1. An important fact about our world, is that it was not created by the goddesses. At the very least, not by the ones we know and worship now. In the beginning, there was only darkness, until finally a light was born within that darkness. That light was the Goddess Chey, and she was responsible for the creation of...everything. The stars in the sky, the earth beneath our feet, and the distant planets that we can never hope to reach. She created life, and everything within it. When she originally created Alde, it was called Infernum, and it was incapable of supporting life. It was a wasteland, and that was precisely the way she wanted it to be. When her work was done, she went away, and slept.

    The Goddess Chey remained asleep for millennia. When she finally awoke, her universe had been attacked, and nearly destroyed by creatures of darkness known only as the Ancient Ones. Even the Goddess Chey could not defeat these Ancient Ones, so instead, she decided to ensure the continuation of life on one planet in the universe while she worked to rebuild the rest of the universe; and that planet was Infernum. She created several lesser goddesses to rule over Infernum, and left them to ensure that life survived on that planet while she went away to rebuild the rest of the universe.

    The goddesses saw fit to rename Infernum after they breathed life into it, and this is where Alde is born. Together they created our world, and reworked the laws of reality that defined it to ensure that life wouldn't die out, before Alde was created. With their task done, and the goddesses only just having been born, it was inevitably that they would begin to have issues with one another. After all, children always get into fights with their siblings. So the God Wars began. The goddesses fought with one another on the physical plane of Alde, in their God Forms, and eventually they likely would've completely annihilated Alde.

    But before that could happen, something stirred in the darkness, and it descended upon Alde. Something so twisted that it corrupted and distorted everything around it, the goddess Adversa served the Ancient Ones and as such was much stronger than any of our goddesses alone, so they put aside their differences and banded together. Eventually, after the loss of an entire continent to Adversa's corruption, they managed to seal Adversa away for (ideally) all of eternity. Truly understanding the consequences of their actions and no longer having petty issues with one another, they agreed not to directly intervene with Alde, and more importantly not to fight among themselves any longer. The God Wars finally came to an end.

    Directly after the God Wars, the nonintervention treaty was a brand new policy, and as such; the goddesses retreated entirely from our world, not willing to risk another war breaking out. As such, the world was left in a state of chaos as all of the species began to contest with another to fill the power vacuum left behind by the Divines departing from Alde's physical plane. The Infernals took a particular interest in Alde's physical plane, seeing it as an easy victory, and a valuable stepping stone towards defeating the Celestials; and so they invaded the physical plane and the Infernal Wars began.

    If every species on the physical plane had been united, the war would've been over as soon as it began, but they weren't. This was around the time during which the Precursors chose to abandon the surface of Alde, and built their city in the sky, disappearing above the Cloud Belt. The Brutes as a species were only just beginning to grasp the basics of civilization so they were useless as always. The Werebeasts and Sylvari were preoccupied with territory wars over the continent they shared, Lione.

    Humanity was unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the time, so they faced the majority of the invasion, and they didn't stand a chance at repelling it until the Hero of the Infernal Wars, Emilia made her debut along with the legendary sword Mistilteinn. With Emilia, humanity stood a chance again, especially after she learned of a way to summon the Celestials to the physical plane. After a decisive battle at Inferna Mountain, she was able to open a gate to the Ethereal plane; and the Celestials were able to resurface on the physical plane. After that, the wars came to a relatively quick end.

    In the aftermath of the Infernal Wars, Celestials and Infernals were much more common on the physical plane of Alde, but still very rare. More importantly, it was only a few decades later the Werebeasts and Sylvari reached an agreement concerning their territory, and they founded the original Sybll Kingdom. Meanwhile, the Brutes had just founded their first true city, and were on their way to becoming less savage than most of the species on Alde. It was also around this time that the Martel Empire was initially founded, becoming the first place in the world that boasted a population made up of every intelligent species except for the Divines.

    The History of Alde, is of course, still being researched to this very day; so this is the end of this recap for the moment.
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