The Land of the Dead (Text Adventure)

Well, I guess I better actually do my turn now...
The UC heads on over to the 'Shaq Shack'(Or to be more precise, Shaq Koopa), it is good to see a familiar face in these unknown parts, maybe it can get some tips on how to raise Sad Orphan Basketballs to be worthy of the Death Arena.
The Van Gore, knowing instinctually that Herex is a threat, simply just... shakes things up... (See; Van Gore uses One Time Ability: PSI Ground)

@IHATETHISSIGNUP Here, a promised reminder for your extra phase due to danger to Garrun's being, what you choose to do with it isn't my business.
Mothman A starts flying. (See; Use Fly/Land)
Mothman B tries to blind Fred again. (See; Use Dazzleflash on Fred)
*Garruns eyes widen as he yells to everyone* “GET IN THE AIR!” *As he attempts to throw his head into the air once the earthquake starts.*
Phaedra snaps out of his daze and spends a while getting re-acquainted with whatever is going on around him.
"What the hell happened, I went black for a bit there. What's this thing?"
Phaedra notices everybody attacking the Van Gore and fires his revolver at it.
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~~~~The Undying Ultimate Chimera (@Mr. Fury)~~~~
HP: 906/1,000 LVL: 666
Current Location: ???: Paranoia Plains

The UC Approaches the Shaq Shack, and is greeted by a good friend, fellow anti player enemy: Shaq Koopa. He smiles, because he is always smiling.
Shaq Koopa: Shaq (Oh, Chimera, why are you in this sad little land? And why on earth do you have such a sadsketball with you?)
The UC begins to wonder why Shaq Koopa is here, and also wonders where here even is… What will be the UC’s response?

~~~~Amenhotep (@TheSpeluknerv3.
HP: 50/50 LVL 1
Current Location: The Ashlands: Field of Endless Sand
UPDATE 10/25 until AFK Farmable

As Amenhotep makes his way towards the town, he notices a strange sight, a weird buffalo-scorpion hybrid laying in the sand, clearly lazing about and enjoying his night. A Lost Soul is seen standing near him, and so is a weird skeleton with a painted skull inspired by the sugar skulls from day of the dead. He seems to be in a poncho and sombrero, and it seems the skeleton looks distraught.

Skeleton: Ah Mierda, sorry senior, but at this point, the escorpalo isn’t moving anytime soon.
Lost Soul: How in the hell am i going to get to the Desert Jewel at this rate? Without a Scorpalo, those Sand Shifters could pop out at any point and eat us… ARRRGH! WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG TODAY?!
The two haven’t noticed you yet.

~~~~The Despicable Varvin Arthan (@Person999)~~~~
HP: 231/271 LVL 4
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Grimwich City

Varvin continues to stare at the menu.

~~~~The Somewhat “Nice” Phaedra (@Madder)~~~~
HP: 319/440 LVL:4
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Alexandria Sewers
~~~~Dollie (@Sky High)~~~~
HP: 200/220 LVL: 3
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Alexandria Sewers
~~~~Brother Garrun (@IHATETHISSIGNUP / Jedinate)~~~~
Body HP: 210/210
Head HP: 200/200 LVL:2
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Alexandria Sewers
Asmodeus: ???/??? (Seperated)
Slogra: 800/800 (Seperated)
Herex: 450/450
Xiyel: 250/250 (Seperated)

Phaedra: 19/440
Dollie: 200/200
Garrun: 210/210 0/200
Herex: 150/450
Van Gore: 507/800 [SLOW]

Phaedra fires at the Van Gore, it lets out at least 5 different voices of varying gender in terms of screams of pain. A Weakness has been found! Bullet!
It did 50 damage!
Garrun fires his crossbow! It did 104 damage!
Garrun quickly tosses his head into the air, it begins to float!
Dollie Attacked! It did 30 damage due to it being a Bullet Damage type!
Herex gathers strength, Damage will be increased next turn!

The Van Gore unleashes it’s one time ability: PSI Ground!
The floor shakes violently jutting spikes outwards!
It did 300 Damage to Herex
It did 300 Damage to Garruns Body, Garruns body falls to the ground, it will revive if Garrun survives the fight.
It did 300 Damage to Phaedra
Due to dollies floating, it did no damage to Dollie.
Phaedra remembers that he was given an SCP-500 Pill, using it might be a great idea at this point...

~~~~Traumatized Greyton (@Xmax360)~~~~
HP: 301/301 LVL: 2
Current Location: Pumpkin Yard Autumn Fields
~~~~Fred (@Defure)~~~~
HP: 210/210 LVL: 2
Current Location: Pumpkin Yard Autumn Fields

Greyton: 301/301
Fred: 210/210 [BLIND]
Mothman A: 111/200
Mothman B: 100/200

Shadows surrounds the ectoplasm that is Greytons corpse, as his shell floats up and is turned into light particles before flying into the air, A bell is heard as the shadows disappear, revealing greyton completely back and action!
Fred, now that he once again has an ally with him, fires his sniper rifle at Mothman A, dealing 60 damage
Fred has recovered from [CHAOS]!

Mothman A opens its wings and begins to float, Melee attacks will miss!
Mothman B uses Dazzleflash!
Fred has been blinded by the bright lights! Accuracy has been drastically lowered!

