The Last Post Wins!

I still find it so cool that you can do some crazy stuff like this in levels tbh, lmk if you ever finish it I’ll play it
It’s finished. The level code is 106552674
the name is “can i get a waffle” (because i couldn’t think of what else to name it)
(anyone else wondering it’s my geometry dash level)
also, tell me if you find the coin and i’ll give you an official cheeseface seal of coolness
And now for a summary of my dream: Pokémon Legends but with two players (remembered their names; the boy was Yuni and the girl was Kai) and it took place in ACTUAL HELL/the nether.
They gonna become more OC’s?
Heck yes. I have a way to do a PLA run based on it because of my extra profiles on my switch (one fittingly being named Player 2, making it a perfect spot for Kai's save).

It also included an inconsistency that annoys me greatly but I'll post it on MagiStream and link to that later.
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