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Story The Lamentation of the Moon Lord

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So! Here is my little attempt at spinning Terraria's lore in my own unique fashion. Comment as you will, posts along the lines of "You suck" will be ignored. Creative feedback is welcome, but may not always be incorporated.
Part one: The early days
Chapter one: An abnormality.
Chapter two: Dusk
Chapter three: The fight continues on
Chapter four: The fall of the King
Chapter five: Plans gone awry
Chapter six: An epic clash
Chapter seven: A lull in the battle
Chapter eight: Fears reaffirmed
Chapter nine: The onslaught continues
Chapter ten: Unforeseen consequences
Chapter eleven: No rest for the Newcomer
Chapter twelve: The dungeon, freed
Chapter thirteen: A night of horrors
Part two: Worn out welcome
Chapter fourteen: Familiar activities
Chapter fifteen: Slogging through nature
Chapter sixteen: NOT THE BEES!
Chapter seventeen: A little toasty
Chapter eighteen: Why would you do that!
Part three: Getting harder
Chapter nineteen: The aftermath
Chapter twenty: Preparing for the new challenges
Chapter twenty one: Fire up the forges
Chapter twenty two: A terrible night...
Chapter twenty three: A short reprieve
Chapter twenty four: Vibrations from deep below...
Chapter twenty five: A taste of things to come
Chapter twenty six: Treasure for the taking
Chapter twenty seven: The third's awakening
Chapter twenty eight: Getting colder...
Chapter twenty nine: ... Wait, what?
Chapter thirty: Taking a step backward
Chapter thirty one: Round two
Part four: Remnants of the past
Chapter thirty two: Power repurposed
Chapter thirty three: A restless jungle
Chapter thirty four: Carnivorous Plant
Chapter thirty five: Solar Coven
Chapter thirty six: A little more time
Chapter thirty seven: A darkened dawn
Chapter thirty eight: The Eclipse goes on
Chapter thirty nine: More undead hordes
Chapter forty: A generally difficult battle
Chapter forty one: Broken
Chapter forty two: Time creeps onward
Chapter forty three: Born of fire and stone
Part five: They came from space
Chapter forty four: As the dust clears
Chapter forty five: Crickets chirping
Chapter forty six: The aliens did it
Chapter forty seven: Making martians mad
Chapter forty eight: Nostalgia
Chapter forty nine: The genocide continues
Chapter fifty: Over the moon
Chapter fifty one: Crisis Adverted
Chapter fifty two: Thank you sir, may I have another?
Chapter fifty three: The blink of an eye
Chapter fifty four: Burn it with the fire of 1000 suns
Chapter fifty five: Twinkle twinkle little popper
Chapter fifty six: Just have to suck it up
Chapter fifty seven: What a headache
Chapter fifty eight: Waaaiiit for it...
Chapter fifty nine: Squelch
Part six: Unfinished business
Chapter sixty: ... Well, now what?
Chapter sixty one: A fishy notion
Chapter sixty two: What's this? What's this?
Chapter sixty three: Pumpking pie, and spooky splinters
Chapter sixty four: A spooky dawn
Chapter sixty five: A slight chill
Chapter sixty six: Santa's private army
Chapter sixty seven: Cold Hearted
Chapter sixty eight: Cooling down
Chapter sixty nine: The excitement is yet to come
Chapter seventy: Really? Only that much?
Chapter seventy one: Master of all creation
Chapter seventy two: The early bird
Chapter seventy three: Beady little eyes of rage
Chapter seventy four: Ground to a plat
Chapter seventy five: To your battle stations!
Chapter seventy six: A rematch with the stars
Chapter seventy seven: Squished like a bug
Chapter seventy eight: Flew too close
Chapter seventy nine: At last, again
Chapter eighty: A descending Moon Lord
Chapter eighty one: Pain and pleasure

Halloween Special
The End of the War
Listed by the last chapter before the comment -
Ch17: The Moon Lord and PC interactions
Ch20: A note on the story's origin
Ch30: "They"
Ch38: New Poll options
Ch41: The past, and future
Ch49: Otherworld
Ch54: Solar Clan vs. Solar Coven
Ch56: Banner!
Ch69: The end is nigh
CH74: The thread lives on
CH76: How long it took
CH79: Bunny Dairy, and so many readers!

