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Sprites The Mushrooms [As an Alt-Jungle]

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Muh 'Shrooms!.png
Hello, friends, this is probably my biggest suggestion yet. Mud, Shroomite, Fungibulbs. It all just comes together. If more things than ores and evil biomes should get alts, then not doing this [or something like it] would just be a wasted oppurtunity. So now, let's get down to business!

Ancient Times
i get an idea and make a FEW sprites, nothing compared to what we got now. [in both quantity and quality]
Sprites and concepts are made.
LOW NOON Of 27/11/16
this thread is released.
Later In The Day
faerie stuff, then this changelog and the poll.
Sporechest loot and half of a format-overhaul.
Lownoon of 04/12/16
More rehaul.


So today, we see the mushrooms being made into an alternate to the jungle biome. Now the Jungle is huge, so so shall this suggestion. you're lucky i've already got a head start. I have probably missed a few things. Please inform me if that is so, and i hope you enjoy!


When generating your world, and the mushrooms are on the surface, the jungle will be in these caves underground. If there are 3 or more jungles, than you still only get 2 and you've ought to make another world and hope it has the one you want and bring the other-biome seeds into your world. This also is how it works for the underground 1.3 enemies if you were wondering why you don't hear any dying crawdaddys when falling down the hellevator.

The mushrooms are a land where fungi grows unhaltered to massive sizes. Heavy sporage blocks out most of the sunlight, but the mushrooms have developed bioluminescence, preventing total darkness. All sorts of creatures morel-or-less `:naughty:[u see what i did there] semi-controlled by the things thrive and many creatures found nowhere else live in these parts. This land, however, is just as spectacular, if not more, underground than above it. It is not uncommon to stumble into caverns surrounded by light, with levels of biodiversity similar to rainforests, and guarded secrets lay deep within the earth. Some similar species grow in small caverns around the world, but they are like mere sprinkles compared to the cake that is this biome.

The shape of the biome will be similar to the jungle, but looking somewhat more like the underground mushroom minibiome that has existed since the dawn of time.

Spruced up the decorative fungi.
Mushroom_grass - Copy.png
Mushroom_grass - Copy (2).png
Mushroom_grass - Copy - Copy.png

as well as the shrooms you know and love.

Mushroom Water Fountain

Mushroom_Water_Fountain - Copy.png

Water is tinted periwinkle by spores, and can be changed artificially with a fountain.

Magic Mushroom
Mushroom_grass - Copy (5).png

-Increases mana by 20.

Magic Serum

-Increases mana by 20 and has a 25% chance to let you fire 2 spells for the price of one.
-Crafted with a magic mushroom and a mana potion.


-Drops from Mushroom "Trees".
-Used to craft
the mushroom furniture and stuff like that. Mushrooms regain their edibility, and the living mushroom wand [
] can consume stipewood to place the blocks we know and love.

Purple Thread/Stucco


-Purple thread has crawled from the depths of the console version and is ready to be made into stucco.
-And also the Purple Hero set.

Background Walls

-5 unique background walls, all filthy reskins. the second one is already ingame.

Violet Cap
Violet_Cap - Copy.png

-Makes violet dye.

Indigo Lactarius

-Lactarius Indigo was too much of an opportunity to refuse to make into dye.

Makes indigo dye, or maybe blue because blueberries also grow in jungles.



-This morel which glows beige to set it off drops spores in similar quantities to jungle spores.

Noctungi`:naughty:[still dissatisfied with pun]

Moonglow_Seeds (1).png

-Noctungi grows and "blooms" at night, and can be used as a substitute of moonglow for potions as they contain similar substances.

Fungus Among Us

-Sold by painter in the Mushroom Biome.
-"G. Agel".
-Unrelated to the boss of the same name.

Mushroom Cap

-The mushroom cap has a tiny chance to be harvested from mushrooms that look just like the inventory sprite.
-No longer sold by truffle.

Bug Cages
-Crafted with 1 terrarium and 1 of the respective critter.
The Mushrooms are filled to the brim with a variety of exotic creatures, some more dangerous than others.

Surface & Underground [spawns in both]

Blue Jellyfish, Green Jellyfish, and Fungo Fish

-Already ingame
-replace piranhas completely.

The Holy Trinity
the holy trinity.png

-Glowing Snail, Glowing Isopod, and Capshell Hermit.

Glow Worms

-The smaller glowworms are passive critters and spawn on ceilings. Act exactly like these.

Spore Zombie and Anomura Fungi

-Now slightly weaker.

Fungi Bulb

-Stays the same stat-wise.
-Now has a new drop, Hyphae. [

Dragon Bulb [
Fungi_Bulb - Copy.png

-Stronger fungibulbs.

