tAPI "The Invisible Hand" -- Inventory Management for the Organizationally-Challenged

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  1. MiraiMai

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    Ooo, grabbed, I'll be testing that later :3 Not starting a playthrough just yet, waiting until I get all my big mods atleast started and released, but definitely should help, used to drive me insane running around sorting things forever.
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  2. wuli1986

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    Here's another two more updates for anybody out there. Full update notes/rambling at the top of the OP, but short version is that I fixed some bugs, tried to make things act more accurately like vanilla, and upped the number of categories to 42 or some number.

    The 2 updates -- 1.1.2 and 1.1.2a -- are mostly exactly the same, except that 1.1.2a includes my version of a shift-left-click-to-move-items-between-inventories functionality and yes I know I said I wouldn't do that but I did because reasons and also mine works for the craft-guide slot and you can read all about it in the top post!

    Once again, thanks for downloading! Please hit me up with comments, criticisms, critical issues, and cowabungas. Happy sorting!

    EDIT: AAAAAAARRRGGHH WHY ARE SPOILERS SO HARD and why is the line-spacing always messed up in my first post, no matter what I do??? You know, I actually took a class on that proverbial "Rocket Science" back in college and survived without too much cerebral damage--but using the rich text editor on this website makes me feel like my brain is melting out my earrrrrssssss :confused: ......

    :sigh: Okay...

    Okay, yes, I feel better now. Sorry all. Carry on. :p
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    For the post editting, yes, it is very very broken. It also breaks the code, modifying it on you between edits. I personally modify my threads in code in a text editor, and have the code saved in my documents. I just copy the entire code and repaste it into the topics when editting, seems to avoid all problems.
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    This mod is amazing :eek: and wil fix my problem, problem being to much stuf everywhere XD haha:sigh:.
    I hope you wil keep working on this mod and make it even more amazing than amazing.
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  5. wuli1986

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    Haha, you and I found ourselves in the same boat! I'm happy this helps you too. :D I do plan to keep working on the mod for a little while, assuming life doesn't get in the way. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make it "even more amazing than amazing" I'd love to hear them!

    Thanks, I'll give this a try. I actually have a full readme done up in Markdown (so much quicker to create nice--if not terribly fancy--html docs); would be great if I could just attach that. I've tried copy-and-pasting the rendered HTML, but the results weren't always something to smile about. Maybe I'll see if I can copy the generated code, instead.

    EDIT: Though I briefly forgot that bbcode isn't real HTML (still kinda new to this whole forum thing), I just wanted to update and say that editing the code externally is so much easier holy crap seriously whoa. And yeah, all the edits I had done (each of which being modified by the editor itself) had turned my post's code into a swirling stew of random, duplicate, and misplaced tags. Makes me feel better just to go in and clean them out!

    Thanks again for your help!
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  6. JustAddRanch

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    Hey Wuli, I've noticed a small bug in your mod. You might already know this but the slot locking mechanic only is retained on a character if all of your othder characters have the same slots.

    For instance:

    If this is an inventory for two players

    Character 1: (x)(x)( )( )( )( )
    ( )( )( )( )(x)(x)

    Character 2: (x)(x)(x)( )( )( )
    ( )( )(x)( )(x)(x)

    If you load Character 2 up again this will happen:

    (x)(x)( )( )( )( )
    ( )( )( )( )(x)(x)

    Other than that this mod is great! Keep up the amazing work!
  7. Azhrak

    Azhrak Terrarian

    Could you update this for
  8. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Terrarian

    Cool mod - the shift+click function is well worth the entry price alone ;)
  9. DragonSoulSong

    DragonSoulSong Terrarian

    It already works with :dryadwink:
  10. Azhrak

    Azhrak Terrarian

    Oh, theres some broken things with it then.
    Like if I have stuff in my inventory and I open up the game. all my stuff goes to 1 item.
  11. kentanggoreng92

    kentanggoreng92 Terrarian

    I don't have this bug. I use tAPI r15 & TIH version 1.1.2b.
  12. xXxWeedGokuxXx

    xXxWeedGokuxXx Terrarian

    Sometimes with this mod I get a bug where when I open a chest, it automatically does the quick restock action, and while the chest is open, the game lags to 5 fps or lower. I've mapped the inventory key to the Q button, that might be what's causing it. I'm also running a large number of mods and I haven't tried to see if I can get the bug to occur with just this mod.
  13. thai1taxi

    thai1taxi Terrarian

    Hey there wuli1986, I tried the mod in single player and it works great. Thank you kindly.
    Does this mod support multiplayer or will it in the future? When I start a dedicated server with tApi R15, I get this error:[​IMG]
  14. Ne Obliviscaris

    Ne Obliviscaris Terrarian

    Really like the idea of this mod. But it reset all stacks of my stuff in my chests to 1 item?
  15. Ne Obliviscaris

    Ne Obliviscaris Terrarian

    Also, hell monsters are spawning much higher up in the map than normal
  16. CheatFreak47

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    Straight up incredible, exactly what I needed to get rid of my Gameiki mod entirely.
    Dusty old mod that was- though Rat's Inventory Sorter was pretty much the only thing keeping me to it, I guess.

    This pretty much blows even that out of the water though, amazing job.

    Um- multiplayer support would be nice though. :)
  17. Ne Obliviscaris

    Ne Obliviscaris Terrarian

    EDIT: Both issues I've had seem to stem from importing vanilla characters and worlds. To be safe, create your character and world within tAPI. The other issue I had was my imported character, all the stacks reverted to 1. Thought it was this mod that did that, but it's a known glitch caused by importing characters. I'm going to assume my other issue with underworld biome monsters spawning far higher than they should was caused by importing the world, because creating a world within tAPI I've yet to run into the issue.

    Guys I'm having an issue. This is the only mod I'm using, but since I've started using it and tapi, hell biome spawns are spawning way higher up than normal. They don't spawn on the surface, but they are spawning in the cavern. It's really hard to explore when you have fire imps and hell bats spawning where they shouldn't be spawning. I posted about this in the tapi thread, but was told to post it in here since this is the only mod I'm using. Anyone else having this problem?
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  18. CheatFreak47

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    I can also confirm @Ne Obliviscaris 's issue of hell biome enemies spawning higher then usual- although it seems to happen incredibly rarely for me- on occasion I'll see a bone serpent or one of the hell enemies from one of my mods (Thorium probably.) spawning higher then usual too.
  19. Ne Obliviscaris

    Ne Obliviscaris Terrarian

    Did you import your world or character?
  20. CheatFreak47

    CheatFreak47 Official Terrarian

    Nope- all fresh- though I did add the mod after generating the world.