Epilogue: Info for new readers
Epilogue: Bunny Diary
Epilogue: Stat dump
Halloween: Contest and Xmas

None of these links contain plot! More to come, in time.
FAQ (And the end of the story)

First post is a table of contents, so people don't have to try and find the next post each time. I'd include a summary, but you could always read a chapter or two instead!

New! Click here for the revamped thread~ Please take future discussion there. I also recommend new readers to go there, as the story is condensed onto one page

Since this story has ended, the poll concerns the one after this. No longer able to vote, you can still check the related posts as to what could have been!
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Chapter one: An abnormality

The Moon Lord looked down upon the realm upon which he had once ruled, and had shaped centuries ago. Idly glancing over the landscape, something caught his eye, drawing his gaze back to the spot. There was someone... New. Someone who should not be there. They were standing next to the wandering adventurer, who had retired from his journeys long ago. Since the lifespan of such mortals are so short, his name had escaped the Moon Lord's memory... Seeing as he was trying to guide this new being on their way, The Guide will have to do.

The Newcomer promptly ignored the Guide's advice, and wandered off to the East. Curious as to their intentions, the Moon Lord observed them aproaching one of the usually docile Slimes, this one green in colour. Without warning, the Newcomer pulled out a copper pickaxe, and began to viciously hack at the poor creature. Slightly taken aback at the savagery of their actions, the Moon Lord sent out a message across the land, informing his creatures that this being should be regarded with caution.

As the Newcomer continued his explorations, chopping down trees and harvesting precious metals from the ground, the Moon Lord was appalled to see all other Slimes, be they blue or green, met a similar fate when they stumbled across this mysterious person. Furrowing his mighty brow, the Moon Lord sent out another message, one which would take effect upon the rising of the moon...


Chapter two: Dusk

As the sun set, the Newcomer had built a small hut out of what they had stripped from the surroundings. That, the Moon Lord was uninterested in. Rather, what enraged him so was the slaughter of any slime, bunny or bird that dared stumble across their path. Sending the Guide a message, the Moon Lord informed him to stay indoors that night... And, to try and reason with the Newcomer, if that were even possible.

Seeing the Guide head indoors as the sun set, the Moon Lord noticed the Newcomer ready their weapons, almost as if in anticipation... Disquieted, the Moon Lord went forward with the plan anyway, and sent the signal for the ancient deceased to rise once more, and to march on to defend the denizens of the world. A crude method, as the reanimated corpses would attack anyone they come across, but necessary to remove this new threat.

For good measure, the Moon Lord had ordered one of it's oldest servants, a beast modelled after his brother's eye, to send out it's brood of smaller Demonic Eyes. With the nocturnal army prepared, the Moon Lord watched intently, waiting to see if the needless killing will be over by dawn...
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That's the plan! I just always find it amusing that in adventure games, the Main Character is always a mass murderer... So, what if that is why the difficulty ramps up the way it does? I also intend on a post or two each day, so at the current pace, it will take quite a while.

Thanks for reading, by the way~


Chapter three: The fight continues on

The Moon Lord watched on as the Newcomer simply ran past the undead horde, continuing their harvest of the land undisturbed. After a moment, they turned around, and fought back, felling the deceased slowly. Fleeing after receiving too many wounds, they hid indoors, letting them heal at a surprising rate, for a mortal. The zombies crowded around outside, having lost the faculty to open the doors...

Watching the Newcomer go out for a few more expeditions that night, the Moon Lord decided this would not be enough, and more direct action would be needed. Summoning the King of all Slimes to his chambers, the Moon Lord gave the order to lead the attack upon the dawn. Too many of his kin had already suffered at this strange creature's hands, and the King complied immediately, instructing the closer slimes to go on ahead as the King made his way there.

