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PC The Moon Biome and its dungeon


When 1.3 came out i was expecting the moon biome but it wasn't up there :sigh:

I would like to see something like after defeating the four pillars it shall appear a gate wich is a portal to the moon and whe should explore, it should be something like a wasteland but with less gravity, light grey lunar dust blocks at the surface and moonstone blocks and hardened lunar dust (and ores maybe) at underground, in the surface are abandoned structures like little houses, churches with the tablet like the cultist had in the earth dungeon with an altar for this tablet and two thematic chests, and sometimes you will find villages with houses, a bigger church and abandoned little stores with some chests inside. Then we shall explore until find some ruins like the dungeon but this one is more laberintic with less rooms compared with the earth dungeon, and guess what? We have to explore it!, until we found the correct room with a thematic teleporter to go to a giantic altar in the sky (does the moon have sky?) with piramidal form with a tablet like the cultists had in the dungeon but bigger and with flames like the pillars colours, so we interact with it and this should summon the Moon Lord, but this place was thinked to fight the Moon Lord without any disturbances.

This is a preview of how it should be more less...

Moon Dungeon.PNG

-The White Square is the entrace
-The black stripes are the hallways and the black square are rooms
-The cyan square is the teleporter room...(If you haven't notice)

This dungeon is more like a laberint, with less rooms and it should be more easier to get lost (but we have a map!:happy:)

The enemies:


Meteor Heads: (This only appears nearby meteors and around abandoned buildings)

Lunar Abomination:
HP: 340
Defense: 25
Damage: 40

Visitor: (This only appears in abandoned villages)
HP: 200
Defense: 35
Damage: 30 Ranged - 25 Melee

Necromorph: (Remember something?)
HP: 350
Defense: 30
Damage: 25

Moonstone Spider: (In a swarm)(Apollo 13)
HP: 50
Defense: 15
Damage: 45

The Leviathan: (This sounds like something familiar to you?) (Post-Moon Lord)
HP: 5000
Defense: 40
Damage: 50 Tentacles - 20 Ranged - 30 Melee


Lunar cultist:
The same cultist in the dungeon...

Lunar priest:
HP: 450
Defense: 20
Damage: 60 Magic - 30 Melee

Lunar Knight:

HP: 650
Defense: 40
Damage: 75

Lunar Defeder:
HP: 2500
Defense: 25
Damage: 50
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Or this could be a bland rock with low gravity, contaning some ores, and a place where Celestial Towers and Moon Lord will spawn.



Maybe a modder could pick this up and implement it with subworld library or something. It's a solid idea.
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