Shroom Slime

-Slimes are extremely adaptable creatures, and these sporey slimes behave like any other.

Mad Cow

-Rare spawn.
-Drops the Cow Hoodie.

The rest of the set is crafted with leather.
You look like this.

Mushi Ladybug and Mushroom Zombie

-Both moved to hardmode.
-Ladybug slightly buffed, and MZ is now almost twice as strong.


Giant Titiwai

-hang on the top of caves, with some goo dripping from their mouth.
-Once careless prey [or the player] gets trapped, it will pull you up and deal like around 30 damage per second. you cannot destroy the goo, for only killing the insufferable grub or going out of the goo [you move at a slow rate like half of honey.] will free you.
-Titiwai is Maori for glowworm, and means "projected over water."
-Drops glowing goo [

Dragon Titiwai [
Giant_Titiwai - Copy.png

-Like the GT but stronger.

Gooey Slime

-Attacks inflict slowed
-drops goo and gel.

Azure Snail

-has no use except for dye.
So you've been exploring this strange blue place for a while now and have came to wonder about the wonderful things that you could make with these mushrooms and so.

Fungal Wrath
Bulb_Staff - Copy.png

-30 melee damage
-The glowing mushrooms' natural essence provides enough earth-elemental energies to successfully forge the fabled Nights Edge.
-crafted with 12 goo and 12 spores.

Bulb Staff

-15 Summoning damage.
-Summons a fungi bulb latched on to the player, with minimal KB.
-Crafted with 6 hyphae and 9 spores.

Mycelium Hook

-4 hooks.
-21 block range.
crafted with 4 hyphae and 12 spores.


-21 melee damage
-[One Drop logo]
crafted with 3 spores, 1 vine, 2 stingers, and 8 stipewood.

Mushroom Armour

-Helmet is crafted with 8 spores, gives 6 defence, and grants a 15% chance to not consume ammo.
-Breastplate is crafted with 14 spores and 12 goo, gives 7 defence, and gives 5%+ ranged damage.
-Pants are crafted with 8 spores and 2 hyphae, give 7 defence, and bestow a 10%+ ranged crit chance.
-Set bonus: 15%+ ranged damage.

Glowing Goo has ought to replace stingers in recipes, but isn't poisonous or sharp, so here are some alternates to stinger-made recipes.

Gooey Potion
Honey - Copy.png

-Crafted with 1 gel, 1 waterleaf, and 1 glowing goo at an alchemy station.
-Inflicts the Gooey buff, in which everyone that touches you is slowed.

Flask of Slowness

-Crafted with a goo and a water bottle at an inbuement station.
-Melee attacks slow enemies.

Slow Darts

-Slows enemies.

These are not exclusive to mushroom worlds, or at least in hardmode.
Toxic Sludge

-Dropped by the mob with the same name.
-Crafts poison flasks, poison darts, and thorns potions.

Crippling Spell

-An uncommon drop from pixies
Used to Craft slow stuff.
The Shrines

Sometimes, adventurers in the subterranean Mushrooms will build little huts to dwell in temporarily, and when leaving, for good or to unknowingly meet their death, they often leave things behind in chests.

Spore Chest

-Can be placed.
-Does the same thing as every other chest in the game.

Band of Power

-Gives a 12% melee speed boost like its counterpart.
-Crafts the Power Glove.

Anklet of the Wind
Boomstick - Copy.png

-It is another terrible reskin.
-Does the same thing.


-24 magic damage
-Uses 15 mana
-Summons an exploding mushroom that detonates when an enemy touches it.

Enchanted Truffle

-Summons a fairy pet.


-29% fishing power.

Living Mushroom Wand

-Consumes Stipewood
-Places glowing mushroom blocks.

Staff of Regrowth

-Too botanical to live, too good to die.
[flavour text!]


that's the way it ought to be.

Firstly, the requirements must be changed.
-There even is a surface jungle/mushroom biome.
-The QB/BFG has been defeated.
Now, on to the shop's contents.
Both of these dudes sell the following items.
-Imbuing station.[Imbuing_Station.png]
-Every fountain.[View attachment 150438]

The truffle now sells these items.


-17 Ranged damage.
-Another dart blower.

Puffball Pack

make spore particles as you fly.

Holographic Target Display

-Gives all arrows and bullets spot-on accuracy, even the gatligator.
Toxic Deathshroom

-An incredibly poisonous fungus containing toxins often used in witchcraft.
-Replaces vial of venom in recipes.

The Witch Doctor will now sell this when in a post-[one]mech jungle.

