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The Last Post Wins!


Dungeon Spirit
This is no landfill. Lord BORF only feasts apon the freshest, classiest, damkest maemaes imaginable.
Then I shall attempt to fulfill his boundless appetite

Tunnel King

This thread will be re-opened shortly. Some posts containing disturbing images/comments have been edited or removed.

People need to be aware that this thread is not "anything goes" as far as allowable content. There have been several reports/complaints about content in this thread in recent months.

This thread/section is intended to be a silly and fun diversion from the main purpose of this forum - news and discussion of Terraria. Disturbing images of suicide are not "silly and fun"; all-caps screaming of profanities at other members is not "silly and fun". I think most of you should be capable of figuring out for yourselves what is and what is not appropriate.

People who post such content going forward will have their thread/section privileges revoked, as the staff sees fit.

Please take the time to review the Forum Rules and Culture, and use that as a guide in your future posting here.
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