The Last Post Wins!

My OG username (never used on the forums) was pulled from a shirt I was wearing when I made my acount
I’ve use it for almost ten years now
I don’t know where TheNotVeryEpicness came from though
I just tend to name them after whatever I have as my PFP at the time, and for any name that isn't absurdly mundane, someone else suggested it for the character.
wake up 😪 /j
school is js tiring the bus ride is literally an hour long and everyone on the bus is loud and love it when the bus is -73773 degrees and then i have to go to band (also loud) and the whole day goes along like that with it being cold and loud and forcing me to do smart people things when the only thjngs i can think abt is a) the fact that it is loud and b) my latest hyperfixation (gravity falls has consumed me yet again and this spells trouble for my attention span)
qnd yeah its really tiring but no one really stops me from sleeping in class bc i finish the work really fast
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