Lime Solution

-Converts dirt to mud and all grasses to Jungle Grass.
Common/Potion Fish

Quest Fish
-mudfish and amantia fungifin are here to stay.
Glowing Eel

Soo, deep in the mushrooms, there are these caves with worms that glow! Most hang from the ceiling, but some swim! Catch me one so i can see it grow up into a gnat fish!
Puffball Urchin

I was wading in that blue place with the mushrooms when i stepped on this spiky puffball! Gimme it so i can put it on [Dryad]'s chair!
Neon Fish

I was fishing in the mushrooms when i found this wicked radical neon fish! It was like, so gnarly, dude. You totally have to catch it and light up my aquarium!
So, you finally defeat the Wall. The spirits of Light and Darkness/Chaos are released. Guidey changes his name again and respawns, ready to tell you how many crystal shards you need. And the entire world changes.

About Evil Biomes, either we Save the Jungle, or we shall let our mushrooms suffer.

1-up Shroom`:naughty:
Life Shroom
Mushroom_grass - Copy (4).png

-Increases life by 5.
-Starts to grow after 1 mech boss has ben slain.


-61 Melee damage.
-Drops from HM Mushroom enemies.

Every enemy in a mushroom biome in hardmode has a tiny chance to drop a mushroom key.

-"It has been cursed by a powerful guardian of the Mushrooms."
You remember a chest in the dungeon that looks like it may be unlocked by this, so you go there.
Mushroom Chest

-Looks cool.
Inside is some classic chest loot, and this.

Shroom Boomer

-100[explosion]/56[sporeclouds] ranged damage.
-Fires rockets.
-Rockets explode into damaging sporeclouds that last for a few seconds.
-A :red:ing RPG.
As the battle of light and darkness goes full force, the entire ecosystem shifts. The Mushrooms are no exception to those places who have had their ecology influenced by the rising spirits of light and darkness.

Surface & Underground

Mushroom Zombie

-Stats almost double that of before.

Fungo Fish

-Stays the same.

Mushi Ladybug

-Slightly buffed a bit.
-Has 2 new rare drops, Beaten Ladybug Wing [
] and Ladybug Husk[


Giant Fungi Bulb

-Still the most annoying things.
-Drops hyphae.
-Moved underground where they belong.

Cordyceps Bat

-A bat semi-controlled by mushrooms. Behaves the same as bats that are not semi-controlled by mushrooms.
-Can cause confusion.

Harore Gnat

-Will agressively melee you.
-Harore is Maori for mushroom.

Truffle Worm

-Now jungle world exclusive.
Shroomite, an ore of powerful, fungi-embedded metal also begins to grow in HM, and must be mined with a powerful drill/pickaxe of light.

6 ore can be smelted into shroomite bars. It also grows.

But this isn't the shroomite you know. See, it's changed.
Let's see what kind of stuff we can make with this!

Shroom Saber

-70 melee damage
-Shoots spores every 1.5 seconds.

Shroomite Katana

-53 melee damage.
-Shoots a laser somewhat like the pulse bow's, although it doesn't bounce.

Shroomite Drill and Shroomite Pickaxe

-Pickaxe does 36 damage.
-Drill does 41 damage.
-Both have 201% power.

Shroomite Chainsaw and Shroomite Waraxe

-Former does 52 damage
-Latter does 75 dmg
-Both have 120% power.

Shroomite Jackhammer and Shroomite Grandhammer

-Jackhammer does 48 damage.
-Grandhammer does 77 damage.
95% power.

Shroomite Halberd

-50 melee damage.
-Shoots a laser.

Shroomite Repeater

-45 ranged damage
-Arrows fired by this weapon do not fall.

Shroomite Arrows

-Bounce once
-Chlorophyte arrows now follow enemies. Get a daedalus stormbow and watch the world burn.

Shroomite Bullets

-Also bounce once.

-All crafted in same amounts as chlorophyte.
-Why is this all so metal.

Shroomite Armour

-Shroomite Cap gives 24 defence, 15%+ melee dmg, 6%+ melee speed, and 10%+ increased melee crit chance.
-Shroomite Visor gives 13 defence, 15%+ ranged dmg, 15% chance to not consume ammo, and 5%+ ranged crit chance.
-Shroomite Hoodie gives 8 defence, 60 more mana, reduces mana usage by 20%, gives 5%+ magic crit chance, and 10%+ increased magic dmg.
-Shroomite Breastplate gives 16 defence, 6%+ damage, and 8%+ crit chance.
-Shroomite Leggings give 12 defence, 10%+ crit chance, and 6%+ movement speed.
-Set bonus: You have a 50% chance to emit a damaging spore-floof that lasts for a second when being struck.

