more for the different forerunner caste systems, It's going to be a magic armor of some sort.

    Also I would appreciate feedback of any sort: bug reports, OP weapons, Etc.

    Edit: I have added a multiplayer version of the mod into the op
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  12. Logodum

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    Is the promethean watcher from your mod ? If yes, then you should nerf that guy. I barely killed skeletron prime on my second night and then a total of FIVE watchers came after me.
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  13. Thanks for the feedback, I was planning on nerfing him, just wasn't coding for a week or two, it will be nerfed in the next update with a decreased spawnrate health armor and probably a different spawn location. I made them difficult to begin with just because the items they drop are crafted into two powerful weapons
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  14. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    you could in theory nerf him as much as you want if you make another component to the recipe that's only obtainable post skeletron prime :naughty:
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  15. I'm actually going to change him so that he only spawns after plantera has been killed

    This will likely be added today, along with alternate crafting recipes for certain weapons, becuase I'm pretty sure some of them such as the shotgun can only be crafted with palladium, not cobalt
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  16. New update added to the op, nerfed the assault rifle since it was a bit op, gave a small nerf to promethean watchers but I still haven't changes their spawnrates or where they spawn but they are at least killable, also I added Titanium A, B, and C, they can be crafted out of iron/lead, palladium/cobalt and titanium/adamantite, these are used to craft unsc weapons
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  17. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    this mod is gonna be gooood!...even though im not a fan of the halo series..i still like it :p
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  18. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    you should probably update the OP sometime shortly? theres no mention of titanium A B and C :naughty:
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  19. I will later tonight, I'm currently a little busy.
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  20. RushOfCold

    RushOfCold Spazmatism

    I have discovered something that should really be dealt with.
    When I'm in an event like the Pumpkin Moon, the Promethean Watchers just won't stop spawning!
    Could their spawns be disabled in the Pumpkin Moon? It's annoying to deal with them every 5 seconds.
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