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tModLoader The Legend of the Mage Island Mod

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by TheDarknessSoldier, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. TheDarknessSoldier

    TheDarknessSoldier Ice Queen

    The Legend of the Mage Island - Cancelled
    Cancelled Mod By TheDarknessSoldier
    by the way it's not actually an island, unless you count terraria as the island :/

    MageBladeX.png This mod is currently being worked on. Update progress will be posted on this post and occasionally on my YouTube channel: calamityNOVA

    The Legend of the Mage Island, or The Mage Island is a mod I have been working on for quite some time. As of 26/3/2019 this mod has 49 items, with three tiles, one wall, and one buff. This mod will be similar to the Calamity Mod, mainly focusing on gameplay features such as bosses, enemies, Town NPCs, weapons, etc. It will have content in Pre-Hardmode, Hardmode, and Post-Moonlord. So far I have the ideas for three bosses. Right now this mod mainly contains (melee) weapons.

    If you would like to help, such as ideas for bosses, weapons, that's fine. I doubt anyone would like to help make sprites for some items, but coding help is cool (such as if I get stuck on something, or how to code something, because I want to do it myself, for the experience).

    Sorry about some of the sprites quality, and I'm also going to try to not work on only swords, so I will try and make some magic and ranged weapons.

    This might not really be so great, and I think there is something wrong with the spoilers.

    NOTE: I am currently working on a new system for this mod. I'm going to be mainly adding spears to this mod for a system that will allow you to make custom spears. The custom part likely won't be impemented for a while, at least not a lot of it will, do to the amount of time it will take for me to do that. That is, unless I find a new way to do this, which I likely won't. MORE INFO LATER!
    I am also trying to make this mod much less, well, generic, so I won't be working on swords or stuff like that. I will also have more info on this later when I start implementing this stuff to the mod. I am going off of this simple text here: https://bit.ly/2UAzt0N. I don't know who made this, and I would like to know where that came from, if you know, please tell me. Thanks!


    Current Content [Last Updated 27/3/2019]
    It's been I while since I first posted this, I will try to update this more frequently

    In The Mage Island, there is a upgrade system. There are currently two main levels of upgrade, normal upgraded items, and the higher tier domesticated items. Soon, I will make it so where most domesticated items, excluding a set few, are all upgraded from, well, an upgraded item. Some items may be upgraded with multiple of one tier, so it can work like this:
    upgraded tier 1 → upgraded tier 2 → domesticated tier 1 → domesticated tier 2
    upgraded tier 1 → domesticated tier 1

    In order to upgrade or domesticate an item, you need to use either upgrade crystals, or domesticated crystals. Upgrade Crystals are obtained by defeating certain bosses, whereas Domesticated Crystals are obtained by upgrading the upgrade crystal with 5 Beetle Husks, 5 Chlorophyte Bars, and 5 Upgrade Crystals at a Upgrade Station.
    You will also need to be at the Upgrade/Domesticate Station to upgrade an item. Right now the Upgrade Station is what upgrades and domesticates.
    With the Domesticate Station, you can not only domesticate items, but also Upgrade them, while the Upgrade Station is limited to only upgrading.

    Hopefully that gives you an idea on how the upgrade system works, I may add another main level of upgrade, but not yet.

    Upgraded Items:
    Upgraded Items are just Vanilla items that have upgraded stats.

    Domesticated Items:
    Like Upgraded Items, but a higher tier, and they have new sprites, and if they are in real life, I make the sprite a more "realistic one."

    uhhhhhhhh here's a wip sprite for a boss: Ikalfos.png

    Mage Blade:
    This is the first item I've added, and most possibly the most important.
    I won't really say it's stats, but it shoots a custom sword beam. [RESPRITED]

    Blade of the Cosmos:
    A sword that shoots a few stars.

    A sword that is a mix of the Purity and the Corruption

    Mage Blade X:
    Upgrade to the Mage Blade.

    Baseball Bat:
    A bat I made because I kind of like baseball.

    Bane of Colors:
    A weapon I made to test myself. I like it. Looks cool. Thanks self.

    I actually really liked making this. It looks very cool. I don't know why it just really fits. One of my best sprites. Shoots Ichor stuff (for right now).

    Crystalline Crusher:
    This is a sword that I drew while in school, and I thought it looked cool, so I decided to add it to the mod.

