The name of my Dryad


I was playin' Terraria today but was surprised when my Dryads name was Isis.
I know it's a reference to the Islamic Goddess but y'know...

it's offensive nowadays, remove this name please?


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Anyone with a brain will understand that Isis is referring to an Egyptian God and not the Terrorist group. And it should remain that way, politics and videogames are 99% of the time a bad mix.

I could go write an essay here but im here to say my peace.
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Islamic Goddess? What are you talking about, it's Egyptian. Islam is monotheistic.

I think everyone should convert to scientology in which there's a intergalactic society composed of multiple species, This would theoretically allow for the siren from calamity mod to exist in our terrestrial plane.


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If Re-logic decided to remove this because it could be "Offensive", then why not remove the female npcs "periods" from the blood moon event because it's offensive to women? Why not remove the name "Mourning Wood" because it's vulgar and offensive? Why not remove the Golden shower for similar reasons? Why not remove the gore from murdering enemies because it could disturb and upset some people?
If you remove one thing for a reason like that, people will jump on that and get anything they want removed and say "Well you removed that because they found it offensive, and I find X, X and Y offensive, so remove it please". If you find something offensive, ignore it or don't play the game, don't try and get it censored because it hurts your feelings, because then above all, it ruins the fun for everyone else. (I'm not targeting this at you specifically, Llama, I'm speaking in general)
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