The Last Post Wins!

Stardust Guardian

Official Terrarian
Just returned to this thread, holy cow.

In other news, whoever makes the next message is infinity dumb, and their AntiVirus won't protect them for 2 months. This can not be reflected, no u'd, uno reverse carded, or deleted. It cannot be"person above gets ___"'d, this message is truly unbreakable, like a diamond.

Animus Viral

Torch God
Ok then. I already have negative brain cells.
Also you never said can't be counterspelled so it gets counterspelled. It's not breaking it, nor deleting it. Just countering it.

Stardust Guardian

Official Terrarian
I have to fall to my oldest trick that i used when the last post wins was still in the 1 thousands...

all the people after this post will receive a free vbuck generator

plot twist its a virus
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