    Ocean's Defender:
    This weapon was a sprite based off of recommendations by Virukino. Thanks for your feedback!

    Master Sword:
    Yeah, I know it's a sword from Zelda. But why not?

    Four Sword:
    Also from The Legend of Zelda, it's a less known sword as only few games have it.

    A sword from Fire Emblem. I've never played a Fire Emblem game, but I do want to try one, plus I like playing as/I'm decent with Fire Emblem fighters in Super Smash Bros. The sprite is it's sealed form.

    I liked making it, it's ever so slightly based of a series of books I read. An upgrade to the Blood Butcher.

    I think this sword looks cool, shoots nebula stuff (I think).

    Lunatic Eruption:
    I made this a long time ago, so I don't remeber anything about it. :/

    A different type of upgrade for the Excalibur. Unlike the True Excalibur, this one is auto-swing, and does not shoot projectiles.

    Neon's Edge:
    Also a different type of upgrade for the Night's Edge. Same with the X-Calibur, this is auto-swing, and does not shoot projectiles.

    Neon's Void:
    A (Domesticated) upgrade to the Neon's Edge.

    Rouge Ripper:
    (Domesticated) Upgrade to the Blood-Biter

    Crimson's Jewel [Sword]:
    This is a sword that can be turned into a accesory. It's original form is the assesory form.
    Domesticated Uzi:
    This was like my second or third weapon. Also my first ranged weapon.

    Nova Bow:
    The Nova Bow.

    This is another domesticated weapon, domesticated from the Handgun, and Venus Magnum, although I may remove the Venus. This is based of of Call of Duty Zombies, the M1911 is an iconic, reoccuring weapon, that is the starting weapon in most of the maps.

    Corruption Gem [Gun]:
    The gun form of the Corruption Gem. As of 3/26/2019 when you hold it out it is bugged.

    Heavenly Reign:
    This shoots around 4 Topaz Bolts at a slow speed.. I'll probably make a projectile for this weapon.

    Tome of Exodus:
    TomeOfExodus.png EssenceOfExodus.png
    Shoots the emblem of the mod (I will add this to the icon of the mod when I update it), at a slowish speed, due to it's high base damage, it's use time is rather slow, and is not auto-reuse.

    Meteorite Pickaxe:
    This is the Pickaxe for the Meteorite set, as this has not been added in vanilla.

    Mage Shield:
    The Mage Shield. If you have a certain name, well, you will be almost invincible.

    ???'s Head:
    Yes this is practically ripped from Starbound. Will I change it? Yes. But it will still basically be purple white fire head.

    Odd Game Case:
    OddGameCase.png PossesedPlush.png
    "Looks familiar..." Spawns the Possesed Plush. Yes it's Mimikyu. Credit/Rights to the Pokémon Devs. I might delete this, because the Pokémon Devs might get angry...

    Nova Wings:
    NovaWings.png NovaWings_Wings.png
    Sprite is kind of a beta. I WILL change it, at some point.

    Crimson Jewel:
    This is the Crimson equivalent of the Corruption Gem and Hallowed Crystal, and is also the melee equivalent of those. It gives you 9% increased melee damage, and 10% increased melee speed.

    Corruption Gem:
    This is the Corruption equivalent of the Crimson Jewel and Hallowed Crystal, and is also the ranged equivalent of those. It gives you 9% increased ranged damage, and 10% increased ranged speed.

    Hallowed Crystal:
    This is the Hallowed equivalent of the Crimson Jewel and Corruption Gem, and is also the magic equivalent of those. It gives you 9% increased magic damage, and 10% reduced mana usage.

    Pixel Block:
    Block that will be used for pixel art. Will make more types of these. Not now... Not Yet...

    Pixel Wall:
    Wall that will be used for pixel art. Will make more types of these. Not now... Not Yet...

    Rouge Forge:
    The first crafting station I've made, this is a post-Golem crafting station. It is a upgraded Hardmode Forge, and is used to make post-Golem items, like I have said.

    Upgrade Station:
    This is used to make Upgraded Items, and also Domesticated Items until I make the Upgrade Station, because this is the sprite I want to use for the Domesticated Station.

    A material that is used to make some items.

    Item purely used to make Pixel Blocks. Might get another use though.

    Upgrade Crystal:
    Used to make Upgraded Items.

    Domesticated Crystal:
    Used to make Domesticated Items.

