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*checks what everyone is up to here*
yeah, terminalmontage is fun, I can agree with that.

you don't need to look down here, we can just move on with the discussion about a YouTube channel, I just gotta store this somewhere and I don't know where else to store it
Name: Vanitas Eventide
Nickname: Vani (She usually introduces herself as Vani, as she prefers her nickname.)
Lightner or Darkner: Lightner
Gender: Female
Appearance: See the pictures in the spoilers (I'm not good at describing appearance, at all), the first spoiler contains her usual outfit, and the second one contains her appearance when she has armor.
Personality: Vani is usually calm and serious, and she takes a while to warm up to others. She's quite friendly once you gain her trust, though.
History: Will be revealed throughout the rp.
Weapon (if they have one): Bow and arrow.
Powers (if they have any, if they do, 1 or 2 max.): None.
'Role' in party: Ranged fighter.
Strengths: She has incredibly good aim.
Weaknesses: She isn't the best at dodging sometimes, and she's not great at close range combat.
(this is for a DeltaRune rp somewhere else and I don't have the second picture on my phone, so I needed to put this somewhere so I can copy it to my laptop later)
(don't ask where the spoilers are)

Edit: I realized I need to put the image somewhere else too, and I don't know where else to put it (Yay), so I'm adding it here as well, enjoy, why is this so complicated
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