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The Land of the Dead (Text Adventure)


Duke Fishron
"Look, maybe you're just going insane, or maybe I am, or maybe we both are. I don't know, this seems like some kind of land of madness."

Changing Flask

Duke Fishron
Grigor looks at the barkeep, as he grabs the vodka gently. This in fact, could be his tradition. "Apart from that, nothing else." Then, he pays up some coins as a tip (10 DT, precisely) as he decided to get a place near the lost soul and skeleton.

There could be more places than that. And I could try asking that skeleton some questions.


Skeletron Prime
And the angel was gone.
Oh true, after a life of misfortune, now that I am already dead, you help me, and how the :red: I was supposed to know that the buglike creature that appeared from the shadows when I screamed out loud was supposed to be a :red:ing angel.
After his furious mental rant about the way God (and also himself.) Had managed to make him unable to recieve further godly assistance. . .
He remembered his situation, and concluded that being hated by the one above was something bound to happen if you are searching to snap someone else soul.

And as so. He frantically searched for an exit, knowing that time was not slowing down, and he was no closer to catch Phaedra.


"What an odd request. Why the hell not?"
Phaedra sits Dollie on his shoulder and signals that he is ready to depart.

Deputy Hue

(Benevolent Tingler)
Tingler gets up and goes back the way he came.

also i apologize for holding up the game, i've been focused on birthday related shenanigans.

Now Playing: Get Me Golden - Terraplane Sun

~~~~The Undying Ultimate Chimera (@Mr. Fury)~~~~
HP: 940/1,000 LVL: 666
Current Location: ???

Ultimate Chimera: 906/1,000
Claustrophobia: 120/200

The Claustrophobia is hacking, and slashin’
It did 34 damage to the Ultimate Chimera!
The Ultimate Chimera bites onto one of the Claustrophobia's arms, it tries it’s best to shake him off while it cackles like a madman. The Chimeras bite did 80 damage to the Claustrophobia, the chimera managed to tear it’s arm off, but it laughs, and two more arms grow, it now has three arms.

~~~~Amenhotep (@TheSpeluknerv3.
HP: 50/50 LVL 1
Current Location: The Savage Savannah: Crystalline Caverns
UPDATE 6/25 until AFK Farmable

???: Hehehe, your suffering, and you disgracement of that heavenly beast amuses me…

A flaming pentagram appears from the ground, a Deer women in infernal armor appears with a skull-like spear.

Two more flaming pentagrams appear, another is an elderly owl creature with a staff, the final one is a coffin with rave lights all over it, the coffin kicks down as a glowing skull and angler-like lure is seen, glowing blue eyes appear in the skull as the creature in the coffin walks out into the light. It appears to be some sorta anglerfish-like women in goth clothing, wearing green glowing face paint in the shape of a skull and has lightly glowing pink hair. She points to Amenhotep.

Lilith: I am Lady Lilith, Leader general of the forces of hell… and we’ve been watching you closely since you arrived here… how God turned his back on you. And how all that frustration built up led to your attempted murder on that angelic gunner…

We’ve been needing someone to help us with our mission you know.. And i think it could be perfect to have one of you undead types on board…

The owl creature approaches and sniffs the air, it speaks in a gruff demonic voice.
Stolas: My lady, this undead, he bears the mark for death. I fear he is the chimeras property now…
Lilith looks annoyed.
She calms herself.
Lilith: Fret not, if you’d join our cause, i shall have our top stolas researchers find a loophole to your little deal...

~~~~The Despicable Varvin Arthan (@Person999)~~~~
HP: 231/271 LVL 4
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Grimwich City

The Guard stares at Varvin for a minute before finally answering.
Guard: Sorry, your armor, it kinda reminded me of Paladin armor. The Paladins, they are a group who terrorize us undead. I shouldn’t have confused you for one, your clearly a vampire. And the paladins would never allow a vampire amongst their ranks… they view them as parasites. Much like the rest of us honestly.

~~~~The Somewhat “Nice” Phaedra (@Madder)~~~~
HP: 319/440 LVL:4
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Alexandria Sewers
~~~~Dollie (@Sky High)~~~~
HP: 200/220 LVL: 3
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Alexandria Sewers
~~~~Brother Garrun (@IHATETHISSIGNUP / Jedinate)~~~~
Body HP: 210/210
Head HP: 200/200 LVL:2
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Alexandria Sewers
Asmodeus: ???/???
Slogra: 800/800
Herex: 450/450
Xiyel: 250/250

Xiyel goes to tell Garrun the snipers position, when suddenly, she notices something.
Xiyel: Wait… there is another guard talking to him…
After a moment passes.
Xiyel: the sniper is leaving his post, nows our chance to dash for those sewers.

The group get their preparations done before dashing quietly to the sewers.

As they enter, they find a large tunnel area with of course running sewage water as you would expect from a sewer, the place is quite fancy and appears to be designed to be more of a giant underground waterway, complete with large bridges above the running water in some areas.

