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Story The legend - a fictional story by Purple Cat King

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Bob: Long long ago in a land far fa... joe: Stop! You don't start with "long long ago" that's how fairytales start and this is not a fairytale now from the beginning. Bob: A long time ago there was a land a land that was a island named terramayo... a big island with lots of treasures, monsters and stuff... joe: really!! Bob: Fine. And a town, and in this town is a bar and in that bar a chair and on that chair sat a woman, this woman's name is Penny. Penny's a 18 year old female who often gose to the bar to hear stories about adventures and bloody tales and the like, she often wishes she could go on an adventure.

Ok so a short start sorry. oh and hey when you come across blue text that means the part of the story is over but don't worry not each part of the story will be this short. If you have suggestions for this story please comment. If you'd like your nick name to be in the story as a character just say so but know that I can alter it so it fits.


The Destroyer
Love it. Nice cliffhanger, awesome storytelling, perfect plot movement, just awesome. I support, this needs a banner.


Bob: one day a knight dressed in iron leggings, boots, and a chestplate with a golden cross on it came to the town looking for an Apprentice, penny jumped when she heard the news, she immediately went to the knight and she begged him to take her on a Adventure.

Hey sorry for the short part I'm just low on inspiration right now oh and I update on Sundays now good day
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