    Rouge Bars:
    A mixture of Ichor/Cursed Flame and Adamantite Bars, in a Rouge Forge, making the Rouge Bars. There will be a boss based off of this Rouge set, but since I'm not at that level of modding, I can't do that.

    Crystal Bars:
    Crystal Bars are used to make the Crystal Set of armor, weapons, etc. So far the only Crystal weapon is the Crystalline Crusher.

    Nova Bars:
    Used to make a few items.

    Nova Ore:
    Used to make Nova Bars.

    Possesed Pot:
    This is my first NPC. It jumps around like a slime, And dies (dissapears, really) when it touches you. You'll only get loot (just a few coins) if you kill it without it touching you (aka no death by impact for the pot). Thanks to Lyker for telling me how to make it die on impact!

    So the following is ideas I would like to implement into the mod at some point.

    Hero Mode:
    This mode is based off of the Hero Mode from The Legend of Zelda, but also the Terraria YouTuber known as Hero, who recently dissapeared off of the internet, and is getting more active on Twitter as of 11/21/2018. The sprite of the item looks like the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda, attached to a string. The item is called the Hero's Pendant.

    This item is only usable in expert mode as it is an add-on. You obtain it when you load up a new player. If you try to use it in normal mode it will have no effect. The item is consumable and is irreversable.
    Hero's Pendant.png
    The changes are the following. NPC spawn rate is increased by 25%. Enemy damage is increased by 50%. Player Defense is decreased by 3.

    It adds new enemies to increase the challenge of the game. It also adds a Hero's Mode exclusive boss, The Demon Dragon of Destruction, Majora [More info later]. Upon defeating any boss in Hero Mode, you will get a Hero's Treasure Bag. This will drop along with a normal expert mode treasure bag. These Hero Treasure Bags will drop one or more Hero's Mod exclusive items plus a new type of upgrade crystal known as the Hero's Crystal, which will allow you to upgrade items to Hero's form.

    This is the head and body for a worm boss I plan on making at some point, once I finish making the tail. The design is inspired by Huzbubber Tim, who made a worm boss sprite.

    If I missed somehing please tell me.

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    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
  2. Virukino

    Virukino Terrarian

    I have some feedback on your sprites.
    So to be honest, your sprites are pretty bad. There are a few that seem to be not 2x2 pixels(4 pixels of the SAME color in a square, which is the way terraria sprites are)), and the best way to do 2x2 is to make it in 1x1 then resize the whole sprite by 200% or by 2(this stops mixels, which are 2x2 pixels with not the same color pixels in them). Most of the sprites either have little to no shading, the outlines aren't dark enough(like cosmo material), they don't have much contrast, the highlights are right by the outlines(not a good thing to do). I kinda like the way you were going with the blurry mage blades, but the way you did it wasn't very well done. The uzi, Pokemon thing, and the Switch controllers are examples of obvious 1x1. And I might be wrong, but there seem to be at least 2 pixel artists here(or maybe borrowed sprites), because the quality of certain items differs from the majority, such as the baseball bat and uzi, which are more quality. If you did make those, I apologize, but it's very different styles and qualities.
  3. TheDarknessSoldier

    TheDarknessSoldier Ice Queen

    Yeah, I guess that makes sense, but I did make all of these and later on I started to use different types of shading and stuff. I'm trying to improve, and some of them, I know, I need to fix to make it 2x2. If I do manage to continue with this mod, I will probably update these with whatever style I use, which hopefully I get better. I also kind of phase through different styles, but I think that's stopping now. Thank you for your feeback!
  4. TheDarknessSoldier

    TheDarknessSoldier Ice Queen

    I made another sword sprite using your feedback and using the Calamity mod sprites as reference and made a slightly messy sprite. Could you rate it for me? I don't think it looks too great, but that's just me. I might add this in the game, it looks pretty cool though, but like I said, messy (I guess).

  5. Virukino

    Virukino Terrarian

    well the hilt is pretty gradienty and the outlines are black, but overall, it's better, if you go to this discord, they can help
  6. kingveren

    kingveren Steampunker

    If your looking for a someone to help you with spriting, I am currently open and looking for some thing to do cause im bored.
  7. TheDarknessSoldier

    TheDarknessSoldier Ice Queen

    Thanks! That be really helpful. However, I am currently taking a break from modding. If I need help, I'll ask you. Thanks!