WIP The Legend of the Immortal

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Hello everyone! CalebthePianist (formerly Terra Prime) here! This is my semi-original Terraria story. Since I'm rewriting this, there are two versions, new and old, but the old one won’t be updated, since it wasn't actually that good.
Either way, if you haven't heard of me before, hello! I used to be incredibly active on these forums, when I first wrote this story, but then I took a huge break from internet communities kind of in general. However, I've stuck with Terraria as one of my favorite video games for the last 8 years of my life (my family owns 5 copies of it), so I've decided to show up again now that this community is growing and thriving! If you're new here, I hope you enjoy your stay, and I welcome you to a fantastic community!
Alright, now that the unnecessary introductions are done with, let's get down to business with the actual literature! I'll probably post new chapters pretty regularly, although they may not be particularly long, just to keep myself involved. If you have any feedback or maybe even suggestions for the story, then post it in the replies! I'll make sure to read everything you guys say, just to hear what you think.
Finally, I present to you: The Legend of the Immortal!

Table of Contents:
I. A Humble Beginning?
II. Sweet Dreams

Okay so this was kinda cringe so I’m gonna start rewriting it...5 years later. Why not, y’know? It might turn out to basically be a different story entirely, but I don’t want to make a new thread because I don't think it's worth it.

It began with nothing.
A voidless, spaceless nothing. It was both everywhere and nowhere, both white and black, both empty and full.
The nothingness was there forever, or maybe never.
Until it wasn’t.
A group of omnipotents arrived in this nothing, which made it something. Where they came from, not even the cultists will tell me.
Among those gods were many who are more powerful than we could ever be. With the knowledge they possessed, they created everything we have ever known in mere months.
It started as just a simple seed, which quickly grew into a tree. Many thousands, even millions, of seeds have grown from that one tree we call Terraria, the mother of all. I live in one such seed, that I call...Terra. Not the best name, but I’ve never been much of an artist with titles. As for my name...that’s not important.
Those original deities have visited the mother Terraria often to fertilize it, and to improve their creation. New kinds of seeds grow, with more beautiful life than ever before. Long ago, they created my kind, and gave us some of the most valuable information that someone in this dimension could have: the knowledge of crafting.
However, us guides were made without the ability to use our tips and wisdom, so we have waited the hundreds of years for a hero to arrive. We wait even still... and we may wait for eternity, for those gods cannot create their own heroes. The heroes must create themselves, and be transformed into their creation. Kind of a horrifying process, if you ask me.
As with all creations, an outsider sought to control Terraria’s main tree. Known only as the Taker, they soon became powerful enough to devour entire chunks of Terraria. Their corruption was incredibly sudden, and was barely stopped by the martyrdom of one of the omnipotents. Their crimson blood dripped with the evil of the Taker, and was expelled from the mother tree. They say that it is impossible for it to return, but I have seen red clouds in the East, and purple clouds in the West, said to be the mark that the Crimson blood and the Corruption of the Taker had as they were exiled...
I only can hope that a hero will soon arrive in the forest of mother Terraria, or we may all be doomed...

As ?????? put away his journal, the sky suddenly erupted with light. Trumpets sounded from above. The holyness of the event blinded ?????? beyond comprehension, leaving him numb to the flames of glory that sweeped the countryside. A blast of pure white extended to the ends of the earth, and a column of energy descended from the heavens. Was this it? Was the hero finally arriving, in his world?
As soon as the light touched the ground, everything went back to normal in a split second. Sound ceased to be heard, and a two smallish figures stood where the column once did. A young girl and a young boy, linked arm in arm, looked at their surroundings, while ?????? stood in awe. The moment was impossible. There was no way that the hero, no, heroes, just happened to arrive here, and just after ?????? had written about how they might never appear. This was the kind of event that would be marked as a cliche. Yet, here they all were. This was really what was happening.
Finally, the boy spoke.
“Holy crap, that was pretty lit!”
The girl facepalmed, and the guide collapsed onto the grassy dirt.
Everything was fine.
He was a bunny, and he had plenty of bunny friends. Life was good, and he was at peace.
Wasn't there something important happening?
....Oh well. He couldn't remember anyways.
But why were two of the other bunnies talking?

"Holy crap, there's this dude lying on the ground over here!"
These bunnies were weird...

While ?????? laid on the ground, half unconsious, two voices spoke to each other.
"...Do you think he's dead?"
"Nah, he must be prone to fainting or something. I can feel his heartbeat and he's breathing fine."
"Well, we did seem to arrive here in quite the spectacle. Speaking of which, where is here?"
"Well obviously it's 'another dimension' or an 'alien planet 'or something, and we're the 'heroes' who need to 'save the world' from a 'long-forgotten evil' and 'restore peace to everything' or whatever. Haven't you read any books?"
"......I don't think you could have used any more sarcastic quotes in that sentance if you tried."
"Thank you."
"That wasn't a compliment, you moron. What I meant is, where are we? We were just at your house, on the computer! How did we get from downloading a video game to being sucked into another world?"
"I don't know, but seriously, this thing happens in books and movies all the time. Haven't you seen Jumanji?"
"Jumanji is fiction!"
"Well I don't know about you, princess, but I can't think of any other reason why we're here besides for literal magic. I've seen this story a hundred times. We just need to go find someone who isn't passed out to help us get some sweet loot so we can save the world and get out of here!"
"I suppose there's nothing else logical to do in this situation. I've pinched myself enough times to know this isn't a dream."
"So we're going to go get some sweet loot?"
"...Fine. You can do just that. I'm just accompaning you to make sure you don't get yourself killed by extraterrestrials or whatever other abominations that may exist here."
"That's what you keep telling yourself! Race you to those purple clouds!"
"...Sweet dreams, strange, unconsious man."
Footsteps run off into the distance.