Leaning back as the Moon Lord saw day break without incident, they decided to also approach an old man, wandering by the entrance of the old dungeon. Striking a deal, the Moon Lord placed a curse upon him, taking part of his humanity in order to give him the strength to fight the Newcomer, should they ever try and steal the powerful treasures hidden within...
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Chapter four: The fall of the King

The Moon Lord looked on as the army of slimes descended upon the Newcomer... To their doom. Few managed to even land a blow, let alone fell the warrior. Enraged, the King of all Slimes wasted no time in his retaliation, falling upon the offender with a seething rage.

The battle was fierce, and the Moon Lord watched in anticipation as the King landed a blow, then another, then another! But the Newcomer was more resilient than the Moon Lord had anticipated, and managed to deal the finishing blow before the mortal's life could be extinguished. Summoning the remains of his gooey monarch back to the Lunar Realm, the Moon Lord revived him, and cautioned the King of all Slimes that another such attack would likely prove futile.

Watching the King bounce away in a cold fury, the Moon Lord furrowed their brow. Turning his gaze back to the Newcomer, he saw that a small village was being built, with the Guide joined with a Merchant, drawn by greed, and a Nurse, hoping to try and keep the other denizens of the town from meeting a similar fate to the creatures outside. The Newcomer let them stay, most likely for their utility, rather than any feeling of compassion. Concerned, the Moon Lord noticed room for a great many more, and went on to the next stage in his plan...
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Chapter five: Plans gone awry

The Moon Lord checked up on the old man upon which he had placed his curse, in order to protect the dungeon... And found that he had gone slightly mad. In the middle of tying up a Mechanic, who the Moon Lord had instructed to set up traps everywhere as a deterrent, the Moon Lord made a note to not use curses from now on...

The Newcomer had managed to lure a Dye Trader into his village, with the promise of rare and exotic plants. A Demolitionist had also joined, seemingly out of respect for the Newcomer's knack for destroying things. The steadily growing population of this Newcomer's town was a cause for concern, as all further attacks upon the place would put them at risk.

Watching the Newcomer wander through the fetid lands of the Corruption, a blight the Moon Lord had tried to remove previously, he was disappointed to see that the evil creatures there posed little threat to the Newcomer now, as they had gotten stronger, and forged formidable armour. They also explored the jungles, deserts, and the tundra, but as yet did not venture underground... Wise, on their part, which made the Moon Lord's task more difficult.

Summoning the beast which the villagers had come to call the Eye of Cthulhu, despite there only being a vague resemblance, the Moon Lord instructed it to attack upon nightfall, as the weaker creatures were not enough, and the King of all Slimes had failed in his attempt. Shrieking, the monstrous beast departed, hopefully in the right direction. The Moon Lord had not focused on crafting it with much intelligence, after all.


Chapter six: An epic clash

The monstrous beast found it's way to the Newcomer as instructed, albeit an hour late. The continually more unnerving figure had stopped the moment the sun had set though, and was waiting on a hill... They had even consumed a potion or two, almost as if they could feel the best coming. Giving up on trying to surprise this seemingly omniscient mortal, the Moon Lord watched as the beast began it's assault.

Summoning some of it's smaller kin, the beast made haphazard dashes at the Newcomer. They were agile though, and managed to dodge the large part of the attacks, and simply toughed it out through the others. The smaller beasts were treated almost like flies, swatted aside seemingly without noticing them, which only served to enrage the beast further, alongside the futility of it's attacks.

Having taken a great many wounds from, of all things, the Newcomer's yoyo, the beast lost all pretense of being an Eye, and ripped apart it's own flesh. In the place of the iris and pupil, a great row of spikes protruded, fashioned like a set of teeth. Stopping the barrage of younglings, the beast charge with more ferocity, shrieking with an unworldly rage.

In this furious barrage of attacks, the Newcomer received more wounds than before, but to no avail. The rage that empowered the beasts attack also made it predictable, which led to it's eventual downfall, as the Newcomer ripped the beast apart. Salvaging what they could from the remains, they also crafted a grisly trophy from a part of it's corpse, much to the Moon Lord's shock.

