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The Item Grinder (its a pun)


Summary: This placeable station has the ability to "print" a desired item out of other items of a similar rarity. Need a Meowmere but keep getting showered in Lunar Portal Staffs? No problem! Just feed it 10 Lunar Portal Staffs and select the desired item. The Item Grinder will use the staffs to create a new item just for you!

Continued: It doesn't have to be 10 of the same item, It just has to be 10 items from the same boss in order to print a new one. It requires 10 items because if you've fought a boss 10 times and still can't get a specific item, then luck probably isn't on your side. It's called the item grinder because it grinds the items, and because it eliminates the need to "grind" for items. Once the items are used, they are gone forever.

Advanced Mechanics: It can also print items from fishing quests (you can't use potions, though). It can also print items from crates (but only per crate type, the items have to be from the same biome type)

Limits: The Item grinder can't use items from bosses that are stackable (Potions, beetle husks, souls, hallowed bars, ores, etc.) It can only use things that are dropped once per fight. Trophies can be fed, as well as masks. You can't print certain weapons that require certain conditions to be met, such as the terraprisma.
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