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PC The Haunted

Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by neoselket, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    So i came up with a new idea for a biome alternate to The Corruption. It has a dark, spooky theme to it.
    The Haunted
    Grass is a dark orange color. The stone is dark gray and only mineable with a nightmare tiered pickaxe. The trees drop haunted wood. Gravestones and trees naturally spawn here, even after initial world generation. However, they will not spawn more after a certain limit. The music would be like a mix of the underground crimson and the pumpkin moon.
    Night bat
    a bat that spawns at night. N terraria, anyone?
    unlike the other evil biomes, zombies can spawn here at night. They have a 20% chance to drop a brain.
    wraith AI. Spawns at night. Drops spectroplasm.
    Giant spider
    spawns at night and rarely during the day. It's a spider.

    a small orange creature that makes chirping noises and inflicts the "creeped out" debuff, which drastically increases the spawnrate of haunted mobs, especially other creepits.
    Sentient gravestone
    looks like a gravestone, then it attacks the player.

    awesome sprite by @Tastypastry!
    a small creature made of wood, shoots sticks at the player.

    At the center of each haunted biome, there is a tree. It's bigger than living wood trees, big enough to fit into, and it has an extensive root system. The root is hollow, and has many branches. Eventually, you will find a root that leads to the center of the tree, where you can go up. Dendroids spawn in the trees. At the top, there will be a knowledge core. Breaking this with a hammer will spawn the brain tree.
    Brain tree
    3000 hp
    20 defense
    30 damage
    The brain tree is the size of a mourning wood, and looks like one except that the wood is orange and there is a brain supported by the branches. It has three attack phases.
    Phase 1
    the brain tree will chase the player and smash it's limbs(the tree's, not the player's) down to damage the player. It will do this 3 times before moving on to phase 2.
    Phase 2
    the brain tree will pulse orange, and then spray flaming orange bark at the player from all sides of the tree. it will do this 3 times in a row, move towards the player, and do it 3 more times. bark gives the "haunted" debuff for 5 seconds.
    Phase 3
    the brain tree will engulf itself in flame and repeatedly charge the player, with 50% knockback immunity.
    When the brain tree is dead, it will drop 30-50 haunted bark and 30-80 haunted ore. These can be used to crafted haunted armor.
    Brain sapling
    summons the brain tree
    crafted at a haunted altar with 10 spectroplasm and 1 brain.
    Brain seed
    summons a brain sapling to follow you
    40% chance to drop from knowledge core, 10% chance to drop from brain tree
    Haunted bar
    crafted at a furnace with 4 haunted ore
    Haunted helmet
    6 defense
    +5% increased melee damage
    crafted with 15 haunted bars and 10 haunted bark at an anvil
    Haunted chestplate
    8 defense
    +5% increased critical strike chance
    crafted with 25 haunted bars and 20 haunted bark at an anvil
    Haunted leggings
    6 defense
    +5% increased melee speed
    crafted with 20 haunted bars and 15 haunted bark at an anvil
    Set bonus: attacking enemies gives them the "haunted" debuff for 5 seconds, which makes 2 small orange orbs(like spectre armor orbs) orbit the target and shoot it every second, dealing 10 damage each.
    Haunted blade
    27 melee damage
    5 knockback
    speed: fast(22 use time)
    crafted with 10 haunted bars at an anvil
    Haunted Pickaxe
    13 melee damage
    75% pickaxe power
    speed: fast(21 use time)
    crafted with 13 haunted bars and 10 haunted bark at an anvil
    70 damage
    slow movement speed, spawns near the edge of the screen by rising out of the ground, then oozes at the player with slightly faster speed than a zombie.
    200 max life
    100% knockback resistance
    30 defense
    Haunted Werewolf
    an orange werewolf, sprints at the player on all fours then attacks on two legs when up close.
    spawns during solar eclipses as commonly as eyezor in the haunted. looks like a werewolf with four arms.
    Mobs in the underground haunted drop souls of fright, and skeletron prime drops something else.(souls of blight? wight?)
    Haunted acid
    in hardmode in the underground haunted, small pools of haunted acid will spawn. Stepping in them will give the "eerie shadow" debuff for 5 minutes.
    Eerie Shadow debuff
    this debuff causes you to have a shadow version of yourself that will act independently, buying items from NPC's and hitting random mobs. When you get too far away, it teleports to you. It looks like a black outline of you. Is canceled out when on the surface at night or during rain.
    Katcheek Mutant
    a zombielike monster with it's brain showing. drops a mutated brain, 1% chance. summons a mini katcheek mutant pet.
    Ghosts spawn in hardmode in the haunted, more at night and underground.
    Haunted trees
    They're exactly what they sound like. they appear as normal trees most of the time.
    Evil shadows
    they're exactly what they sound like. spawn mostly underground.
    Spider goblin
    can climb walls and walks on it's spider legs. drops spider fangs and/or spider armor.
    The Necromancer
    spawns in the underground haunted in a demonite fortress. Meant to be fought with hallowed armor. Spawns ghosts, minion of the necromancer, and eye of necromancer.

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  2. suprman1114

    suprman1114 Plantera

    Very detailed suggestion with a lot of new ideas! I love it.

    I doubt something as big as a new biome would be added in 1.3. but I really think this deserves to be in the game, like right now.
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  3. DarkWolf658

    DarkWolf658 Terrarian

    DUDE WALL OF TEXT! Other than that, good. I support, although its a pumkin moon meets the crimson idea, so you might want to change some things. (letting you know before the hate group arives)
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  4. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    Wow, thanks! this was actually my 666th post, and i thought it would fit.

    the pumpkin moon/crimson thing was just for what the music would sound like.
  5. DarkWolf658

    DarkWolf658 Terrarian

    Anyway, like I said, nice job. Ill come back at a later date to see how this goes.
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  6. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hey DarkWolf, just so ya know, we actually have rules against posts Lacking in Content.
    In the future, please make sure your posts comply with these rules :) (Best to always use full sentences).
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  7. DarkWolf658

    DarkWolf658 Terrarian

    Ok, I Edit the post right now.
  8. Tastypastry

    Tastypastry Plantera

    Sry I didn't get the alert. You can use those emberlings if you want.
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