As they wander looking for a way into the sewers, a loud amount of cheering is heard from above.
Asmodeus: Hmm? What's going on up there?
Xiyel: Sounds like some sorta party or celebration, no doubt celebrating the fact that they stole the city…
Slogra: Feckin Monsters…
Asmodeus: Well… we have a bit of a split in the path, i know there are multiple entrances and exists to these waterways. So i guess let’s go east.
Asmodeus,Slogra and Xiyel start walking east when the area shakes, it sounds like some sorta construction is going on up above, suddenly part of the ceiling collapses separating the rest of the group from Xiyel,Asmodeus and Slogra!

Xiyel: Guys?! Are any of you alright?!
Herex: I’m fine like always, theses “recruits” are alright too if that’s important.
Asmodeus: It looks like whatever is going on up there is making the sewers unstable, you guys take the north path, we will all meet up outside, i know it’s more dangerous to be split apart, but let’s hope their little party will keep them distracted long enough to pull this off.

The group looks up the north path, a present is seen in the distance, and a couple of sludge-like creatures shaped like rats are seen scurrying about.

~~~~Traumatized Greyton (@Xmax360)~~~~
HP: 301/301 LVL: 2
Current Location: Pumpkin Yard Autumn Fields
~~~~Fred (@Defure)~~~~
HP: 210/210 LVL: 2
Current Location: Pumpkin Yard Autumn Fields

Greyton and Fred gather the supplies while talking about how they both might be going crazy, Greyton seems angry that fred doesn’t believe him, greyton drops his supplies as he sees the strange shadow with big red eyes right behind fred, twitching unnaturally.
Greyton blinks while point behind fred clearly freaking out by it’s twitchy movements, fred turns around to see nothing, yet again.

~~~~Benevolent Tingler (@Deputy Hue)~~~~
Body HP: 205/330
Head HP: 250/300 LVL 4
Current Location: Pumpkin Yard: Road to Truce Town.
~~~Party Member: Clockwerk~~~
HP: 555/600 LVL 4

Tingler returns to the pumpkin yard after going the way he came from.
As he walks the road, he hears chattering noises.
Clockwerk: Why do we all have to wear these riDICULOUS ties?
Tingler looks around for the weird noises, they stop.
Clockwerk: NO!
Tingler looks to see clockwerk pointing at something in the dense fog, a shadow is seen briefly disappearing as the noise of large wings flapping is heard.

~~~~Fedora Ron (@Matthus)~~~~
HP: 130/130 LVL 2
Current Location: Hell: Demon Ruins

Ron uses the Hellspring, HP Fully recovered!
He then goes deeper into the demon ruins. The stone of the ruins becomes a lot more… sandstone like. As Ron continues he eventually makes it to a large room. He notices an open area with a lot of sand pouring in, the area he can somewhat see the sky, it is clearly a way out, it seems more Deerablo and imps are seen trying to clear out the sand. A deep male voice is heard.
???: MOVE IT MINIONS! We are going to need this opening cleared out to the best it can be before we can start our attack!
Imp: But lord Dmitri, Aren’t we at peace with Death and his land?
Dmitri: Who gives a :red: about what that bonehead is at peace with? His land is prime real estate for moving in minions for a sneak attack on God and his creeps of holiness.
The cause of this voice gets more into view for ron, it’s a large snake-alligator hybrid monster, he is wearing fancy sunglasses and has pink hair in the shake of a fat palm tree. He seems to be wearing purple leopard print clothes.

Imp: But sir… Satan Lou doesn’t-
Dmitri: Blah blah blah, Satan Lou this, Satan Lou that, Satan Lou isn’t here, and what the Satan doesn’t know wont hurt him. Besides, he shall SHOWER ME WITH PRAISE! Once we win this war with a sneak attack! Kehehehe...

~~~~Grigor (@Halt)~~~~
HP: 325/325 LVL 1
Current Location: Savage Savannah: New Canberra

