The most annoying boss in any video game you've played.


The Destroyer
Duke or empress.too stressful
from other games,the last boss of child of light.
new tetris is super stressful on my eyes,I can barely see it.
I hate new tetris.
Nes tetris was the best


Torch God
Beef Cloud from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. A boss that can heal passively, no matter what. Attacking him? He's healing. In a menu? He's healing.
It's not that bad, because he periodically wakes up for a few turns and tells you how close you are to defeating him. He also stops healing during that time, thats when you use your most powerful attacks.
It's not that bad when you know what to do (regular hammer and jump attacks when he's sleeping, they take less time. And use the more powerful, time-consuming attacks when he's awake), but he was the bane of my existence when I first played.


Definitely Laurence, The first Vicar from Bloodborne.
1) The fight design is terrible. Small arena with a lot of obstacles combined with AoE one-shot attacks (NG+) and terrible hitboxes. Total HP is a bit too high for almost any build (tried with dex build + blades of mercy +10 and strength build whirlgig saw +10, even the latter sucks)
2) Need to run for almost a minute for every try and face strong enemies. Result – -2 blood vials every run. Sometimes death (thanks to fireball)
3) Wasted potential. Being the most (in my opinion) prominent figure in game lore, it is just a reskin of the Cleric Beast.

Its completely optional, the only upside
Absolute Radiance, from Hollow Knight.

The boss is extremely RNG oriented, with plenty of overlapping attacks that can sometimes be unavoidable and very short reaction times. Hollow Knight is a very reactionary game, but most of the time the boss’ attacks are well telegraphed and reactable, but with Absolute Radiance they really aren’t.

For example, there’s this phase of the battle where you climb up a large stairway of platforms while the Radiance fires beams down at you. Sounds simple enough, but the beams give you like a third of a second to react before they hit and have a very wide spread around the player. Unless you have god tier reactions, I can almost guarantee you’ll get hit at least once, and even if you can dodge them well you’ll probably miss the next platform and get hit anyway by falling.

For a game with such masterful bosses, Absolute Radiance just feels cheap. And it’s absolutely nothing to do with difficulty, Nightmare King Grimm and Pure Vessel are also incredibly difficult but they also felt fair and reactable. Absolute Radiance is just kind of poorly designed, relatively speaking.

Oh, and you have to fight it at the very end of a 48-boss gauntlet too.

Courier 7

Don't know if this technically counts as a boss but I'm going to put this here anyway
Those :redmunch: Ambush Commanders in Borderlands 2!
They have this big ol' shield that makes them practically immune to any attack from the front. Now, dealing with their non-boss equiveilants, Bad...Elite Nomads, are no biggie. Just walk around them, despite their large frame they usually don't have that much health. But, due to to the arena you fight them in, the fact that they spawn with their backs to the walls, their high health and shields, and the never ending swarm of psychos and maruaders, the last one being really deadly on TVHM and above, make them really annoying to deal with. Oh, did I mention there's 4?

The only good thing about them is that once you kill them, they don't come back, and thank the Lord almighty for that, otherwise Sawtooth Cauldron would be more of a pain than it already is.

And if you can't tell, I'm still salty from when they destroyed me in my first playthrough.
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