The Last Post Wins!

The Goopsludgeity.png

Now it's actually Goozing Time (Updated Goopsludgeity Sprite)

Extra Goozma Gif because we need Goozma for Goozing Time
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I would make ðe string longer. Ðe medal itself looks fine.
I have very limited space due to working with a 24x24 canvas size (the item size on PFQ), so I can't without it looking ridiculous.

Anyway, should I post the notes for that character whose name ideas I posted yesterday?
Character Notes:
-Name is undetermined. I will make a separate skin to use during this run, obviously.
--Name ideas: René, Mare/Mara, Haydin, Servan
---René has 1 vote from HandsomeSquirrel
---Mara has 2 votes, from The Triangle God and IndigoGollum
-Design Notes:
--Has a Stardust Armor-inspired gauntlet on their right hand
--Might take Genshin Impact inspiration... again. Look the male traveler just looks cool okay
--Maybe a headband? Only considering though.
--Inspirations from Pokemon:
---What about boots based on Virizion's hooves?
---I was considering Sneasel's ear feather thing as (part of) a head accessory. Also Floette's flower.
---Relatedish to the Genshin Impact comment, Lampent is perfect for a smaller detail, being a lamp and all.
---Would be loosely incompatible with a smaller head accessory, but what if I added a Lunala-themed hood?
----Possibly with Amaura's fin color scheme at the ends?
---Suicune's ribbon things are cool, not sure how I could implement them though.
---Meowstic themed scarf or hairstyle. Enough said.
---Hisuian Samurott's Seamitar (I still have a love-hate relationship with that pun btw) could maybe be added as an accessory?
--More to be added later
-Starter: Popplio
--My name idea for it is Ashi, based on the first part of the Japanese names for both Popplio (Ashimari) and Primarina (Ashirene)
-Text Color: TBD
I think I'm going to buy
A random idea I had for a challenge to maybe do someday is to see if I can program a game (even if it's something super simple like a platformer) in assembly language. Just for the hell of it.
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