What has became of the other shroomite booty?
It's Harmonite now.
Crafted with 1 Chlorophyte/Shroomite Bar and 8 [Jungle] Spores at the autohammer. Can make bricks too.


All the shroomite you know of today has been turned green.



It does the same as what it did when it was blue.

Unspecific stuff but still crafted with shroomite.

Ladybug armour
Womannequin-tiles (1) - Copy.png

-Crafted with shroomite and ladybug husks.
-An offence-based alt to turtle armour.
Goldweaver Staff

-60 magic damage.
-Shoots gold webs that inflict midas and have a 10% chance to inflict webbed for a second or two.
-Crafted with 1 poison staff and 14 shroomite.

Hardmode Gear that is not shroomite.

Ladybug Wings.

-Flight time similar to butterfly wings.
So you defeated all the mech bosses and likened them to a pile of hallowed scrapmetal which you made into a nice pickaxe/drill and make some cool shroomite armour, and have seen a pink Faerie Ring.
Mushroom_grass - Copy (3).png

-Don't break unless you're in for a challenge.

You break it to see what happens.

She is angry now.

Fungus Among us has awoken!

shroom mama.png

Not much is known about her, except that she is the eternal guardian of these mushrooms, probably the one that allowed them to grow this much in the first place, and that she prefers to be known as the Fungus Among Us.
[the stats? ahahahahahaha. boss-stats are for devs!]
Dangerous, spore-emitting mushrooms grow on the mushroom grass. the spores damage you, so it is good to stay airborne or stand on something that isn't mushroom grass. you gotta hit them to get her health down. [she is immune to spiky balls]

As she gets to half health, she enters her second phase.

At half health, the mushrooms become spiky and deal much morel [`:naughty:] contact damage, and she will start to cast spells at you.
Once defeated, the mushroom closest to the player drops loot.

Key to Somewhere

-Unlocks the door to somewhere.

FAu Mask

-Vanity item.


-70 throwing damage.
-Leaves a spore trail that does 40 damage.
-Change boomerangs to throwing pls.

Pulse Bow

-Removed from TM's wares.

Staff of Fae

-40 summon damage.
-Summons faeries to cast spells at your enemies.

Staff of Spores

-63 magic damage.
-Costs 15 mana.
-Summons mushroom-terrain on nearby ground to ambiently damage your enemies for 10 seconds.

Enchanting Staff

-80 magic damage.
-costs 20 mana.
-Basically a much stronger gem stave.

Shining Spore

-Summons glowing spores around you

Grenade Launcher

-Shifted to a more neutral tone.

FAu Treasure Bag

-Expert only.
-Contians the spore sac, which has been took to this biome and recoloured.

Plantera's bag now drops the thorn hook, which has been buffed.

-Damages enemies and is bigger.
-Maybe tentacles.

The [almighty] Hammush

-Does a bit more damage, deals double to skeletons.
-Loses the mushrooms.

Farie Dust

-Drops about 4 at a time.

you can use 4 dust and 12 shoomite/8 dust 24 shroomite/6 dust 18 shroomite to craft the faerie armour.

faerie armour.png

-Mask gives 6 defence, 2 more minions, and increases minion damage by 8%.
-Breastplate gives 15 defence, 2 more minions, and increases minion damage by 10%.
-Leggings give 10 defence, 1 more minion, and increase minion damage by 8%
-Set bonus: 1 more minion, increases sommon damage by 5%.

Plantera also gets a new drop, Tiki Plates.
tiki thing.png

-Can make tiki armour in the same way as fae armour.
IF YOU CAN TELL ME "This level of whimsicality does not remind me of those mushrooms." THEN YOU EITHER SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES, or YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED [ENOUGH] TERRARIA AND HAVE 10 SECONDS TO GET THE :redmunch: OUTTA HERE.

Anyways, back to the point.
Glowworm caves are made of limestone blocks, which look something like this.

Don't ask why it's moss.
They are of a similar shape to granite caves, and are slightly smaller.
Glowworms of all sorts have an increased spawnrate in here.

Honey inflicts slowness instead of regen and is cyan in a mushroom world. You can change the effects and colours with water fountains, so the mushroom-worlders can get access to that sweet, sweet regen. And to not waste the fabled 4th liquid.

Limestone Bricks

-Can be placed.

Limestone Furniture
Limestone_Block_(placed) - Copy.png

-All placeable.
-Includes a torch, campfire [there should be a campfire for every torch, barrel, vase [crafted at pottery wheel.], trapdoor, as well as all the normal furniture set stuff.

Now i don't know what you've ought to smash, but you've ought to smash something to summon the boss.

