The most Overcomplicated Board Game Ever

I block it with my character ability.

I play the Concierge card.
I counter with the profire card

I roll a dice to determine how many guns I am able to smuggle on board an airplane
you touch midas hand and turn to gold, you will return to normal in three turns.

I use the guns I smuggled onto the plane to shoot the evil mindcontrolling parasites hiding in peoples brains as part of their evil plan to take over the world to kill said parasites while leaving the actual people unharmed
Nat 1. There weren't any parasites and the people are now dead, and the plane's going to crash.

I nope your Algot's bull:red:.
It was poisoned, also, you simply triggered the rampart, which is a shield, and now I have immunity to attacks for 5 turns.

I play Subhuman. (Only playable by non-humabs.)
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