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Story the legends of terraria misfits

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the characters and backstorys:

Quinn, he is the lunatic cultist, after losing so many times he quit and joined the rest of the terraria players.
Enan, the fallen star carried around by Quinn, it's hard to make her a backstory.
Christine, the girl who was born too humans, taken after birth by the crimson and raised by it, she hates purple, and Green.
Andrew, Quinn's guide, bad at fighting himself, but he is a good summoner.
Casey, the leader of the Corrupt army, same as Christine, only opposite, he hates Red and Green.
Flem, The leader of the entire Contagion empire (from the Exxo Avalon mod) born out of virus and dead cells, hates red and purple.

(has items from the Exxo Avalon and Tremor mods, try them out for a better Terraria experience :D)
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The Legends of Terraria Misfits

Quinn has joined the game


"wha- where am I?"

"Hi, my name is Andrew, the guide, what's your name?"

"um, I-I'm Quinn"

"ha ha, i should've guessed with your outdated moon cultist clothes"

"um, how long have i been away?"

"from what the players have been telling me, about... oh, 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years in the other reality, here its about 650X that."

"Well, Andrew, what version is this?"

"Terraria, Version"

"what about version"

"don't ask, now let's get back to the story, this intro is too long."

After that, Andrew told Quinn that he needed to use that axe on his back for wood, with that wood he can get better armor, weapons, and a house.

"question, why is wood better than copper?"

"I have no idea... but be thankful that it is"

They (by 'they' i mean Quinn) built a house, and just in time too, the zombies started rising up and the demon eyes started flying down. But, then they heard a faint "HELP!" from the rooftop, so Quinn jumped through the blocks (because he still has the mobility of the boss fight) and saw who called for help. He realized that zombies were trying to rip a fallen star apart, he used his new wand of sparking he found in an underground expedition and burnt the zombies to a crisp, there rather tasty actually

"Don't worry, I'm retired and became a player character"

"Oh, well, hi! I'm Enan, what's your name mr. retired cultist?"

"I'm Quinn, nice to meet you... and i guess i hold on to you so you don't die in the morning"

"yeah, probably a good idea..."



Sounds pretty interesting! All I'd suggest is putting in a bit more detail instead of jumping straight into something else.
The Legends of Terraria Misfits
Chapter 1

"Quinn, wake up, it's morning."

"What? Already?!"

"Yep, and today is the day we go spelunking again!"


"Ugh, fine, if you both agree..."

"oh, and you need to protect us because i can't fight and Enan has no limbs (insert troll face here)"

"....this better be good..."

They walked west to a nearby cave, filled with a wide variety of... more slimes, and skeletons, they found quite alot of items:
999,999 copper ore...
999,999 tin ore... (TOO MUCH!)
567 iron ore
723 lead ore
625 silver ore
482 tungsten ore
397 gold ore
OVER 9000!!!! (not really, only 289) platinum ore
a pair of self-running green boots
a few pirhana teeth and skeleton hands too the face
a heart crystal that looks like its been split in half... and with a bite taken out of it
7 diamonds from some sort of small, square chest
and a crimson cave...


sorry if this wasn't very good, and see if you can find the easter eggs :p
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The Legends of Terraria Misfits
Chapter 2

they managed to breach a crimson cave while spelunking, full of face monsters, they had to make a mad dash through the cave, untill, they were stopped by a human woman, in crimson scalemail, and used the Brain of Confusion on them.

they woke up tied to a pillar of solid crimtane, in front of the Brain of Cthulhu itself,

"Why have you entered my kingdom?!" he said

"Why do I get the feeling tht the question you just asked was retorical?"

"Heh, yeah, I was just planning on killing you after you stopped talking ;)"

"I heard that!"

"Eh, well, anyways... You shall have to fight in our gladitorial arena and reach the top if you ever want to escape!"

"Ugh, welp, there goes my guide since he can't fight at all!"

"Well that's his own problem"

Quinn kept discussing with the Brain of Cthulhu for what seemed like days they reasoned to give them all classes and start with 1 weapon and could join into a team, even the armless face monsters were suprised that Enan could hold a weapon. They looked like a legitimate team, until they saw who they were fighting...


(The next chapter will be alot better probibly ;)
The Legends of Terraria Fisfits
Chapter 3

Quinn, Andrew, and Enan, captured by the crimson, had to move up with just basic classed weaponry (being a wand of sparking, slime staff and, wooden bow). They had to fight to the top, they would be freed after they reached the top, but they had to work as mercenaries for the crimson nation.

"Fight 1: Tier 0 Team10 vs. Tier 0 team 9!"
"Team10 won!"

"Fight 2: Tier 1 Team10 vs. Tier 3 Team 8"
"Team10 won?!"

Fight 3: Tier 2 Team10 vs Tier 1 Team 7"

it went on and on to fight 10

"FINAL Fight!: The Challenger; Tier10 TeamMisfits, Quinn, Andrew, and Enan! Versus, your champions; TeamCrimson, Christine, and her Crimslime minions!"

"Wait, isn't that the crazy woman who got us into this mess?"


"She is really loud"


"Crimslimes, you don't have to turn into slimey speakers and make me say things that are even bigger than the title"

"Did she just break the fourth wall..?"


The battle got long and boring, but it was looking bad for both of the teams, Andrew had a broken leg and unconcience, Enan had to hide up Quinn's skirt because it was turning to morning and, both of Christine's crimslimes were reduced to puddles of red gel.

"This looks to be a close battle everybody, Quinn, a mage, 1versus1 against Christine, a warrior"

It was going well for Christine, she was about to kick Quinn in the butt while he was confused (Of course, by the brain of confusion), untill, she got shot in the leg by Enan using her minishark (HOW THE CRAP DOES SHE HOLD A MINISHARK?!)

"Congragulations, Humans, and fallen star, you are now warriors of the crimson nation. You will receive any weapons you can get, but only after you complete a mission for me..."

Quinn, being the leader, recieved a crimson weapon of his class, magic, he recieved a wand that summons a cloud of acidic blood on there foes.

"Your first task will be, get info on our rival factions, the Corruption and the Contagion, and just make sure you don't just run away, my daughter, Christine is coming with you."


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