~~~~Benevolent Tingler (@Deputy Hue)~~~~
Body HP: 205/330
Head HP: 250/300 LVL 4
Current Location: Pumpkin Yard: The Gourdlands.
~~~Party Member: Clockwerk~~~
HP: 555/600 LVL 4

As Tingler goes to walk another Direction, Lomps Chewis puts his hand on tinglers should once more…
Lomps Chewis: HOLLLLLD UP, There are Deathclaws Reapers growing all over the damn place north of here, i’d turn back if i were you…
Tingler, Confused that there are reapers growing over here too, decides to go back the way he came, Lomps Chewis Super jumps into the atmosphere and lands in front of him.
Lomps Chewis: HOLLLLLD UP, There are Deathclaws Reapers growing all over the damn place north of here, i’d turn back if i were you…
Tingler stares at Lomps Chewis before he realizes something. Lomps Chewis isn’t a lost soul, he is a reaper ALL ALONG!
Lomps Cheweaper: HOLLLLLD UP, There’s me all over the damn place right here. I’d die quietly if i were you…

A Reaper Named Lomps Chewis draws near!

~~~~Fedora Ron (@Matthus)~~~~
HP: 130/130 LVL 2
Current Location: Hell: Demon Ruins

Ron: 130/130 [PSI Shield] [OOMPH]
Azazel: 1,480/1,500 [PSI Shield]
Deerablo Elite A: 90450 [PSI Shield]
Deerablo Elite B: 450/450 [PSI Shield]
Dmitri: 1,273/2,000 [HASTE]

Azazel responds to ron with a firm “Best not to question it.
Azazel attacks Dmitri with a Hell steel Forging hammer! It did 230 damage!
Azazel stops to take a breath
Azazel: God dammit, this weapon isn’t meant for fighting…
Deerablo Elite A readies herself to take any incoming attacks for Ron
Deerablo Elite B Attacks! It did 67 damage!
Ron Attacks with his shotgun + his DMG buff he currently has, it did 200 damage!
Dmitri goes for Ron with a vicious claw swipe! Deerablo A jumped infront of ron and took the hit! It did 360 damage!
Dmitri Attacks by spewing Flame breath!
Deerablo Elite A leaps infront of Ron to take the hit! It did no damage.
Deerablo Elite B Resists the flames
Azazel takes 20 damage from the flames.

~~~~Grigor (@Halt)~~~~
HP: 325/325 LVL 1
Current Location: Savage Savannah: New Canberra

Grigor does nothing but drink his drink….. AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIIIIIIN!?

~~~~Meta (@Meta Knight_but_Terraria)~~~~
HP: 230/230 LVL 1
Current Location: The Pumpkin Yard: Vessel 89-445: Sleeper Quarters.

???: Malfunction with the Cryo Sleep p- *Static* Good *Static* After- morning Turnkin passenger 455- *Loud Static* Welcome to your *Static* Destination! Have a Good *Static*
As you awaken from a cryo pod you fall out. You remember coming aboard this vessel back in the Turnkin Races home planet, Your home. Vessel 89-445, a large mothership used by the Pumpkin People Emperors for trade, and travel to worlds far outside of your galaxy.

If your sleeper pod opened, then that must mean you’re at your destination right? But you get a strange feeling something horribly bad happened. For one, your memories are strangely foggy…

You look around, you seem to be in the Sleeper part of 89-445, Strangely enough, a present is nearby just sitting there. And most of the other cryo pods are still closed, with many other Turnkin,Churnkin and Tenokin still inside sleeping until they reach their destination… But… Wasn’t your destinations all the same planet? Something is VERY wrong here…
A door on the western side of the room is seen, and a door on the eastern side, what now?
He also notices a strange device that has somehow appeared on him, a watch like thing with a clock and a radio built in. after tinkering with it, he has successfully installed a stealth device into it… whatever it is.
The UC speaks to Shaq Koopa: I don't know why I'm here, do you know why you're here? On the topic of the sad orphan basketball here, I found it where it looked it would never be used again, I was wondering if you had any tips on how to raise it into a basketball worthy of the arena.
Mothman A decides to do it's ripping and tearing routine on a now slightly less effective Fred.(Mothman A uses Basic Attack; Rip N' Tear)
Mothman B decides to join Mothman A in the air. (Mothman B uses Fly/Land)
The Van Gore decides that it's going to go for Phaedra first, he looks very close to dead. (Van Gore uses Basic Attack; Smashing Smack on Phaedra)
Well that's my turns are done with, so I'll just give my starting hint for Meta, seeing as I'm not a survivor this time around, but a near omnipresent threat or something.

@Meta Knight_but_Terraria Usually a good way to start when a character 'wakes up' is to go over to the present and open it, while looking for the logical way to progress through your area, so it's a good idea to pay attention when an area is described in great detail.
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He walked towrds the two, and asked as nicely as he could.
Hello Sir and other Sir, what is your problem?
He was still very hurried, and if he could, he would direct the conversation towards the theme of Phaedra.
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