The Big Friggin' Gnat [or BFG] has awoken!
bally - Copy (2).png

-Boss stats are for devs.
-Will ram you, ram you harder, and ram you again.
-Doubles spawnrate for all glowworms.


Bottled Honey

-Another Filthy Reskin[tm] by me.

More stuff i havent made yet.
Continued on second post.
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Continuation of first post.

There seems to be nothing here yet. Check back later, there might be something here in the future.
The jungles of terraria need to be lushened just a teensy bit more.

Algae Shrimp
Truffle_Worm_(NPC) - Copy.png

-Spawns in worlds with an underground [not surface] jungle.
-4% bait power.
-Be wary of fishing in the ocean.
-Don't be wary for the Duke, though.

Rich Mahogany Bench

-The Others[tm] also need benches, but that is for a different time.

Honey Torch

-Can be placed.
-Glows an ambery goldy colour.
-Smells good.
-You can make a honey campfire, too.
There seems to be nothing here yet. Check back later, there might be something here in the future.
Just some random stuff.

All the important colours.



This Thread's Badge.


Mushroom armour is ranged because of what shroomite was once.
I chose goldweavers for the alt- venomstaff because of a time when mushrooms were just another place you could visit underground and were associated with the ores like the rest of the underground.

Well, i guess that's all for this entry. Maybe check out my other suggestions or do something useful. Bye!


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Dungeon Spirit
Jungle Fill-Ins

View attachment 149675 Algae Shrimp.
-Spawns in worlds with an underground [not surface] jungle.
-4% bait power.
-The Duke doesn't like 'em.

View attachment 149683 Rich Mahogany Bench.
-The Others [tm] also need benches, but that is for a different time.

Coming Soon!


View attachment 149696 All the colours. [not the petty ones]
View attachment 149697View attachment 149698View attachment 149699View attachment 149710View attachment 149706 Banners.
View attachment 149711 Unicow.png
View attachment 149712 This Thread's Badge.
View attachment 149713 Patriotism.

Well, i guess that's all for now. Don't forget to leave a like and subsCRIBE!!!!

ur post. its IN THE WAY.
why did you split up your section by posts

ok whatever ill delete it

or become a legend


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Happy one week anniversary to this thread!
Hello @Aquagel8last320

It is fine to want to celebrate your Thread's one week anniversary. However, when posting on Threads, it is expected you have relevant content to add to it. Which your previous posts have which makes it permissible to make multiple posts in a row. I'm guessing your Temple Alt Post is a place holder as well which is why that is fine.

However, the practice of making a post with little content other than to advertise it and move it to the top of a suggestion page is known as "bumping" which we do not allow. Please be sure to keep this in mind, and ensure you have a reasonable amount of content before posting like this in the future.


Dungeon Spirit
I did add new content, but it was after you said that, and would've edited that post later.
Anyways, i have added the alternate for jungle shrine ;loot and am working on remaining fish.

It's because this thread was a terrible idea and waste of time wasnt it.
It's alright. Most of your sprites are pretty good. The main problem with this thread is that it's poorly worded and poorly formatted, which makes it undesirable to read and comment on.
Ok, this thread has been entirely 100 percent remodeled from the ground up, and is now like 200percent easier to read. [idk maybe there are too many sections.]


Badge_Smol.png [image]
-What this is.
-Useful notes and info.

Other things
-Spoilers and not having it all open.
-Spans just 2 posts.
-Easier to read.
-Bad pun indicator. [`:naughty:]
-Mandatory flavour text.
-Somewhat more serious.
-Other things.

Let the fun begin! [?]


Eye of Cthulhu
This is awesome! I definitely support and think this should be in the game! Also good to see some New Zealand stuff ( Giant Titiwai


Official Terrarian
It's no a bad concept, and I like the way you handled most of the overlap created. It's certainly a good start, considering jungles probably the most developed biome there is.

Also, idea for the smashable for BFG, a giant cocoon-like thing hanging from the ceiling.


There should be an item to replace the Pulse Bow in the TM's wares.
The BFG should also get random drops like Queen Bee. It could drop some sort of mushroom-themed gun as the magic weapon (Preferably one that acts like the BFG does in Doom, but adapted), the melee weapon should be a Spear, and the ranged weapon could be either an early Repeater (Apart from the HM ores and the Stake Launcher, there's no repeaters) or a gun that fires Grenades. Beenades could be replaced by a Shuriken or Javelin-related weapon.

The Alt-Duke could be a hostile crustacean of massive proportions that has an unprotected area that has to be attacked for a high damage bonus, but has very high defense anywhere else.
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