Resurrecting the beast similarly to how they had brought back the King of all Slimes, the Moon Lord now understood. The Newcomer did in fact seem to have a goal, after all. Not to fight for a cause, or to gain fame. They fought for sport. And the Moon Lord would bide his time, as he crafted beasts so menacingly powerful, not even such a hunter would stand up to them...
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Chapter seven: A lull in the battle

As the Moon Lord worked, they also kept an eye on the Newcomer's actions. Defeating such a powerful beast had caught the eye of one of the Dryad, protectors of nature. The blight of the Corruption was an issue the Moon Lord had overlooked for some time, as it seemed to remain contained to one area. The Dryad had always wanted it gone though, so the Moon Lord was not surprised to see one side with one so powerful.

Wandering Merchants, both of the living and undead, had also started showing interest in the Newcomer. On their travels, they had ventured into a Spider's cave, rescuing a Stylist, and had also found a good deal of treasures in abandoned hovels, stripping even the furniture from whatever dwellings they found. The other humans that are now living with them didn't seem to mind, so the Moon Lord paid the repurposing of abandoned treasures little heed, as surely the Newcomer would not find much of use.

The Newcomer's wanderings also brought them to the great Oceans framing the land over which the Moon Lord held dominion, and they rescued a sleeping child that had foolishly wandered off. The growing population of the town even brought an artist to reside their, confusing the Moon Lord, as the Newcomer had mainly let people of use to them live so far, and while they mostly ignore the Painter and Dye Trader, no harm comes to them, either...

Perhaps the Newcomer was settling down. They had even begun to fish on a daily basis, which struck the Moon Lord as unusual for such a warrior. Certainly, the Newcomer still struck down any to cross their path, but they seemed distracted of late, no longer aiming directly for all of the most powerful creatures. Growing uncertain, the Moon Lord continued the construction of their mighty warriors, but did not yet let loose any new horror upon the growing village...
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Chapter eight: Fears reaffirmed

The Moon Lord had been mistaken to think that the Newcomer had been growing docile. They were merely preparing for the next battle. Armed with improvements over their previous weaponry, the Newcomer set out into the decaying Corruption. Leaping down into the gaping chasms with seemingly no hesitation, they used grappling hooks in order to halt their fall, avoiding becoming a red stain upon the ebonstone.

Pulling out the bomb fish that they had fished up earlier, they blasted through the demoniacally infused rock with ease, revealing Shadow Orbs in three separate locations. Pulling out a silver hammer, they smashed two of those orbs, and hoarded away the old artefacts found within. Stopping for a moment, they readied their hook, before smashing open the last of the three orbs that they had unearthed.

Grabbing the contents hurriedly, they leapt out of the fish-blasted crater, and clung to a wall, even as it trembled with the sound of screams. The Moon Lord looked on, as an ancient terror woke once again, called by the evil miasma oozing from the orb fragments. The Newcomer readied their weapons, dangling from the wall as they looked around, trying to discern where the horrifying beast would emerge from.

From the floor below, the first things to emerge were a set of great, mighty jaws, quickly followed by a humongous eyeball, and rotten, clammy flesh. As the grotesque worm flung itself at the Newcomer, they pulled out a yoyo bought from the Travelling Merchant, and threw it at the beast.

Hitting it right between the eyes, the beast faltered, and crashed back down to the ground. Pulling back their unusual choice of weaponry for a moment, the Newcomer threw it again, striking the beasts body as it tunneled through the ebonstone. Throwing again, and again, the Newcomer did not release the grapple upon the wall, despite being in a vulnerable position.

As the mighty worm emerged from the ground once more, the Newcomer switched their attention to it's face, slaying the...! First section. The Newcomer did not seem at all surprised, and simply focused on the next part of the creature's chain of lesser entities. Slaying one after the other, eventually a segment emerged strong enough to withstand a few blows, and managed to flee back below the stone.