The bunny wakes up.
Not the guy dreaming he was a bunny, but an actual bunny.
That guy is irrelevant to pretty much everything that happens in this world. Even his name doesn't matter, hence the fact that I have concealed it from you.
All that you need to know is that this bunny has had a rude awakening, for he chose the wrong place to have a nap. All forest critters should know that the edge of the corruption is never safe. The corruption is pure evil. The corruption is powerful. The corruption corrupts all who touch it.
And the corruption is spreading.
The bunny is now partially inside of evil's domain. And evil is hungry for more members. Its legs are turning purple, and as the creature tries to escape from its cruel fate, it can't. It belongs to the corruption now. For a few seconds, the bunny is terrified. And after that...
It is happy to serve a new master. For all will be one under the master's power.
The Corrupt Bunny happily walks forwards, into the forest. It's new fangs are shining a deep violet, and its eyes a crimson red.

It is hungry for prey.

Table of Contents
I. The Origin of Terraria
II. A Sudden Arrival
III. Seals Released
IV. The Council of the Creators
V. Disgrace

Long ago, before the world was created, there was a god, Redigit and a goddess, Cenx. They lived in harmony, in space. But they soon became bored with nothing to do. So they created a world named Terraria.
Terraria was a peaceful land, one of good nature and harmony. Red created a forest and two oceans, as well as a snowy tundra. Cenx, on the other hand, created some spice adding a desert and a jungle.
The world was inhabited by a peaceful people until a group of sorcerers began creating demons and undead. Cenx sealed them in a dungeon and a temple, with the most powerful of them cursed inside an old man.
Soon, an evil being named Cthulhu noticed Terraria, corrupted Redigit and created a corrupted land. Cenx had to sacrifice Red to save Terraria, sealing herself and Cthulhu in the underworld. Now a chosen one has come, to choose his path. He will either save the world or destroy it forever.

It has been five thousand years since Cthulhu was sealed away to the underworld. The Crimson and Corruption have been gone since then. But today I swear I saw some red and purple grass in the distance. Oh, I hear a noise. Could it be the promised chosen one?
Andrew closed his journal and stepped out into the forest. He was ready to do his duty and help the chosen one save the world. But the only thing there was a bunny. It was Fluffy Bunnikins, Maxwell's bunny! Andrew let him in and gave him some food. He noticed Fluffy Bunnikin's new red coat.
"Oh how nice!" Andrew exclaimed. He sent Bunnikins on his way and went back to his journal.
It wasn't the chosen one, but Fluffy Bunnikins stopped by to say hi. He had a new coat that was very ni--~~~~~___||---[{}{]<>^'"\/,.
The ground started to shake uncontrollably. The sky turned black and a horrible noise was heard.
"Aaaahhhhhhh!" Andrew opened the door and looked out.
The sky had a bright pillar of light and a white clothed figure could be seen decending from it.
It was a person.
When the sky had cleared, the person went over and said, "Hi, I'm Bob, who are you?"
Andrew fainted.
Derunih, your bunny is famous now.

Cthulhu was angry. A chosen one had come. But maybe, just maybe, he could take control of his eye and bring it to life. Yes, yes, he could feel the power, but not enough yet. He would have to wait...
Meanwhile, the old man at the dungeon was becoming more and more unstable. It wouldn't be long before he would lose his sanity and his curse would be released.

Andrew awoke on the cold, hard ground. Bob the chosen one was standing above him.
"Geez, why'd you pass out?"He blurts out.
"Maybe because you arrived in a light pillar from a dark sky!" Andrew shouted.
Andrew gave Bob some advice: Chop trees, build house, dig underground, explore.
Before sunset Bob had made a nice house for himself. Andrew was impressed. But he had no time to waste, for he had to take to Bob about something very important.

D-Town, Loki, Skiphs, Yoraiz0r, Crowno, Arkhalis, Jimmarn, Oneman, Lazure, Safemanda, Splugen, Lils, m4sterbr0s, Cheah, JesusLlama, Conker, Brandon, Valtteri, qig, Ignoritus, Namyrr, Trinity Flash, Vandarx, Andydark, Quill, and Mamaluigi. The council of the creators, the refiners, the managers, the government basically. That's where we're going. I talked to Bob about he is the chosen one. He seemed to take it as a game, though. He can't be serious to be a chosen one. Uh oh, he's coming. Better put this away-
Andrew quickly hid his journal away and talked to Bob. "Hey, I'm going to take you to the council of creators and they will help you in your ways. You might get help from Yoraiz0r, Crowno, and D-Town, maybe Loki, but only if you are professional and don't screw up."
Andrew hoped he had gotten the message across. The council of creators was the world's only hope. If Bob messed up, the world might not be safe for long...

The Council met in the dungeon, the most general meeting place. There they would decide what to do with Bob. Andrew hoped nothing would go wrong.
He was completely wrong.
Everything that could go wrong did. Bob couldn't sit still, kill a slime, or even craft. He was a childish weakling who was stupid. But maybe they'd give him a chance.
As they went to discuss among themselves, Andrew was very disappointed. He would have to teach Bob a lesson...
He went over and sat down.
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Holy cow, this story is really old. I haven’t been active on these forums for a long time, but since we’re all in self-quarantine, I decided to start rewriting this old gem! I hope you enjoy the first chapter of the NEW VERSION of the story, “A Humble Beginning?”!
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