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Hey there, everyone! Red H2O here. Lately it has been my goal to revamp and overhaul the latest class the Terraria: the Throwing Class. I have done this by walking through the entirety of Hardmode, from directly after killing the Wall of Flesh to the Lunar Event and beyond. This thread will serve as a hub for easy access to all of the various parts.

Part One
The first section, "Marble, Granite and the Early Hardmode Thrower", tackles how the Throwing class can handle the new difficulties of a hardmode world, as well as builds up the 1.3 Minibiomes.

Part Two
This part, labeled "Mechanical Arms, Bionic Headsets and the Middle Hardmode Thrower", focuses on the Mechanical Bosses and two new accessories, along with some Hallowed weapons.

Part Three
Part three, titled "Fallen Automatons, Kinetic Gear and the Late Hardmode Thrower", provides a new and powerful Throwing armor, as well as tons of new weapons and new accessories.

Part Four
In part four, "Quasar Pillars, Arms of Shiva and the Endgame Thrower", a brand new celestial pillar is devised, some familiar items get changed, and out throwing hero becomes a real force to be reckoned with!

More coming soon, so stay tuned!
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