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The Last Post Wins!


Stardust Pillar
Eh, I exist ig
*I think I picked Roxas' text color because he's still a character I have and he shares a body with Esther*

*they're still a thing too ig*


Stardust Pillar
Esther: I went off on my own and ran into a Sylveon called Sam, and for some reason a Tropius is watching me
I'm still with Splashy
I'm trying to get away from Talline for some reason
Seriously what the :red: is wrong with you there Spruce
I'm missing
Also missing
Yeah, also missing
I see we're all confirming we're missing, but yeah, I'm also missing and so are the other Pokémon except Splashy
Aren't we supposed to be working on some stuff offscreen?
Via's right
Also, knowing Exci, that 6 year old madlad will get out by himself somehow
Okay let's get back to offscreen work
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