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Short Story The Impurity


I do write, sometimes, but I haven't really written many Terraria-related things. This short 'story' is partially based off of the fact that the Corruption in my world just won't be purified. It just keeps on spreading back. So, of course, I wrote something about it.

The sky was darkening.

They watched over their land impassively, though this may have been because a mask was obscuring their face. They were standing at the edge of the cliff, their faerie wings occasionally flittering.

Below them was a desert. Further than that, a forest. For now, they were pure. Almost. They knew for a fact that there were patches beneath the sand, beneath the grass. Patches of evil, patches of impurity. The Corruption was spreading faster than before. And so was the Hallow. An antlion swarmer flew over the desert. And died. They couldn't see what had caused its death, but it was probably nothing.

"How long?" someone else asked. They could just see her, in the corner of their vision.

They were about to reply, when it happened. It was just a unicorn, galloping across the supposedly-pure forest. But it was enough to tell them.

"Can we do anything? Anything to stop it?" she continued, moving towards them.


"I've got some green solution- look," she said, quickly, taking out a Clentaminator. They glanced towards her for a moment, wondering where she'd been hiding it. At the same time, they wondered where all the things they picked up went. Of course, they could switch weapons quite quickly, but all of their weapons were quite large, and, yet, they could somehow hide them-


"Oh. Well, you can try, but-"

The fellow player took off, her feathered wings opening in a flurry. They stared after her, speechless, before following. They didn't have to fly far - distances could seem so large, yet become so small. It was strange. They had often heard the opposite - a distance seems small, and, yet, becomes far too large.

The Infections, the Impurities, were worse here. The sky seemed to become both darker, and more colourful. To the left, the trees were twisted and grey, the critters were slowly becoming twisted, and- was the grass turning purple? To the right, the trees were... fairly normal. Possibly more colourful. Too colourful. The grass was turning almost blue in colour. A corruptor flew overhead, its many eyes looking down upon the two.

They shot a unicorn that was galloping towards her. It died, but there would be many others that would replace it.

"You know, you're right," she commented, cheerful despite the dangerous wildlife that currently seemed to be approaching.


"Yes, really. We can't really both fight these monsters AND destroy the Infections!"

"What do you propose we do, then?"

"I didn't get that far with the plan."

"So, we just let this place become infected? Just let the two Impurities fight?"


With that, she flew off. They stared after her, before they were interrupted by the previously-mentioned corruptor. It made an ugly shrieking sound. They muttered, "Go away." and shot it. The corruptor died. Loudly. Actually, it exploded.

They looked all around them, at the Corruption, which was definitely making progress. And at the Hallow, which was ABSOLUTELY making much more progress. The Corruption was now creeping its way through the sand, turning it a vile purple. A pixie and an eater of souls started fighting. The Corruption could be useful, and so could the Hallow. But, right now? Without the help of a friend?

They flew off, after her.

Perhaps another time.

The two Infections continued to wage war upon the Pure and each other. They were making progress, now, spreading through the desert.

Maybe it would be too late by the time the two so-called 'Heroes' decided to do something about it.

So, this is a short story. I'm not sure if it's long enough or not, or if I added enough detail or not. Either way, here it is.


I'm no amazing, good, or even average writer.
But in my opinion,
With the amount of small details, and information that this gives, alongside the added ideas that this presents, I'd say that this, is pretty neat!
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