Grigor pays a tip of 10 DT and sits near the skeleton and lost soul. The skeleton looks annoyed at the desperate lost souls many attempts to hit on said skeleton.

~~~~Magnus (@TheGuy)~~~~
HP: 452/452 LVL 2
Current Location: Stasis

Magnus is no longer playing due to him decided not to come back before feb 1st arrived, as part of my plan stated in the discord server, he is removed from the game and once the devil deal between the chimera and amenhotep is done, he will be completely removed from the game one way or another.

Deputy Hue

(Benevolent Tingler)
Tingler is terrified of the large shadow and decides it's in his best interest to continue along his path.


Duke Fishron
"We need to get you to therapist, Greyton."
He says completely ignoring the fact he should also see a therapist.


(Insert a ‘never split the party’ joke here.)

*Garrun turns on the sight and gets an arrow nocked.*

“By Shieg, this is a trap if I’ve ever seen one... seems a bit too convenient that the sewer collapsed perfectly to split the group in half.”
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Sky High

Ice Queen

Dollie flails backwards, before calming down.

"Breathe... Why do I have to be stressed every time L- uhh, Dollie gets startled..."

Dollie turns to Garrun.

"Surely at least one of us can pose as human? Not me, but I can fake being an ordinary doll."
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Ron says, out loud (very out loud. like, with his :red:ing mouth): "Golly gee willikers! I wish I knew what any of what that disgusting-:red: snake-fella with the cotton candy hairdo is talking about meant! Oh boy, and more deer-generates, too! Also, there is that ugly-as-sin imp-looking jerkoff who hit me! OI! IMP! SAY SORRY!"


"I have seen three in my life time and have you seen where that has gotten me, I think, you should believe someone when that someone is a floating dead man and you are a rotting flesh bag!" Greyton argues with Fred without using caps lock.
(For Helpings of Hostility.)

"Dear Hostility.

I am aware that you are the puppet master whose will the chimera enacts to the fullest extent, i know that this Anubian is Hellbound for the chimeras jaws of destruction.

Perhaps i am not the one to ask this, i am merely a Stolas Researcher for the Forces of Hell, but i would like to find a way to work around this contract, as my boss, Lady Lilith has taken a liking to this hellbound angel assaulter. Perhaps he could be a great asset to our war on hell.

-Stolas Researcher Damien

Mr. Fury the Bootleg

Pixel Pirate
The chimera decides to continue chomping off more arms...
Welcome to Helpings of Hostility mini-episode, we're a show or something I guess... Does anybody even listen to this?
We do appear to have some regular listeners.
Yes, I also sometimes like to go on about my 'puppy kicking' antics, anyway, the-
So, apparently the forces of hell have taken interest in your contract with the Anubis.
I don't appreciate being interrupted Steve, but yes, would you like to just start with the mindmail?
Yes, it would be good to read that, don't leave the listeners waiting...
Dear Hostility,

I am aware that you are the puppet master whose will the chimera enacts to the fullest extent, I know that this Anubian is Hellbound for the chimeras jaws of destruction.

Perhaps I am not the one to ask this, I am merely a Stolas Researcher for the Forces of Hell, but I would like to find a way to work around this contract, as my boss, Lady Lilith has taken a liking to this hellbound angel assaulter. Perhaps he could be a great asset to our war on hell.

-Stolas Researcher Damien
This is surprising, not many know I exist... The fact you recognise my mark of influence alone is very impressive, how are you not higher in the pecking order so to speak? But here's the question, what can you offer me from your position, how influential is your boss 'Lady Lilith'?
I never took you as the type to be corrupt Hostility.
I'm not 'corrupt', I am just more 'persuadable'.
Same thing, you corrupt... whatever you are...

Anyway, at this time, the Chimera's ability to move about is rather... slow... if you could, say, provide me a fast travelling network that isn't Grimal's crystals... I might be able to help you out with your predicament...
And how do you propose they set up a fast travel network if they have little to no footing in the Land of the Dead?
Well, there is always screwing over a bunch of undead and placing permanent teleporting magic on them that is similar to the teleport boxes...
That sounds like it'd be very impractical to set up for the demons if they have no benefit to it themselves aside from releasing Amenhotep from that deal...
Yes, but I heard rumours that demons have access to weird blood pact magic... If we could modify that and add a little bit of permanent teleport box magic to it, I'm sure 'gel heads' would become an extremely bad omen... Muahahahahaha!

Wouldn't that just stop the Sin Gel crisis?
Oh, but that would allow the forces of hell to get a foothold and establish another network which they could also allow my Chimera to use!
That still seems a bit costly for the demons...
You realise that this would greatly assist their war strategy right?
Yeah, but you'd also be making this war more obvious to 'Big Lou' right? This seems like a shadow war at the moment...
Fair point, you'll have to find something mutually beneficial for both parties though, because this Amenhotep deal is greatly amusing me so far.

We would have a question and answer segment, but it seems the questions got lost in the mindmail... Feel free to send in some questions for the next one.

We don't even know if they have blood pac- *cuts off*


Duke Fishron
"I may be flesh, but it's not that rotting. Besides, what does it matter? We're both dead anyway."


Skeletron Prime
“They sound like :red:holes. I’m probably going to find a tavern to get some answers, do you know a place?”

Sky High

Ice Queen
"I feel like I could use something for my arsenal, but I'm not sure there's much I'd be able to hold. Hold on a moment there, Phaedra."

Dollie gets back on Phaedra's shoulders.

"That scared me, just like the time the mean old man tried to shoot me with a gun!"


Skeletron Prime
Amenhoteph was first scared of the pentagram, who wouldn't? However, as Lady Lilith revealed her intention, he calmed down, and thinked.
This Lady is offering me a treatie huh? Well, the Devil always finds the way of making their part, and I seriously doubt I can be more :red:ed up . . .
He then smiled, knowing that it was insanity what he was going to do.
Well, Lady Lilith, I, by hell itself from where you come from, I accept your offer.
He said extending a hand.
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