Repeating a similar process a few times over, the Newcomer seemed to be mocking the poor creature, throwing the yoyo in it's face whenever it emerged. Over time, the wounds built up, and the final segment of the beast was slain also, leaving a mighty corpse for the Newcomer to rummage through. The Moon Lord watched on, baffled at how such a tactic worked... And then turned, making an adjustment to one of his newer servants, yet to be completed.
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Chapter nine: The onslaught continues

The shrieks of the giant worm, both during the battle and in it's death throes, were heard far and wide. So far, in fact, that the nomadic Goblin tribes sent scouts to investigate the source. The shattering of the orbs had also disrupted magics which protected the land from meteors flying past, as the miasma emanating from them interfered with the spell that usually kept the meteorites from hitting the world.

The crash of the first meteor resounded across the land that night, and the Newcomer went to investigate, harvesting the heated metals left in the crater. The Moon Lord made a note to reinforce the spell keeping the meteors away, lest the land be riddled with even more chunks of astral rock. The Newcomer worked slowly, careful not to touch the glowing metal directly, and was still prying loose chunks when dawn broke.

And with the dawn, came the Goblin Invasion. Having seen the reinforced village, built in a good location and well supplied, the goblins sought to take it for their own. Hearing the sounds of battle coming from the direction of their home, the Newcomer used a magic device they had found to return, before any of the residents had suffered much harm.

Once at the village, the Newcomer holed themself up in a small bunker that they had built, and began picking off the goblins as they approached. The villagers, wanting to protect their homes, attacked any goblin that slipped past their doors, including some tricky sorcerers that teleported around. The main host went for the Newcomer though, so the villagers stayed out of most of the battle.

Wave upon wave of green-skinned warriors, archers, thieves and thugs descended upon the bunker, but the Newcomer remained safe inside. Maneuvering their yoyo expertly, they wove it through the structure, then through the crowds of goblins to slay all that approached.

When the death toll rose high, the oldest and most powerful of the goblins, a powerful summoner, called for the retreat, deciding to bide their time rather than joining the battle. The few survivors hobbled off into hiding, to build up their army once more, to one day seek revenge...


Chapter ten: Unforeseen consequences

The Newcomer sat down for the day, by all appearances to catalog the piles of stuff that they had looted, stolen or forged. The Moon lord glanced at this collection as it was shifted around a multitude of chests, and noted that the Newcomer would not be running short on weaponry any time soon.

Disquieted by the ease at which the Newcomer had torn through the last two challenges, which the Moon Lord had not even planned on throwing at the warrior, the feeling of concern grew ever larger. In case any more Shadow Orbs were smashed, the Moon Lord resurrected the giant worm, similarly to how they had the King of all Slimes and the Eye of Cthulhu. While the Moon Lord did not think for even a moment that the worm, now called by the villagers the Eater of Worlds, would stop the Newcomer in his path of destruction, it may at least slow him down.

Setting aside the challenge he had been preparing for the Newcomer, the Moon Lord had also felt a... Disturbance. One not directly linked to the Newcomer or his village. Sweeping his gaze through the world he watched over, he saw that the disturbance had come from deep below, in a place spoken of in rumor as Hell. Swimming in lakes of molten ash and fire, it's chaotic denizens remained unwilling to leave, as usual... But there was one thing that should not be there.

The demons had found out about the great gathering of people up above, and a few had crafted a most vile of magics. They had reached out to the first soul they could find, in this case the poor guide, and bound his soul to a doll. The binding changed the doll to his likeness, and the Guide's fate to the doll's. Alarmed that the underworld denizens had performed such acts, the Moon Lord set aside what he was preparing for the Newcomer, in order to make something to dissuade anyone from misusing these dolls.

Working quickly, the Moon Lord pulled forth powers old and terrible, of both the dark and light. Taking the bodies of the slain, the Moon Lord wove these all together into a great abomination, and hid it below the earth, where nobody would ever find it, not even the demons, or the resourceful Newcomer. Linking it to the cursed dolls as well, the Moon Lord instructed it to avenge the death of the Guide, should the dolls ever be used to take his life.
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